Sunday, 4 March 2012

Here Is How Hard Tamara Ecclestone Works Out To Maintain Her Looks

 The internet is full with news about Tamara Ecclestone's sizzling appearance at Mayfair last night but nobody knows the secret behind her killer looks. We get it, its her hard workout routine. She was snapped being put through her paces by him on the banks of the River Thames in London yesterday.
But unlike most of us, who look hot, sweaty and very flushed in the face during a vigorous workout, Tamara didn't even have a hint of perspiration.
In fact, she even managed to smile her way through it, something which many of us would never be able to achieve as we'd be too busy grimacing in pain. The reality TV star was with her trainer on Embankment and was snapped warming up before going for a run along the street. She was then snapped on some pulleys as she stretched her arms and legs and was seen doing bench presses on a bench on the side of the road. But it soon became all too much for her as she stopped to cool down with an ice cold bottle of water.

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