Thursday, 24 May 2012

Go Hard or Go Home- Fantastic Pictures Of A Spring Break, College Experience

Spring break (also known as March break, study week, reading week or the Easter holidays in the United Kingdom and some parts of Canada) is a recess in early spring at universities and schools in the United States, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Spring break starts for some schools in mid February and starts as late as the second week in April, but most will be taking spring break in March. Spring Break is celebrated in all kinds of ways and in all kinds of places, from beach vacations to action-packed cities to ski trips in top ski resorts around the world. No matter how you plan to celebrate, the essential part of it all is to plan thoroughly and well in advance so you’re not stuck missing out.

There are some tried and true Spring Break destinations welcoming people from all over the world every year without fail. One of those destinations is Cancun, which becomes congested with partiers for the entire duration. Popular destinations outside the United States include Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Barbados, Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands and Varadero, Cuba and Caribbean.

The quintessential college experience, a time to let loose and go crazy, it’s something that every college student looks forward to. Miles of sandy beaches, sunny island temperatures… and a never-ending supply of booze, parties and blasting music. Beer bongs, writhing bodies and a relentless need to keep the party going 24/7—Spring Break down South is more than a little bit aggressive. Students seem to come from far and wide, but one thing they definitely share is a ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ attitude that just doesn’t quit.
Spring Break is shown on every TV show involving college students, never failing to portray the insane experiences participants go through. MTV Spring Break 2012 was a sure-fire hit this year with tons of scheduled events happening in Las Vegas, the official headquarters and one of the most exciting party destinations in the world.

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