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Zaftig! We Celebrate BBWs and Plus Sized Models Online

A full-figured flipbook of our favorite curvy, voluptuous and pleasingly plump women.

Erin T
Erin T Credit: 12+UK

Erin T.

This brunette beauty in deep blue comes to us from across the pond.  So not only will she slay you in stockings, she'll read you Shakespeare.
As you dig into this list, you should know:  Erin T. represents the slenderest side of the scale we'll allow as a Big Beautiful Woman.  (You'll meet that wider end of the spectrum at the end.)  If you're thinking Erin T. may be a bit too much of a pudge for you, get out now.
Marquita Pring
Marquita Pring Credit: Ford+

Marquita Pring

Marquita Pring is a model with the Ford + agency and has had her likeness in a bunch of reputable magazines that your mom probably reads, as well as one called Tush.
From this angle, looks like she is a cover girl for Thighs.
April Flores
April Flores Credit: FattyD

April Flores

April Flores, who you may know as @FattyD on Twitter, is an adult performer working in the niche of sex-positive women's erotica.  There's a definite Brooklyn/San Francisco vibe about her and her "artistic" blog.
Liis Windischmann
Liis Windischmann Credit:

Liis Windischmann

Liis Windischmann is an Ontario-based BBW with fun written all over her plus-sized body.  With long hair and and a big smile, I've no doubt Windischmann has an infectuous laugh and is a blast to hang out with over a bottle of wine.
Thora Birch
Thora Birch Credit:

Thora Birch

Hey, no one said these couldn't be people you've heard of.
One of the great unanswered questions in life is why Wes Bently never questioned the amply bosomed Thora Birch why she felt she needed breast implants in American Beauty.

BBW in Purple
BBW in Purple Credit: Dangerous Curves

BBW in Purple

You can keep your snide Grimace jokes to yourself.
This dark and alluring thickset woman gazes longingly into the camera as you feast upon her luscious body.
Plus Model Mag Cover Girl
Plus Model Mag Cover Girl Credit: PlusModelMag

Plus Model Mag Cover Girl

This sultry, raven-haired tsunami of sexuality boasts a black bustier and pair of panties like a domino mask.
The next time I see Plus Model Magazine at Hudson News I know the flight will be turbulent.
Gabrielle Taber
Gabrielle Taber Credit:

Gabrielle Taber

Model Gabrielle Taber isn't so much voluptuous as she is simply gigantic.  Her legs look like they have the strength of ten Guttenberg printing presses.  Too bad there isn't another, normal-sized human in this photo, as Ms. Taber is actually seventeen feet tall.

Faye Daniels
Faye Daniels Credit: FayeDanielsBBW

Faye Daniels

Faye Daniels is an exhibitionist and blogger who changes her looks frequently.  Currently she's going for a zaftig Katy Perry thing (and looking great) but back in the day she was working this lip ring and auburn hair duo.
Xmas Girl
Xmas Girl Credit: TheThickness

X-Mas Present

I don't know who this delicious bonbon is, but if this sheer cotton lovely were under my Xmas tree we'd stay there til well after Boxing Day.

Torrid Credit:

Torrid Model in Cavaricci Bathing Suit

For those who dream of a personal fashion show with young, bubbly BBWs, the e-commerce sight for Torrid is quite the time suck.
Jennifer Maitland
Jennifer Maitland Credit: F Y! Plus Size

Jennifer Maitland

Jennifer Maitland is one of the most successfull plus sized models working today.  She's originally from Florida and takes that state's devotion to ripe, juicy produce close to heart.
Tara Lynn
Tara Lynn Credit: V magazine

Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn took part in a photo shoot for V Magazine that caused many thinspired fashionistas to vomit up their rice cakes at their desks instead of in the ladies' room later.
Lynn gets points for having the most daring pose of the shoot, and we support her feminine curves.  Now if there's something we can do about all that repulsive makeup.
"Francesca" Credit:


Sit down, young son, and I'll tell you a tale.
It was the late 1990s, and to access the Internet you'd have to plug your computer into your phone jack.  (Back then, one would plug their phone into the wall, too.)
Adult entertainment was available, but it wasn't free, and it wasn't all video, and it wasn't quite so faceless and nameless as it was today.  For fear of perhaps giving you too much information about the younger years of Man Handsome, let's simply conclude by saying that "Francesca" and I got ourselves through the dark days of the dotcom bust.
Gothic Chick
Gothic Chick Credit: SugarXFace


Here comes the Gothic Steampunk Emo Chick.  Throw a bunch of signifiers in a blender, make sure it amplifies the bosom and you've got yourself one heckuva look.
The tagline to SugarXFace's Tumblr is "Shut Up.  I wear high heels bigger than your di*k."
Can't wait to introduce a girl like this to Mom.

Candice Huffine
Candice Huffine Credit: V Magazine

Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine is a Ford Modeling Agency gal who also took part in the V Magazine shoot we spoke about eariler.
Here's a video of her babbling about clothes.  The mute button is bottom left.
Laura Wells
Laura Wells Credit: BMG Models

Laura Wells

This Australian model has a movie star's face and a chubby chaser's body.  She is one of the top plus sized models working today and, as such, there is plenty online ready for you to look at and drool.  Here's an almost interesting interview and here she is wearing hardly anything at all on video.
Tobey Credit:


From the world of high fashion we turn to an abandoned warehouse near a bus station in Southern California.
"Tobey" is a deep dive of deliciousness for those that can handle the B-er side of BBWs.  The 99 cent ribbons in her hair (and strewn across her lap?) just add to the excitement.
Dr. Crusher Chick
Dr. Crusher Chick Credit: Dangerous Curves

Sexpot Dr. Crusher

This redhead with the giant torpedo guns comes to us from the essential Tumblr Dangerous Curves.
This woman definitely reminds me of a hypersexualized Gates McFadden and makes me reconsider if focusing my adolescent prurient fantasies on Counselor Troi was a mistake.
Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky Credit: UPI

Monica Lewinsky

Handbag designer and graduate of the London School of Economics, Monica Lewinsky was quite the topic of conversation in 1998.
To the Jewish community, Ms. Lewinsky has the dubious fortune of being both zaftig and a shondah.

Krissy Credit: 12+UK


Krissy is another British plus sized model who is very much on the thin edge of what we'll take as acceptable.
The pic on the right shows her working something of a Liv Tyler thing, but with more to grab onto.
Fishnet Girl
Fishnet Girl Credit: TheThickness

Fishnet Girl

Wearing enough fishnet to catch most migratory schools, this luscious creature also has a bit of a psychobilly thing going on.  It took us a while to stop staring at those gigantic gams to recognize her hairstyle as the coiffure equivalent of a black and white cookie.
Alexandra Beller
Alexandra Beller Credit:

Alexandra Beller

This powerhouse of pulchritude runs a highly respected dance company in New York City.  It is reasonable to assume that she can kick your ass.
Asian BBW
Asian BBW Credit:

Asian BBW in Torrid Dress

"The Case of the Asian BBW in a Torrid Dress" may sound like a Mickey Spillane novel, but it is actually a reference, once again, to the plus sized H&M-esque clothing line.
Gingham Dress
Gingham Dress Credit: Dangerous Curves

BBW in Gingham

The sweetest piece of strawberry rhubarb pie at the entire spring carnival.

Barbara Brickner
Barbara Brickner Credit:

Barbara Brickner

Plus sized model Barbara Brickner is, at least for my money, a sufferer of the condition known as Butterface and almost didn't make it on this list at all.  Then I noticed the business end of those remarkable, skull-crushing thighs and realized why she has a posse.
Unknown Brazilian
Unknown Brazilian Credit: Dangerous Curves

Unknown Woman, Possibly Brazilian

So far, we've been slightly above board, highlighting working models, adult entertainers or bloggers with personalities.  We haven't simply zeroed in specifically on the curves of our curvy women.
That ends now with a WOWIE WOWIE WOW!  Check out the caboose on this one!
Emma-Jane Credit: 12+UK


Emma Jane is a BBW from the UK with a 36D bust and piercing eyes that turn me into rice pudding.
Check this link for 18 pages of gigantic glamor photos of her in varying states of dress.  Then check out this video of her strutting in jeans, sweaters and low-cut dresses to Everything But The Girl.  Then call 911 because you will have surely had a heart attack.
This Woman
This Woman Credit:

Welcome Page Girl

My favorite latin phrase is Caveat Emptor, and never is it more appropos than when looking for adult entertainment on the Internet.
This juicy morsel welcomes you to, but is nowhere to be found inside.  Or so I am told.
This Zaftig Woman
This Zaftig Woman Credit:

This Zaftig Woman

If you google "Zaftig," the Yiddish term for juicy and succulent, this image comes up as number 3.

Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Jayne Mansfield

Your grandfather didn't even know he was a fetishist.
Deadwood Credit: HBO

The Woman in the Deadwood Opening Credits Sequence

Some people love Deadwood for its dialogue, its commentary on ethics and society or for Timothy Olyphant's portayal of Seth Bullock.
Others just love this moment in the opening credits sequence.
Shy Girl
Shy Girl Credit: Dangerous Curves

Strangely Shy Girl

It's a curious sort who puts photos of herself in her underwear on the Internet, but also covers her face.  Either she's being overly dramatic, or she's into goofy fun.
Crystal Renn
Crystal Renn Credit:

Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn may be the most controversial figure in plus sized modeling.
After an early career in modeling that destroyed her body with annorexia, she lived a more healthy, normal lifestyle and grew to a natural (in her case, plus) size.  After years of championing her plus sized-ness (and writing a book) she has recently slimmed down quite a bit, so much so that now she just looks like . . . any other girl.
We choose to remember as she is above - a Rachel Weisz-esque beauty with more to love.
Soft Focus
Soft Focus Credit: Dangerous Curves

Soft Focus Morning Girl

The focus is soft, the flowing white blanket is soft, the woman is soft.  Everything about this photo is soft.  And yet why do I feel so. . . .Christina Hendricks and Friend
Christina Hendricks and Friend Credit:

(This Chick Next To) Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks isn't in this feature because we're pretty sure she's not human.  She's like one of those Westworld robots.
The woman to her right, however, appears to have some serious curves and, heck, knows how to get into great parties!
Dove Soap Girl
Dove Soap Girl Credit:

Dove Soap Model

Dove Soap launched their "Campaign For Real Beauty" in 2005, putting "real women" of all shapes and sizes on billboards across America.
What the mainstream media never told you was how many chubby chasers got into accidents as their eyes were caught in the tractor beam of these enormous advertisements.
Erika Elfwencrona
Erika Elfwencrona Credit: 12+UK

Erika Elfwencrona

Swedish Double-D model Erika Elfwencrona has her own Facebook fan site, some European television credits and my undying pledge to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.  There's some video of her here, and lots and lots of pics of her on the Web.  Oh, the Web.  You bring me such joy.
Zaftig Woman
Zaftig Woman Credit: A Blue Blog

Sensual At Dusk

Tell this woman that she is too thick to be desirable and she will just laugh at you.
This is the physical representation of self-confidence in the face of a close-minded society.
You don't find me attractive, she thinks?  Pity for you.
Can You Handle It?
Can You Handle It? Credit: Dangerous Curves

The Envelope

When we began this feature with Erin T. we told you she was the most svelte a person could be and still be a BBW.  And this, we feel, is as far as we can take it for that second B (beautiful) to still ring true.
How about you?  Can you handle this much woman, or has conformist, mainstream conventions frightened you into shallow thinking?

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