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Infiniti hybrid

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept: Car fans get a tease of what is to come from the Geneva Auto Show. Images of Infiniti's mid-engine Emerg-E sports concept leaked prior to the Geneva debut. The car will be a range-extended hybrid. Not much is known about it, but more details should emerge at the show.

Top 10 Best Facebook Games — 2012

Over the last few years the popularity of social networking sites has increased tremendously, especially Facebook. It’s not only about interacting with friends, updating status and uploading pictures; you can enjoy a lot of Facebook games online. These games provide great fun, entertainment and excitement. Even though there are plenty of Facebook games online, there are some which are the best in terms of popularity. Here is a brief of the Top 10 best Facebook games in 2012.

1. Zuma Blitz

Zuma Blitz Top 10 Best Facebook Games — 2012
Zuma Blitz is basically a shooting game that requires you to shoot on the identical colored balls. When you shoot at an identical color ball, the entire identical lot explodes and you earn points. That’s not all; you will get bonuses and special powers to score more points. With each level, the difficulty level increases.

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 10.1 At Mobile World Congress 2012

Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona, seems all the news lines are just connected to this city the host of MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress). One such headline pouring in from the event is Samsung’s announcement of its stylus operated touch tablet the Galaxy Note 10.1. It has become clear now that Samsung is going to split its product line into two. With tablets that don’t support a stylus pen being named ‘Tab’ while those that do are prefixed with ‘Note’.
The dandy piece of modern tech is equipped with a dual core 1.4 Ghz processor, 2 mega-pixel front camera for video conferencing, 3 mega-pixel rear camera and 64 GB of internal storage. For those with keen observation this is the third tablet in Samsung’s 2012 product line-up announced with Android 4.0 a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich.
galaxy note 10.1 product image 3 Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 10.1 At Mobile World Congress 2012
The latest slate comes with major improvements. The screen now comes with more levels of pressure sensitiveness than the previous tab. It makes it easier to draw lines of different weights and makes drawing a joyful experience. It is packed with some S-pen operated apps such as S-calendar and Notes. Adobe’s much awaited PhotoShop Touch app and Ideas apps are also included.

New iPad 3 Concept Shows Edge To Edge Screen, Retina Display And Lots Of Other Cool Stuff [VIDEO]

All those speculations for months about the launch date for Apple’s next gen tablet have finally been put to rest by the company itself as it turned the rumour to real news by announcing 7th of March as a release date for iPad 3. The invitations sent to the press for the San-Francisco based event contained a iPad 3 tablet design in them. The writing said “ We have something you really have to see. And touch.” As strange as it gets, the device had no ‘Home button’ as can be seen on any iDevice, may it be a iPad 2, any iPhone or iPod touch.
Aatma studios, a San-Francisco based 3D animation and design firm has yet again come up with a superb concept video for upcoming iPad. They have previously released awesome concept videos of iPhone 5. This time they have taken the no home button idea one step further into a complete mocked-up device.
iPad 3 concept New iPad 3 Concept Shows Edge To Edge Screen, Retina Display And Lots Of Other Cool Stuff [VIDEO]
The video set in real life and not some 3D animated graphics, starts by showcasing a iPad 3 device that has no-home button. This raises the question, how would we wake the device up? The solution presented in the video is a tap at the centre of the screen but Apple wouldn’t settle for such a lousy control. Moving on, it then goes to show an edge to edge Retina display, that displays high res images from one end of the device to the other — seems like people at Aatma really caught the idea “…Something you really have to see…”
Next up is the intriguing NFC (Near Field Communication) concept where another iPad 3 is placed next to the previously shown device and the display immediately extends to the newly added slate. Both the devices strongly lock together with the help of magnets and can later be seen picked up with one device hanging onto the other while the display still keeps going.

Top 10 Themes for Windows 7 — 2012

Windows 7 is among the most popular window ever introduced. This version of windows is really powerful and offers a lot of features to the users. You will find hundreds of themes for Windows 7 which consist of scheme, desktop icons, background, mouse pointers and desktop slideshow. Moreover, you will find a new interface in the control panel, which provide you the option to switch between the various themes. Have a look at the best 10 themes for Windows 7 for the year 2012.

1. Bullets Asylum Windows 7 Theme

1 Top 10 Themes for Windows 7 — 2012
This theme reflects the power of bullets and explosions. Even though the logic behind it is not very good, still you will be impressed by the graphics. It has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide. (Download Link)

Top 10 Richest Politicians

Even though there are hundreds of politician all around the world, a handful of them falls under the category of richest people in the world. It’s not only the business which makes a man rich, but sometime politics also. Even though the number of such politicians are too much in the Arab nations but the trend was started by Queen Elizabeth. The following is the list of 10 richest politicians in 2012.

1. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

mohammad rashid Top 10 Richest Politicians
He is the supreme prime minister of UAE and has a personal wealth estimating more than $80 billion. He is known for is lavishing lifestyle and love for horse racing. He is also said to be highly humble and well known for his huge donations to various UN and social organizations.

Top 10 Hottest Oscar Celebs

This was not easy, but here you go – the top 10 hottest celebrities that stepped on the Oscar‘s 81st Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet. 0223 beyo oscar Top 10 Hottest Oscar Celebs Beyonce 2009 Oscar The celebrities that didn’t make it in this top: Jessica Alba because she simply did not shine. Anne Hathaway’s body was really fit and hot, but she really had better days. Sarah Jessica Parker was trying too much. Miley Cyrus looked like a cake. Marisa Tomei won the 11th place, but this is a top 10. Amy Adams was way too red for the red carpet. Alicia Keys is just after Marisa Tomei, but then again..
 1. Angelina Jolie 
Brangelina is one of the hottest couples ever. The first place is not occupied by Angelina Jolie nor by Brad Pitt, but both of them as a couple. They’re beautiful, sexy, hot and they look extremely good together. Everybody wants a piece of them, everybody wants to be like them. Brad and Ange are simply the hottest people to have stepped on the red carpet on the 81st Oscar Annual Academy Awards 2009.

Kim Kardashian at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala!

Kim Kardashian 10 Kim Kardashian Shows Her Ass Everywhere
Kardashion showed up looking all hot at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala!
With Kim Kardashian is so funny! She is everywhere, although she seems to have no occupation. Where is an event, there it is Kim, too. Kim parties all the time, makes some photoshoots, has the cameras with her all the way for the reality tv that she appears in, keeps the tabloids interested all the time with scandals, short marriages and divorces and even sex tapes. After all, she does all that she can to catch our attention.
So, at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala, Kim showed up to join the other celebrities. She might not have a known activity, so this gives Kim Kardashian a lot of free time for herself. So, she was quite an appearance, wearing a blue sexy dress, having a generous cleavage and following her curved body. It is a known thing that Kim has always been looking to show her two best body parts: her famous ass and her full boobs.
Oh, Kimmi! You are such a sweet and sexy controversy!

Shailene Woodley – A New Promising Celebrity

Shailene Woodley 12 Shailene Woodley   A New Promising Celebrity
Shailene Woodley got the public's attention in The Descendands
Shailene Woodley started as an actress in a TV show made for teenagers. But she got all people’s attention thanks to her role in The Descendents, next to George Clooney. She is young, she is only 20 years old and it is clear that she is a little bit shy. But if we look at her, we can see a very promising future for us as viewers. Having plenty of time to get more mature, I can predict that this girl will lose her clothes in front of the cameras pretty soon.
She’s tall, she’s beautiful and she has a very innocent look that contrasts with her appearance, of a beautiful and sexy young women. I say that we should keep our eyes on her, because she is a fresh face in Hollywood and she really made me curious. Remember that all the hot celebrities that we see posing very sexy started like her, too.

How Birds See This World. Fascinating!

From Above Photo 3 How Birds See This World. Fascinating!
The Beautiful City of Bern, Switzerland
If you dream is to fly, keep on dreaming. Not that it won’t happen, but it’s just fascinating how our world looks like from above. Here are just a few aerial photos of cities, highways, landmarks, fields and life on eath in general. From paradise islands to busy cities and highways, earth looks amazing from a bird’s eye. Let us know if you like this, we’ll get you up there again in no-time.

Amazing ‘Before and After’ Transformations

Don't ever think you can't Transform Your Body. You can. Positive or negative? The choice is yours :)

1. The Zombie Boy who underwent amazing make-up transformation for a commercial

With almost 80% of his body covered in skeleton tattoos, fashion model Rick Genest is best known by his stage persona Zombie Boy, but the Canadian artist hit the headlines for a different reason in an incredible video for Vichy's Dermablend foundations. Genest is currently starring in the brand's "Go Beyond the Cover” campaign. The video opens with an unrecognizable tattoo-less Rick with a flawless complexion. However, as he takes off his shirt and begins scrubbing with make-up remover, his extensive tattoos gradually begin to appear. (Link | Via)

Top 10 Amazing Trees

There’s something majestic about the very oldest of trees and how they witnessed the rise and fall of numerous civilizations. Who hasn’t heard about General Sherman – the largest known living single stem tree in the world – or Old Tjikko – the Earth’s oldest (9,550 years) living individual clonal tree?

I find Julian Hight’s quote to be the most representative for this list: “Ancient trees are a living link to our past and they often provide a fragile constant in an ever-changing world. This is their story, but in equal measure it is also ours. Each tree has its own distinct shape and character which it carries through its lifetime.
With this in mind, let’s learn more about some of the world’s most fascinating trees: not just the oldest ones, but the ones with a “distinct shape and character.” There are probably hundreds of spectacular trees, but the following ten really caught my attention:

 10. Angel Oak

Angel Oak Tree
Located in South Carolina, on Johns Island, the 1,500 year-old Angel Oak shades with its widely spreading canopy an area of 17,200 square feet.
This magnificent tree is thought to be one of the oldest living organisms east of the Mississippi River. With a circumference of 28 feet and branches over 100 feet long, Angel Oak has survived numerous natural disasters, including earthquakes (the Great Charleston Earthquake of 1886), floods and hurricanes (Hurricane Hugo in 1989).

7 Most Incredible Cases of Death By Spontaneous Human Combustion

In 1663, Danish physician Thomas Bartholin described a woman who „went up in ashes and smoke,“ while the straw mattress on which she was lying asleep remained untouched by the blaze. This strange incident, which took place in Paris, is thought to be the first recorded account of the phenomenon we now know – but scarcely understand – as spontaneous human combustion.
Spontaneous human combustion is the name given to those rare instances when a person has gone up in flames and been burnt to a cinder, with no apparent external heat source there to have ignited them.
spontaneous combustion01 7 Most Incredible Cases of Death By Spontaneous Human Combustion
Most of the some 200 reported cases of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) share some similar characteristics.
First, the corpse is almost completely incinerated while the larger area around it remains undamaged; only the body itself, the floor below it and the ceiling above are affected.
A second common feature of SHC is that, of the human body parts, generally it is the torso that is most completely consumed, with any remains found among the extremities.

Murder Mystery Of Massachusetts’s Mental Hospital

Murder at the Met
The grounds of the former Metropolitan State Mental Hospital spanned three towns. Its conception was the result of an odd use of available state property, bureaucracy and the seemingly overwhelming need for massive mental institutions.
Ironically, or perhaps appropriately, the body that was dismembered and buried there in 1980 by a former patient spanned three graves. There are rumors that pieces of the body — that of a female patient — are still buried somewhere between the woods of Waltham, Lexington and Belmont, Massachusetts. This is at least plausible since the murderer, a male patient of the hospital, allegedly kept seven of the victim’s teeth on his person. This grisly revelation led to the facility being nicknamed “The Hospital of the Seven Teeth.”
However, we may never know the truth because the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (MDMH) lost or destroyed evidence critical to the case.
murder mistery01 Murder Mystery Of Massachusettss Mental Hospital
One thing is certain: murder was committed there and this fact was not hard to imagine. If ever a place looked like a murder site, it was Met State. After the facility closed, it not only fell into a state of disrepair, but it resembled a place of despair. Some abandoned asylums in New England had, at least some redeeming architectural qualities designed to brighten the lonely existence of the mentally afflicted. Met State was built in 1927 and was a collection of bland, depressing red brick buildings, including wards, medical facilities, an auditorium, cafeteria and even a small lonely building, away from all the others, housing the morgue.

Beautifully Sexy Print Ad

Anyone who works in the advertising world knows that sex sells, but how risqué an ad actually gets is up to the brand. Many companies, even top brands, have tried anything from simply using a beautiful woman to using shocking images that are flagrantly sexual, even on posters, TV commercials, and even billboards. However, my view is that unless a brand look is based on sex, a middle-of-the-road approach to eroticism is best. With this in mind, the following are a few of my favorite ads that tastefully spice up the message without going overboard.

Pantene Pro V
01 pantene Beautifully Sexy Print Ads

50 Excellent Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop makes it achievable to edit your photos in numerous manners. With infinite possibilities the challenge is recognizing how to employ the photo editing tools successfully. In this post we will feature some helpful tutorials that instruct different photo editing skills and tricks. You are sure to discover at least some that can be put to good exercise in your own work, whether it is on your photos or on those of your clients.
With this post, you can learn some new techniques of photo editing that you can consider next time when you want to upload your photos online. Here is the complete list of 50 most helpful Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials for you. We hope that you like this collection.

Starry Night Sky

In this Photoshop effects tutorial, we’ll learn how to easily add a star-filled sky to a night time photo. Artist is using Photoshop CS5 throughout the tutorial but any recent version of Photoshop will work just fine.
phototutorials34 50 Excellent Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

Exotic Beauty Of Israeli Women

Israeli women are giving themselves a chance in the modeling industry and as a result, models such as Bar Refaeli and Esti Ginzburg are posing for lingerie, underwear and other clothing apparel. These models show that Israeli women have an exotic beauty that men like us cannot resist as well as drive us crazy. Indeed, white-skinned ladies are being replaced by Israeli women when it comes to beauty.

The Doorway to Hell

Known by many as „The Doorway To Hell“, a large crater lies in the middle of nowhere (ok it’s in the middle of a village called „Derweze“, which is located in Turkmenistan) that’s burning, and has been burning for over 35 years. It has a diameter of 50 to 100 meters. Many articles mistakenly state that this gas crater is in Uzbekistan, which is false.
door hell01 The Doorway to Hell
The story behind this thing is that in the early 70s, geologists were drilling for gas and found an underground cavern by accident. The ground they were drilling on collapsed, and the cavern was open to the universe. The cavern was also filled with tons of toxic gas, so they ceased drilling for the time being.

Dream Within a Dream

Discover incredible uses of photomanipulation in these fabulous illustrations while you dive into the surreal world of Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez. Enjoy!
surreal dreamworld01 Dream Within a Dream

10 Greatest Palaces Around the World

The word PALACE is derived from the Latin name Palātium, for Palatine Hill, one of the seven hills in Rome. A palace is a grand residence, especially a royal residence or the home of a head of state or some other high-ranking dignitary, such as a bishop or archbishop. In many parts of Europe, the term is also applied to relatively large urban buildings built as the private mansions of the aristocracy. Here is a collection of top 10 palaces around the world.

10. Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia was the official residence of the Russian Tsars. It was designed by many architects, most notably Bartolomeo Rastrelli, in what came to be known as the Elizabethan Baroque style; the green-and-white palace has the shape of an elongated rectangle. The palace has been calculated to contain 1,786 doors, 1,945 windows, 1,500 rooms and 117 staircases. Its principal façade is 250 m long and 100 ft high.

10 Most Dirty and Filthy Jobs

There are many jobs a person can choose from, but there are some jobs left for the unfortunates. Here are some of those jobs.

1. Road Kill Cleaner

One gets to see so many animals in this job, the only problem is that they are dead by the time to you get to see them…. Not a job for animal lover as there are guts n brain splint all over the road most of the times.

10 Luxurious Gold Plated Cars

Luxury is something expensive or hard to obtain. But is anything expensive for Middle East? Well this post features a collection of  gold plated cars owned by the Arabs.

1. Bugatti Veyron

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Lovely Ladies Of Miss Universe 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Contestants 2 The Lovely Ladies Of Miss Universe 2011
Miss Costa Rica 2011 Johanna Solano
Here are some of the lovely ladies of Miss Universe 2011 <- click it to see the winner. Talking ’bout the wiener (as in sausage), you’ll feel it moving watching this gallery. Miss Cayman Islands would win a wrestling fight, but she also won my special “bedroom lockdown for 7 days” award.
My other “You’re so beautiful and perfect I don’t even care about your appendicitis scar” award goes to Miss Costa Rica. Leaving jokes aside, Costa Rica won me. Who’s your favorite?

Kim Kardashian Hourglass Body On The Red Carpet

Kim Kardashian 19 Kim Kardashian Hourglass Body On The Red Carpet
Kim Kardashian Hourglass Body
Kim Kardashian’s still doing what she knows best. Show up. Yea, Kim’s showing up everywhere – restaurants, bars, nightclubs, my wet dreams, on TV, movies, music videos, porn sites, magazines, and basically the internet is intoxicated with her. Not that this is a bad thing – at least as long as you don’t really give a shh what she’s really about, and just enjoy her voluptuous body and her amazing, one of a kind lady curves.
I won’t brag about her (too predictable) early divorce or gossip around on her or her lifestyle. One thing’s for sure, she’s beautiful and her body is the only thing I know that can replace Viagra.

A Sexy Year On The Oscar’s Red Carpet

Heidi Klum Bar Rafaeli 1 A Sexy Year On The Oscars Red Carpet
Heidi Klum and Bar Rafaeli prove once again that they are some of the most wanted women in the world!
The most important night for the movies industry is definitely the Oscar night. And like every year, this is the best chance for the celebrities to show off on the red carpet looking gorgeous and sexy.
Although we expect most of the times to see long dresses that don’t show off the legs, Angelina Jolie was super hot this year, wearing a long Versace dress having a thigh-high slit and posing with her right leg out. But she got everything to the extreme and now the entire internet is full

10 Steps to Become A Photoshop Expert

photoshop_resourcesFor this article, I’m defining expertise as being able to:
  • imitate something from real life (e.g. how shadows and light really work, how glass and water bend light).
  • guess with reasonable accuracy how a particular effect was created by someone else in Photoshop.
  • troubleshoot your own errors as well as someone else’s.

  • manipulate pixels non-destructively.
  • work efficiently through the proper use of shortcuts, panels, actions, and tools.
  • know how and when to use most of the features in Photoshop.
Here are the 10 things I recommend you do if you want to be a Photoshop expert.

16 Elaborate Floats From Carnival 2011

  • 1.

    Mardi Gras has got nothing on Carnival. It's all the pageantry of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with all the debauchery of Fat Tuesday.     
  • 20 Must-See Places Before The World Ends

    1. The Amazon

    It's 2012. And it seems like something much, much worse than what the Mayans predicted is coming—and much sooner than you'd think. These are the twenty places you definitely want to see before it's all over on March 6, 2012.       
    The Amazon
    Regardless of which country you go to to see it--Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, or French Guiana--considering it's the largest rainforest in the world and houses millions of unique creatures rarely found anywhere else, it's worth seeing for thousands of reasons.
    Via: cifor

    Google office in Switzerland

     So, in Zurich's central office is Google in Europe. It employs approximately 1,500 employees, of whom about 60 Russian-speaking. Khanty them as in other offices (eg, many people move from the Moscow office of Google), and straight. In Zurich, the local speak "Swiss" language (which is very similar to German), but Google still communicate in English. 16 more images after the break...

    Top 10 Countries with Largest Facebook User 2011

    Photo — Link

    Here are 10 countries with the largest facebook users in the world in 2011 (until December). Data show that Facebook users are not directly proportional to the population in a country. China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria are the countries that enter the 10 most populous country in the world, but facebook users the numbers are very small. Facebook users in China is only about 500 thousand from more than one billion population. Even Japan, the state technology literacy and Internet literacy, only about 6 million people who use facebook than 127 million population. Indonesia in the second ranks as thecountry’s with largest facebook users in the world. 10 Countries with Largest Facebook User 2011 after the break...

    10 Countries with the Largest Armed Forces

    10. Vietnam

    Even with diplomacy being the backbone the international scenario nowadays, countries find the need to spend a sizeable percentage of their annual budget on the military, and for good reason. It’s called preparing for the worst. A look back at history reveals that disputes have seldom been settled on paper. With tensions peaking and ebbing unpredictably on several fronts and terrorist factions emerging within countries all over the world, the military is always in need of more able individuals. And though numbers may not win a war, they certainly matter. Following is a list of the ten countries that currently have the largest military forces in the world. [Stats via Wikipedia] 09 more after the break...

    Most Beautiful Woman In The World

    Most Beautiful Woman In The World

    I don’t think Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai are the only most beautiful women in the world. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they are top gorgeous in the world. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. My eyes and brain liked very much the unique face of Fathima Kulsum Zohar Godabari.
    Fathima Kulsum Zohar Godabari once a royal princess is now an official Queen of Saudi Arabia. Few days ago her photos (without niqab covering her face) were leaked on the internet and the world luckily noticed her for the first time. Her fair skinned face with grey eyes, red lips and sharp eyebrows is in a perfect symmetry. For me, she is probably the most beautiful woman in the world. Her face is simply a miracle of nature. Check out some rare photos of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life.

    10 Excellent Examples of Fake Photography

    Photo manipulation is a really wonderful art.  Its uses, cultural impact, and ethical concerns have made it a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved. Photo manipulation gives a realistic view of an unreal picture.

    1. Medical Kitchen

    10 Amazing 3D Street Illusion

    Now a day’s these 3D street Illusions are seen everywhere as people have got so skilled drawing these illusions using different kind of paints and chalks. Our mission was to find the best 3D street illusions ever. So here they are.

    1. Displaced Concrete

    Looks like a chunk of concrete displaced from the walkway.

    Paradise For Academics

    The old lady, Europe, gave the world intellectual elite, partly thanks to prestigious institutions for higher education. Good investment for the future is to invest in your own knowledge. We present you our choice of prestigious universities.

    University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

    The contribution of graduates of Cambridge in the creation of the modern world is amazing – the Newton’s laws of motion; Rutherford’s splitting atoms, the evolution of Darwin, Turing’s computer prototype, Crick and Watson with their DNA discovery… Founded in 1209th of Oxford scholars who resigned after a dispute with the local population, Cambridge now employs over 8000 people and has about 19000 of students. It is the birthplace of the web camera, and boasts with the fact that it spawned a large number of celebrities such as actor Hugh Laurie, Sasha Baron Cohen, actress Tilda Swinton and Emma Thompson and director Sam Mendez.

    Paradise For Academics

    10 Examples of Animal Mimicry

    Mimicry is an ability of some organisms to constantly or sometimes adjust their appearance to the environment to reduce vulnerability, danger to life and so that organisms can survive easier. Mimicry could be called “useful similarity” as a kind of living things that the target of predators and color appearance may resemble those species that are poisonous for example. In nature, animals can find colorful and gorgeous colors, different shapes and sizes. Some can blend with the surroundings so that we can pass a hundred times not to notice… and what is the point of mimicry.
    1. Insects are common examples of mimicry. Insects can be so blend with their surroundings that sometimes we can not recognize them. Some insects can have the appearance of twigs, leaf, bark, wood and some may simply be the same color as their habitat.
    10 Examples of Animal Mimicry
    2.This insect looks like a dried leaf, and the shape and color.This is a great camouflageagainst predators who will go next to him thinking he is the most common leaf.

    The Least Desirable Destination For Sex Adventures

    Some nations, thanks to their open mindedness – particularly regarding sex, brought they countries status of extremely desirable destinations. However, certain destinations in search of adventure on your vacation be sure to go around.

    10. Copenhagen

    Until recently, Copenhagen was home of the Museum of eroticism, one of the most popular museums in the world, which is a good indication that the Danes are very open when it comes to sexuality. Also, Denmark is the “promised land” for nudists from all around the world. But, if you think that makes enough conditions for one night stand to has its blossom in this country, you’re very wrong! In fact, alcohol is very expensive there, and even beer, and we know that sex with a stranger can’t happen without getting really drunk. Some nations, thanks to their open mindedness – particularly regarding sex, brought they countries status of extremely desirable destinations. However, certain destinations in search of adventure on your vacation be sure to go around.
    The Least Desirable Destination For Sex Adventures

    F1 Hot Girls

    After a four-month hiatus, and one race delay, on March 27th will finally start the 62nd season of the fastest and craziest caravan in the world, sports spectacle that over 600 million people worldwide watching every weekend. Sebastian Vettel defend his title, and next to him will be four more former champions. Yet, that’s not the only thing we are looking for – this is a part of the show: hot, beautiful, sexy girls! I think that people look at them in the same way they look at F1 racing cars – something that they will never have a chance to have : ) Enjoy the gallery!
    F1 Hot Girls


    Here are some beautiful illustrations for zodiac signs by Kagaya - a Japanese digital fine artist. Born in 1968, he has created artworks relating to the universe including CG animation pictures, digital prints, posters, illustrations for astronomical books and magazines.
    The main themes of his work are the universe, the blue planet, and humankind as a part of the universe – their dreams and yearnings. His artistry and scientific accuracy enable him to embody the beauty that integrates all the elements of the universe.
    His constellation pictures are made into jigsaw puzzles, which are gaining popularity around the world. Also, there are some famous people photoshoped as their zodiac signs. Actually, there were the contest  few years ago for this pictures, with a money prize. You can check for whole gallery here.



    Elegant Women’s Underwear

    Every woman loves to wear high-quality and stylish underwear, while men like to see the woman in a very nice underwear. If you can’t decide which one to choose bring your dear person in shopping and let it assist in the selection. Make sure that you feel comfortable in that what you wear and that looks nice. If  you catch amazed glance from your man, then you’ll know that you have choose right piece for yourself!
    Elegant Womens Underwear

    5 Hottest Women in Gaming

    Lara Croft
    Lara Croft is a fictional character video game series Tomb Raider. Created by Toby Gard Lara is presented as a beautiful, intelligent, and athletic British archaeologist-adventurer who ventures into ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the world.
    Lara Croft has highest number of entries in the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition, including most successful video game heroine.
    Croft also hasawards for the most recognisable female in a video game; most detailed game character; most real-life stand-ins; highest grossing game spin-off and most successful live-action transfer.

    Top 5 Hot Jobs for 2012

    Computer Software Engineers and Web Developers
    Computer software engineers and web developers are the people responsible for building software programs without which world can not breath today. According to a survey software industry has seen continued growth throughout the second half of 2011.So people with software degrees get ready :)

    5 Most Expensive Models of the World

    Gisele Bundchen ($45 Million)
    This ex victoria secret’s angel tops our list of most expensive models of the world.The curvy 5′11″ Brazilian is highest-paid model in fashion industry. She started her modeling career back in 1997 from Alexander McQueen’s memorable spring 1998 “rain” ready-to-wear show.Bündchen is credited for pioneering the “horse walk”, a stomping movement created when a model picks her knees up high and kicks her feet out in front.
    During her whooping modeling career she won many titles like “model of the millennium,”, “The return of the sexy model”, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and “And God Created Gisele…,”.Forbes ranked her, for the fifth consecutive time, as the world’s top-earning model with an estimated $45 million over the past 12 months (2010–2011).She is also ranked as 60th Most powerful woman of the world.

    Visit Neelum Valley

    Neelum Valley

    It is a valley of fountains, springs, waterfalls, flowering trees and plants. Geographically too, it is a hospitable valley. The Neelum Valley, 90 miles long bow-shaped with majestic pine, fir and deodar trees, lies north-south of Muzaffarabad (capital). This ninety-mile long kingdom of vegetation is ripped apart by the indigoblue Neelum river which flows serpentinely down hills to merge itself into the river Jhelum at Domail. Domail, the confluence of two mighty rivers, presents highly fascinating scene of youthful embrace. This heart-warning spectacle is most soothing to the eye. The valley, starting from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, is about 150 miles long. It lies on both sides of the river Neelum. The geographical features enhance the natural beauty of the Valley. Its elevation, a mere 2,000 feet at the start, gradually rises till it attains a respectable height of 8,000 feet. On both sides there are high mountains and peaks. Nearly all the forest wealth of Azad Kashmir is to be found in this part of the State. There are two approaches to the valley. One from the Kaghan Valley which is linked with it at two points, the Nuri Nari Hali (Pass) and the Ratti Gali and many minor Passes. From Dawarian it takes two days for hiking or riding and night stay at Dharian at 12,000 feet. The second approach is from Muzaffarabad. It is a distance of 55 miles which is jeepable in fair weather. The Neelum meets the Jhelum river at Domali (meeting of the two) on the outskirts of Muzaffarabad city. From Paticka forest one reaches Nosari, 24 miles ahead of Muzaffarabad. Next come Chaliana (height 3,200 feet), Qazi Nag, Barian, Salkhela, Kundal Shahi, Athmaqam on this road. On a number of places, the local population has built rope crossings on the river. It is a very dangerous device and the very thought of crossing these points is horrible but thrilling. Tao Butt is an example of vegetational generosity of the liberal nature. The spot is donned with all delicacies and niceties. Nature flirts here with fantastic environment. The forest wealth abounds in the Neelum Valley. Deodar, pine, fir, wild walnut, strawberry and hosts of other high statured trees and other types of wild growth and herbs are the treasure of the valley. Besides being invaluable in economic terms, the variety of natural growth offers a captivating scenery. Shunder Hill tops are covered with green forests and the fields are lush green with crops.

    Oops! Eva Longoria forgot her bra

    Eva Longoria 1 Oops! Eva Longoria forgot her bra
    Thanks God the gravity doesn't work for Eva Longoria's tits!
    They say that good things come in small packages. And when it comes to Eva Longoria, I cannot agree more. This shortie is a badass hottie and she is always ready to impress the audience with something new. She has a very beautiful figure, the nature has given her gorgeous tits and a naughty butt, so why can’t she take advantage of these?
    She was recently been spotted wearing a braless outfit. There’s something about this braless thing that I’m so pissed on: almost every time that we get to see a celebrity wearing a see-through braless outfit, they manage somehow to make us see nothing… or nothing more. It’s just like a delusion when you expect something else.
    But I guess that’s the point of everything: making you want more and more and having to continue the undressing part in your head. Boy, Eva Longoria is so tricky! But I love her! Look at her boobs and how firm they stay even though they are not supported in a bra. This is like magic!

    Jennifer Lopez Hot Photoshoot

    Jennifer Lopez 1 Jennifer Lopez Shows Ass, But No Age
    Jennifer Lopez kept her sexiness even at 42!
    Do you ever wonder how the Hollywood celebrities don’t show their age? I do, too, and I am literally speechless since I saw the photos below, in which Jennifer Lopez poses in bikini and in a male shirt. Jennifer Lopez’s ass is iconic and many years she caught all the attention. Nowadays she has a “battle” with Kim Kardashian, but let’s face it: J. Lo came first and she was the one that started this butt fever.
    Anyway, she is almost 42 and she looks like she’s in her twenties. She’s a sweet milf that every man would like to have. Look at her body and how great she looks. Her legs are all toned and her naughty ass is like begging for spanks.
    I challenge you to think: is there any 20 year old girl you know that you would prefer over Jennifer Lopez? My answer is definitely not. She’s still Jenny from the block!

    Mobile World Congess

    An employee demonstrates the camera function on a Nokia Oyj Lumia 808 Pure View smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday, Feb. 27, 2012. The Mobile World Congress, operated by the GSMA, expects 60,000 visitors and 1400 companies to attend the four-day technology industry event which runs Feb. 27 through March 1. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

    Monday, 27 February 2012

    McDonald’s Makeover: 7 Things You Didn’t Know

    A tour of newly renovated McDonald’s units around Tampa, Fla., revealed details of the fast food giant’s plan.

    Credit: Richard T. Nowitz/Corbis

    McDonald’s has touted much about its plan to revamp most of its 14,000 domestic locations, ditching the bright colors and iconic roofs of the past for ultramodern interiors and exteriors.
    However, a recent tour of newly renovated McDonald’s units around Tampa, Fla., revealed new details of the quick-service giant’s plan.
    Securities analysts Larry Miller of RBC Capital Markets and Jeffrey Bernstein of Barclays Capital, who participated in the tour, noted not only the new facades, digital menu boards and fancy new seating, but also several operations-minded upgrades, including a new POS system and dual drive-thrus meant to speed service times and boost throughput. They also learned more about the costs involved in the reimaging plan.
    Based on reports by the two analysts, here are seven things industry watchers may not know about McDonald’s undertaking:

    17 World Cities Reflected in Water

    Reflections bring out the splendor of many things, and global cities old and new are no different. These metropolises stand out magnificently when reflected in water – that of the lakes, rivers and oceans on which they lie. Whether made up of age-old stone structures or towering glass skyscrapers, cityscapes literally take on another layer of beauty when their mirror images descend beneath them in perfect reflections.

    17. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    17. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur has a large population, with 1.4 million in the city itself and a whopping 7.2 million in the greater metropolitan area. Still, it’s hard to tell that the Malaysian metropolis is so big when you see the pristine buildings and airy space between them reflected tranquilly in water, as here.