Sunday, 24 June 2012

Top 10 Funny Pictures

Pictures speaks louder than words, and if the pics are taken at the right moment we can expect funny things from them. In August 2010, there were number of images that made some buzz on every other social network and we have collected them like before.
I had to be very choosy this time, as their were many more humorous pictures posted on Internet, but finally i made this collection. As a bonus i have also uploaded few “GIF” files .. and for ease of viewing I have placed them in the last. So, get ready and move down very slowly, so that those Gif pics can load in time.


Why dogs bite their owners

I need something to drink

Mother and daughter

Report Card

This is how I make my bed Every Morning

Shoe Repair Shop

Take it like a Man

That’s classy Dad real classy

The most ambitious dog I have ever seen

Bonus GIF’s
Morbid curiosity

Incoming News

Feels good man

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