Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Colorful Photography By Manuel Libres Librodo Jr

In my opinion Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. is much more than an emerging travel photographer from the Philippines…he is an exciting new travel photography talent, whose photographs betray an exceptional degree of professionalism and aesthetics. Manuel has only been photographing for four years, and as readers of TTP will see his photographs are breathtaking. Some of his photographs are digitally enhanced by heightening saturation and coloration…and a few are perhaps overly saturated, but the overall quality of his photographs is exceptional.
manuel libres_001

manuel libres_002
manuel libres_003
manuel libres_004
manuel libres_005
manuel libres_006
manuel libres_007
manuel libres_008
manuel libres_009
manuel libres_010
manuel libres_011
manuel libres_012
manuel libres_013
manuel libres_014
manuel libres_015
manuel libres_016
manuel libres_017

manuel libres_019
manuel libres_020
Author : Manuel Libres Librodo Jr.

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