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Dubai From The Height of a Skyscraper (15 Photos)

  Dubai From The Height of a Skyscraper (15 Photos)

15 images...

Dubai From The Height of a Skyscraper (15 Photos)

Beautiful views of Dubai from the top of skyscrapers.
There are some stunning views...
They will take your breath away...

The Banpo Bridge in Seoul (9 Photos)

  The Banpo Bridge in Seoul (9 Photos)

9 images...

The Banpo Bridge in Seoul (9 Photos)

The Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea just got a major facelift in the form of a 10,000-nozzle fountain that runs all the way along both its sides. They were just installed last month, but already the bridge has turned into a major tourist attraction.

The Most Chilled Out Cat Around (40 Photos)

  The Most Chilled Out Cat Around (40 Photos)

40 images...

The Most Chilled Out Cat Around (40 Photos)

This adorable white cat is named Shironeko and he seems to like to fall asleep in all kinds of funny places and positions.

Creative Hairstyles That You Can Easily Do at Home (27 Photos)

  Creative Hairstyles That You Can Easily Do at Home (27 Photos)

27 images...

Creative Hairstyles That You Can Easily Do at Home (27 Photos)

This post is an absolute gift for every girl who wants to make everyone envy her gorgeous locks. Just follow these simple how-tos and braid your hair into various beautiful and unusual plaits.

Self-Made Guns (19 Photos)

  Self-Made Guns (19 Photos)

19 images...

Self-Made Guns (19 Photos)

There are lots of people that are really creative, but use their talent in not very pieceful way. They could work somewhere at a rifle plant and make money out of their talant. Cause these things they make are a bit illegal.

Bodybuilding – Before and After (19 Photos)

  Bodybuilding – Before and After (19 Photos)

19 images...

Bodybuilding – Before and After (19 Photos)

Compare the pictures of people who changed their lives with regular trainings in a gym.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Hottest Olympic athletes

It can get pretty tough to concentrate on national team colors and medal counts when some of the athletes in London are this hot. -- By Carla Thorpe and Tiara Chiaramonte, Yahoo! Sports
Federica Pellegrini

 Federica Pellegrini
 Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini is the first woman ever to breach the 4-minute barrier in 400m freestyle. Her voluptuous yet toned body has been featured nude on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair. (AP Photo/Giuseppe Aresu)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Shruthi K Hassan Photoshoot Stills

Shruthi Hassan Photoshoot Stills — 08 more images after the break...

Selena Gomez Timeline

 Selena Gomez Timeline 12 more images after the break...

Iran in 1960s

When the people of the West today hear the word "Iran", they come to mind veiled women, burning American flags and angry crowd shouted nationalist slogans. But those who kept the memories of Tehran, 1960-70s, painted a completely different picture. 

01. Aerial view of Vali-Asr Square in 1971 Courtesy of Kaveh Farrokh 

Before the Islamic revolution in 1979 the capital of Iran was one of the most culturally advanced in the world. The newspaper The New York Times wrote: "Before the revolution, Iran was the most cultural and multi-ethnic country in the region. It quickly developed art, literature, film and television industry. " Education may receive, both men and women, and residents went on holiday to the ski resorts are located in the mountains of Mount Elbrus. Kaveh Farrokh (Kaveh Farrokh), author of the photos presented below, is now living in Canada, but remembers his youth spent in Iran, when it was possible to watch American films in movie theaters and upscale to roam the airport, stuffed with advanced technology of the time. However, the sweet life was not for all Iranians. Social and economic inequalities caused by the policies of the government of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, led to the poverty of some and the incredible wealth of others. Such contrasts led to the downfall of the government of the Shah and the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the consequences of which still define the course of the country. 19 more images after the break...

Tanusree Dutta Latest Glamorous Photoshoot

Tanusree Dutta Latest Glamorous Photoshoot — 08 more images after the break...

The Great Wall of China Meets the Sea

The end of the Great Wall of China. Photo Link 

 Old Dragon’s Head - Where The Great Wall of China Meets the Sea — The Great Wall of China is one of the most amazing piece of architecture and the most ambitious building project ever attempted in the history of mankind. Construction of this formidable defensive structure, built to ward off invasion and to protect the Chinese Empire, goes back by more than two thousand years to the the 7th century BC during the Chunqiu period. Especially famous is the wall built between 220–206 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. Little of that wall remains. Since then, the Great Wall has on and off been rebuilt, maintained and fortified. Construction continued up to the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), when the Great Wall became the world's largest military structure. 08 more images after the break...

11 Continuously Inhabited Oldest Cities in the World

Ever since man learned to grow their own food and rear cattle, they have been living in permanent to semi-permanent settlements with certain degree of planning. Although opinions vary on whether any particular ancient settlement can be considered to be a city, there is no doubt that towns and cities have a long history.

The earliest civilizations in history were established in the region known as Mesopotamia, largely corresponding to modern-day Iraq, northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and southwestern Iran. Archaeological remains unearthed in Mesopotamia provides proof of settlements dating back to 10,000 BC. After Mesopotamia, the city culture arose in Syria and Anatolia, as shown by the city of Çatalhöyük (7500-5700BC). Mohenjodaro of the Indus Valley Civilization in present-day Pakistan existed from about 2600 BC and was one of the largest ancient cites with a population of 50,000 or more.

While it might not be too difficult to determine which is the oldest city in the world, there is fierce contention for the title of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Often the age claims are disputed and historical evidences are difficult to prove. Then there are differences in opinion as to the definitions of "city" as well as "continuously inhabited". In any case, the following cities besides being some of the ancient in the world, they continue to grow and thrive until the present day.

01. Jericho, Israel
Continuously Inhabited Since: 9000 BC

Jericho is a city located near the Jordan River in the West Bank of the Palestinian territories, capital of the Jericho Governorate and with a modest population of around 20,000. Situated well below sea level Jericho is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

Described in the Old Testament as the "City of Palm Trees", copious springs in and around Jericho have made it an attractive site for human habitation for thousands of years. Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of more than 20 successive settlements in Jericho, the first of which dates back 11,000 years (9000 BCE), almost to the very beginning of the Holocene epoch of the Earth's history.

During the Younger Dryas period of cold and drought, permanent habitation of any one location was not possible. However, the spring at what would become Jericho was a popular camping ground for hunter-gatherer groups, who left a scattering stone tools behind them. Around 9600 BCE the droughts and cold of the Younger Dryas Stadial had come to an end, making it possible for groups to extend the duration of their stay, eventually leading to year round habitation and permanent settlement. By about 9400 BCE Jericho had more than 70 dwellings, and was home to over 1000 people. 10 more cities after the break...

Top 10 Famous Sea Stacks From Around the World

A stack or sea stack is a rock formation made up of a steep or upright column or columns of rock in the sea near a coast. They are formed when part of a headland is eroded by water crashing against the rock or as a result of wind erosion. These impressive formations are intricately created by nature only through time, tide and wind. Here are 10 famous sea stack formations from around the World.

01. Dun Briste, Ireland
Photo Link

 Dun Briste, a spectacular sea-stack, estimated to be approximately 50 metres (165ft) in height, stands 80 metres (260ft) off Downpatrick Head, in the town-land of Knockaun, east of Ballycastle, Ireland. Downpatrick Head is where the Atlantic has gouged a huge bay from the mighty cliffs and their summits scoured of all vegetation except grass by the ceaseless ocean winds.

Tower Design of English Project

The English held a contest to design London’s wacky rip-off of the Eiffel Tower — Inspired by the financial success of the Eiffel Tower — which was erected in Paris for the 1889 World's Fair — a group of Englishmen attempted to bang out their own ersatz Eiffel a year later. This contest to design the never-to-be "Great Tower of London" received 68 designs. Some resemble alien fortresses and all of them would've (supposedly) prompted an international Eiffel Tower arms race. To quote:

Taking into consideration the enormous popularity of the Eiffel Tower and the consequent pecuniary benefits conferred on those interested in that undertaking, it is not too much to anticipate that, in the course of a short time, every important country will possess its tall Tower. The project of erecting a great Tower in London soon found the willing support of many capitalists, who felt convinced that if the scheme were properly laid before the public there would be no great difficulty in accomplishing the object. 12 more images after the break...

Buddha Statue in Leshan Pictures

 The Leshan Giant Buddha (simplified Chinese: Lèsha-n Dàfó) was built during the Tang Dynasty (618–907AD). It is carved out of a cliff face that lies at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers in the southern part of Sichuan province in China, near the city of Leshan. The stone sculpture faces Mount Emei, with the rivers flowing below his feet. It is the largest carved stone Buddha in the world and it is by far the tallest pre-modern statue in the world. The Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. It was not damaged by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. 09 more images after the break...

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10 Amazing Example Of Digital Illustration

Computer illustration or digital illustration is the make use of of digital tackle to create images beneath the straight manipulation of the performer, more often than not from side to side a summit machine such as a capsule or a mouse. Today we are departing to observe the gorgeous DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS by Sara. Sara is a digital and habitual illustrator. As of the early days she has been illustration. In her near the beginning adolescent years, she begin sketch with graphite pencils. Her illustrations are dazzling and gorgeous concept. Check out these cool digital illustrations.
Attractive Digital Illustration (7)

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Female Tattoo Gallery Popular Tattoos Women Want

Female tattoos or feminine designed tattoos are frequently favored by women or girls increasingly becoming increasingly familiar as tattooing became more socially acceptable, largely due to the many celebrities who widely sported tattoos. These may be usually found in an awesome female tattoo gallerySuch a female tattoo gallery has tattoos which might be usually smaller and prettier. Popular designs might include a butterfly, a flower or maybe a Celtic design. Women’s tattoo designs are less heavy, less aggressive-looking. They generally thinner lines, though this is, of course, a generalization rather than a rule.

Female Tattoo Gallery Popular Tattoos Women Want

Women nowadays are gradually deciding on large tattoos. ‘New school’ hearts and minds, stars, roses and tribal tattoo designs in the lower back are increasingly being asked for by females. Therefore these days, a female tattoo gallery will have these popular designs as women increasingly becoming more experimental in the shapes and sizes of their designs.

Shakira Widescreen wallpapers

1. Shakira hot poster Shakira hot poster
Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakiras first steps in her creative life were developed at a very early age. As a child, she would write short notes to her father, who encouraged her to keep logging her thoughts and emotions and was unintentionally fostethere are some pictures and widescreen wallpapers of Shakira for your computer.

Graceful Fantasy Angel Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

  • 1. On Fire Red Hair Fantasy Angel Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

    On Fire Red Hair Fantasy Angel Facebook Timeline Cover Photo
    Graceful Fantasy Angel Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Majestic Waterscape Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

  • 1. Great Waterscape Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

    Great Waterscape Facebook Timeline Cover Photo
    Majestic Waterscape Facebook Timeline Cover Photo
  • Funny Animals And Their Human-Like Roles

    Funny Animals And Their Human-Like Roles

    Fish Eye Lens Photography

    Who needs Instagram? Extraordinary landscapes of America captured with good old fish-eye lens
    These stunning images should certainly give you a new perspective on the world.
    Photographer Randy Scott Slavin spent months taking hundreds of shots from some of the most iconic and beautiful parts of the U.S. to create his amazing collection of landscape pictures.
    The 34-year-old New Yorker used hi-tech computer software to stitch a series of snaps taken with a super wide angle 'fisheye' lens into one jaw-dropping 360 degree image to make.

    Fish Eye Lens Photography

    Curved: Photographer Randy Scott Slavin captured this stunning picture of the Empire State building in New York with a fisheye lens which enables him to get all 360 degrees of the city into view

    Friday, 13 July 2012

    Day to Night in New York

    Photographer Stephen Wilkes captured the images from a fixed position, capturing images over up to a 15 hour period and later stitching them together into the seamless whole that you see here. The series, appropriately called Day to Night, tells the story of a city which bustles around the clock: people remain in the images both bright and dark. What does change are the activities presented: Coney Island transforms from a suntanning mecca to a brightly lit carnival, while hot dog venders close up shop and movie billboards light up around Times Square.
    “Day to Night embodies a combination of my favorite things to photograph; people on the street melded with epic cityscapes, and the fleeting moments throughout the day and night,” says Wilkes of the project.
    You can see more of his fine art photography, editorial and advertising work at stephenwilkes.com.
    Day to night New York

    20 Reasons NOT to Work in Large Companies

    Large corporations only one type of professionals - professionals working in large corporations.

    The text below is made on the basis of the views of several people who worked for a long time in the office, and exchanged the comfort of open-space and free coffee in the business and a balanced life. More after the break...

    Feuture of Dubai

    Feuture of Dubai by Richard Allenby-Pratt — Dubai - a city located in the desert. A city with rising skyscrapers, green golf courses, and who would have thought, even with a ski resort. Here too is clearly visible real struggle of mankind with nature. Large-scale recession and rising debt frighten its future. Not so hard to imagine how this huge metropolis under the scorching rays of the sun will turn into an abandoned metropolis, surrounded by sand, followed by the financial crisis will eliminate the wealthy donors to deprive two million foreign workers a piece of bread.British photographer and artist Richard Allenby-Pratt has created this terrible post-apocalyptic scenario that is implemented in the nightmarish representations. 13 more images after the break...

    Vanessa Hudgens with her Sister

    From 8 years old Vanessa Hudgens participated in musical theater as a singer, a high school program was held on home schooling. There is Vanessa Hudgens participated in the filming of various TV shows. But the first significant and memorable role for Vanessa Hudgens has a role in the film "Thirteen," which became her ticket to further the world of cinema.  Vanessa Hudgens became famous as a singer, starting his solo career. And now, in the first half of 2006 recording her debut album 08 more images after the break...

    Thursday, 12 July 2012

    Tall Ladies Pictures From Around The World

    Some of the tall ladies in the world.Tall Women,Tall Girls....

    tallest-ladies- (1)

    Tallest Man in the World

    Stadnik began rising at the age of 14 years. Leonid believes that blame doctors, as in 13 years, he performed in the brain tumor that removed it, hitting the pituitary gland. As a result of which he shattered secretion and metabolism. Since then began to grow rapidly Stadnyuk.

    Leonid and winner of the biggest hands, his Palm 31 cm in length.
    tallest-man-world- (1)

    7 Tips to a Flat Stomach in 7 Days

    There is no secret diet that helps achieve rock hard abdominal muscles, or “abs.” Sculpted abs a six pack will appear once you have shed excess abdominal fat and exercised your abs to become toned and tight.


    Soha Ali Khan Photoshoot For FHM India Bollywood

    Soha Ali Khan is the cover girl for FHM Magazine’s Indian edition for the month of June 2012. On the cover it was mentioned that, “In a shoot so hot, it’ll send Saif into Orbit”. I don’t think its suitable, Kareena is by far hotter and doing bold scenes so he is used to.
    soha-ali-khan-fhm- (1)

    Priyanka Chopra Glam Shots on Hello India Magazine Bollywood

    Priyanka Chopra grabbed the covers of the Hello! India magazine in its June 2012 issue. She is photoshoot for the cover wearing sheer white V-neck gown with black lacing detail. The gown is from spring collection of Dior 202.
    priyanka-chopra-hello-india- (1)

    Wrinkle Treatment Health and Care

    What is Wrinkle:

    Wrinkles are fine lines or creases in the skin surface because of which skin becomes loose, and sagging. skin that is especially noticeable on the face, neck, and hands. Wind, heat and chemicals and the natural effects of aging cause a certain amount of wrinkling in everyone, but it is much worse in people who spend a lot of time in the sun.

    Wrinkles are an inevitable part of the natural aging process. As we become older our skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic. Our skin’s ability to protect itself from damage is also reduced as we age.
    wrinkle-treatment- (1)

    Sunny Leone Train Yard Photoshoot

    Sunny Leone born May 13, 1981 is a Canadian pornographic actress,  businesswoman and model of dual Canadian & U.S. nationality. Leone was born in Sarnia, Ontario to Sikh Punjabi parents. Her father was born in Tibet and raised in Delhi. As a young girl, she was very athletic and played street hockey with the boys, and ice skating on a nearby frozen lake.
    In 2011, she participated in the Indian reality series Bigg Boss, entering the house on day 49. During her stay in the Bigg Boss house, Sunny was approached by a famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt who entered the house briefly to offer her the lead role in Jism 2. She accepted it, which will result in Pooja Bhatt’s production house, Fish Eye Network and Leone’s agent discussing the movie further.
    sunny-leone-photoshoot- (1)
    The first look of the film Jism 2 poster was released anticipating the actress entry in Bollywood. Sunny Leone signed her second Bollywood film which is Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS sequel. Ragini MMS, a crossover horror movie was one of the most talked about sleeper hits of 2011.

    Tom Cruise And Other Celebrity Scientology Followers

    I admit it, we’re jumping on the Katie Holmes divorces Tom Cruise bandwagon, but we thought we’d show yo some other celebrities who are followers of the Church of Scientology. i”m not a fan of any religion or cult, and from what I’ve read about Scientology and their methods I feel pretty secure about my inner self not wanting to join.

    1Tom Cruise posing with his wife Katie Holmes in Seville. JUAN MEDINA/REUTERS

    San Fermin 2012: Running of the Bulls (41 Pictures)

    Once again the festival in Pamplona, Spain, which dates to the16th century and is known worldwide for the controversial bullfights and harrowing Running of the Bulls over the city's cobbled streets is underway. More than a dozen people have been reported injured or gored in the five runs held so far. The nine-day San Fermin festival kicked off in the packed city square with people dousing one another with wine and water. It concludes on July 14th at midnight with singing by candlelight. -- Lloyd Young (41 photos total)

    A fighting cow leaps over bull runners in the Plaza de Toros following the first Running of the Bulls of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona on July 7. After the bull run, runners remain in the bullring and small fighting cows are released. (Joseba Etxaburu/Reuters)

    The World Bodypainting Festival 2012

    There are people who paint on canvas, others paint on paper, some paint on walls and these people use their skills to paint on bodies. Some amazing work to see here.
    Warning: painted naked body parts on show.

    World Bodypainting Festival 2012
    1An artist paints a model during the annual World Bodypainting Festival in Poertschach.

    Wednesday, 11 July 2012

    20 Worst Footballer Euro-2012

    UEFA Cup Euro 2012 ended not so long ago, as fans and fans from around the world still can not get over it. I suggest you look at the 20 worst players from different countries, have been identified on the final estimates of statistical data championship Euro-2012. 20 Worst Football Championship Euro-2012 after the break...

    Amisha Patel at Nishka Lulla fashion

    Ameesha Patel once again shows her secy $hapes when she arrived at Nishka Lulla Fashion Preview. Amisha was one of strong contender for best actress but her personal affair with vikram bhatt has ruined her entire career. Now she is again trying to back on track but these days she seems to be happy to stay away from media. She appeared in public after sometime which is rare in todays media crazy bollywood babes. 12 more images after the break...

    Monday, 9 July 2012

    Beautiful Yoga Girls

    A Yoga é uma arte que mexe com o corpo todo, muitas vezes é impressionante ver pessoas executando os exercícios, principalmente quando são executados por belas mulheres, vejam.
    YOGA FLEXIBILIDADE 1 A Flexibilidade do Yoga

    Sunday, 8 July 2012

    Latest Funny Pictures Collection (42 Photos)

    Coolest Olympians' Tattoo Art

    Sporting the colors of the country they represent is gratifying enough for most Olympic athletes. For others, an ink gun provides the opportunity to express themselves in a more permanent way. --By Armando Botello II   Anastasia DavydovaRussia's Anastasia Davydova's 17 butterfly tattoos can partially be seen as she prepares for a synchronized swimming training session after the swimming competitions in the National Aquatics Center at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The London Games will be Davydova's third Olympics. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)

    Beautiful Sexy Girl in Rain Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

     Alluring sexy girl in rain facebook timeline covers are ready. We are always fancy for sexy girl wallpapers. And sexy can be showed in many ways. This group of sexy girl in rain wallpapers are attractive. 
    In this collection, you can find lots of sexy girl in rain facebook timeline covers. Wish them can bring some cool for the hot summer. We have Graceful & Beautiful Sexy Girl in Rain Facebook Timeline Cover Photo,Cool Sexy Girl in Rain Facebook Timeline Cover Photo,Beautiful Eye Shadow Sexy Girl in Rain Facebook Timeline Cover Photo,Amazing Super Sexy Girl in Rain Facebook Timeline Cover Photo,Sad Sexy Girl in Rain Facebook Timeline Cover Photo etc.
    If you like our alluring sexy girl in rain facebook timeline covers. You can free download them and share with your friends. Comments are welcome. So if you have any question or suggestions, you can leave anything for us. Enjoy.

    Saturday, 7 July 2012

    Top 10 Reasons To Visit Ireland

    Ireland has over 80 million diaspora worldwide.  We can’t go anywhere without hearing “Oh my God!  I’M Irish too,” followed closely by, “I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland but I never have”.  Recently, I’ve managed to convince some people I’ve met abroad to come to the famed Emerald Isle, and now I want to provide you with some of what I believe to be the best reasons to come visit my native land.

    10.  National Leprechaun Museum (Músaem Náisiúnta na Leipreacháin)

    Yes, you read that correctly.  In Dublin City centre, we have a museum devoted entirely to leprechauns.  Being a self-respecting Irishman myself, I have, of course, never been to this establishment, and was mortified when I read it was opening.  But we’re all tourists somewhere, and the same way I’m sure every New Yorker sighs each time an out-of-town visitor asks to go see Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, etc., I know that this is a huge attraction for North Americans of Irish heritage.  Featuring pots o’ gold and rooms filled with giant furniture to make you feel like a leprechaun, it would be a shame to travel to Ireland and not stop in.  At least ironically.

    Top 10 Terrorist Attacks

    Acts of terror are no longer a phenomenon that can be conveniently ignored by the masses.  In fact, with extremists continually seeking weapons of mass destruction, the threat of terrorism looms everywhere.  With our attention so attuned, here is a list of 10 of the deadliest, and most notorious, acts of terror.

    10.  Bombing of USS Cole

    Fatalities: 17; Injuries: 39
    Terrorists usually pursue what are termed “soft targets”.  These are areas or property (including people) that offer little in the way of security or threat to the terrorist themselves.  It’s rare, therefore, that acts of terror are carried out on military targets.  Such, was the case, however, on October 12, 2000, when suicide bombers attacked the American warship, USS Cole.  The Cole was in port at Aden, Yemen to take on fuel.  Incidentally, this was the same port in which Al Qaeda attempted a suicide attack on the USS The Sullivans earlier in the year.  Without any warning to the contrary, security around the warship was light.  A small motorboat, laden with explosives, sped up to the anchored ship and exploded on the port side.  The small boat contained 400-700 pounds of explosives that caused a 40×40-foot rupture in the Cole’s hull.  The explosion occurred near the galley of the ship, where sailors were gathering to eat.
    Al Qaeda, in the ongoing efforts directed against America, claimed responsibility.  US Naval forces, as a result, increased port security measures, but the damage was already done.  Al Qaeda, according to intelligence reports, realized a significant rise in recruitment and financing as a result of this success against an American military target.

    Top 10 Most Fatal Spider-Man Villains

    While most villain lists on TopTenz, and other sites, have centered around the worst (or the best) of the arch-nemeses, the TopTenz Master and I went for a slightly darker list – something a tad more fatal, or homicidal, for sure.  Of course, one of the most interesting things about a list like this is that comics superheroes typically (whether it be Marvel or DC) don’t or won’t kill, while their nemeses have no compunction to follow the same rule.  Given that Spider-Man has just as much history as his two popular DC counterparts, Batman and Superman, he has one of the largest Rogues’ Galleries in the biz – and potentially has some of the most homicidal villains as well.  This list will be ranked both by the impact of the deaths in Spider-Man’s mythology (in both the Ultimate Universe and the main Marvelverse), and the sheer number of deaths.

    10.  The Vulture (Jimmy Natale)

    Jimmy Natale is a one-time mob enforcer that was mutated into a criminal-eating vigilante known as the Vulture.  Unlike Adrian Toomes, probably the most famous of the Vultures, Natale doesn’t need a suit to fly since he has mutated wings, a beak, and can spit acid.  And, apparently, he has a taste for evil-doers with no remorse for killing.  While he certainly isn’t in the villain biz for wealth or power, he qualifies as a villain unlike say, the Punisher, because he isn’t killing criminals and mobsters out of some higher moral standard.  Jimmy Natale was introduced as the new Vulture in The Amazing Spider-Man #593, June 2009.

    Top 10 Movie Trailer Mash Ups

    Who doesn’t love a good movie trailer? One of movie-goers’ most favorite cinema experiences is seeing what new films will be featured in the coming attractions. Of course, sometimes we watch one movie and think about how great it would be to combine it with another, but know it could never happen. That doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming about movie crossovers, here are some truly great trailers for these movies we only wish actually existed:

    10. Talladega Cars

    Okay, this mash-up was almost too obvious. How could you not take a movie about cars, particularly when the protagonist is a cocky race car, and dub in the audio from the one and only NASCAR movie anyone ever really wants to watch? Sorry, Days of Thunder, we’re not talking about you. We’re talking, of course, about Ricky Bobby, and the transition between the two films is just about perfect. And it should be, because of course a car named Lightning McQueen wants to go fast.

    Top 10 Reasons To Be Proud Of The United States

    America is not a perfect country.  Like all nations, it is a collection of human beings, and human beings are notorious for occasionally making bad decisions, being selfish, or otherwise simply blowing it.  However, there is a lot right about this country, though often we get so caught up in the rhetoric, that we miss it.  It’s not that other countries can’t make claims regarding their own unique and positive qualities, or that America is the only country that matters, but I feel compelled to stand up for the nation of my birth.
    As a veteran, I thought a top ten list outlining what makes America great might be in order, especially today.  Obviously, critics will be able to name exceptions to almost everything I write here, but I stand by each main point, even if there are failures to be occasionally found.  And so here, in no particular order, is my list — incomplete as it may be — of ten things that makes the USA a great nation.

    10.  Generosity

    Granted, we are a wealthy nation, so it might be expected that we would pony up first, but the amount of aid we provide other countries when compared to the rest of the industrialized world is remarkable.  Fully one percent of America’s budget goes to help other nations and, while that may not seem all that much, that’s over 26 billion dollars annually to countries around the world (and that figure doesn’t include interest-free and low interest loans).
    Now granted, a big chunk of this comes in the form of military assistance—mostly to Israel and Egypt—but most of it goes to aiding countries’ efforts at either rebuilding infrastructure, anti-terrorism efforts, or stopping widespread hunger or disease.  Consider, for example, that in 2011, the U.S gave Kenya and South Africa half a billion dollars each to fight AIDS, malaria, and TB.  What’s truly remarkable is, we even send aid to countries that are antagonistic towards us like Pakistan, Sudan and even North Korea!  What other countries give billions of dollars of aid to countries that don’t even like them?
    Yes, some of it ends up going into some foreign dictator’s bank account, and the U.S.—like most countries who provide assistance to other nations—does sometimes let political and strategic considerations determine who gets what and how much.  For the most part though, Americans are a generous lot who are among the first to come to the rescue when disaster or famine strikes, not just with taxpayer dollars, but with private relief efforts as well.

    Top 50 Funny Pics of the Week #5