Saturday, 16 June 2012

Top 10 The best Chilean Beauty Queens of The Decade

Chile is a country of America located in the southwest corner of South America. Its official name is Republic of Chile18 and its capital is the city of Santiago.

Chile also holds exclusive rights, claims of varying degrees and sovereignty over its maritime space, called the Sea chileno. It comprises four zones: the territorial sea (120 827 km ²),  the contiguous zone (131,669 km ²),  area exclusive economic (3,681,989 km ²) and the corresponding continental shelf (161 338 km ²), 27 which also includes the territory chileno. Chile has a coastline of 6435 km of longitud.

Supermodels are highly paid, high profile fashion models. These (usually female) celebrities appear on top fashion magazine covers and in fashion shows. Much more importantly, in financial terms, their appearance in advertising can amount to an endorsement, attracting far greater rewards, especially when they conclude deals to advertise a brand exclusively, as "the face" of that brand.

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