Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Top Ten The Most Desirable Female Celebrities

Have you ever wondered that there might just be a ranking of the most desirable female bodies on earth, girls that are dream material, that guys lust and drool over. Well wait no more people because I have just the list for you. Presenting the list of ten of the MOST desirable females from around the world. You might not even know that some of them existed but then that is why I am here! Get ready to tease your senses as here goes nothing!


So it is true that this past year might not have turned out to be too good for the beautiful Minka Kelly, who is the only daughter of the Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay and the stripper called Maureen Kelly. Before moving on I would like to say that this particular combination is a recipe for perfection as can be seen by looking at her. So what if her show did not go beyond four episodes and her boyfriend Derek Jeter broke up with her, if she wakes up to be the gorgeous Minka Kelly, I think nothing else should matter. Gorgeous and personable, that is all and more that she is!


If we ask men the question of whether they would like to make out with Olivia, they would probably say yes. If we ask women the same question, they would say YES! Yes that is how hot she actually is that Megan Fox openly admitted that she in next in line for making out with her. She is so attractive and the fact that beautiful brunette has made out with more actresses that we can count, only adds spice to the heat. If she is starring in a movie, the only thing that the audience cares about is that exactly what length of on-screen time does she have! One can easily drool over how she looks in her skin-tight suit in Tron: Legacy. That is steaming even from a females perspective, the men I pity!


If the three words: lesbian love scene do not automatically transfer your thoughts onto Natalie then you have missed quite a few things in the world. You do not have to be a hard on fan of psychological thrillers to see Black Swan, nor to you have to be an avid admirer of ballet. But how will you stay away if we tell you that it has Natalie Portman getting all hot and steamy with on-screen heroine, none other than the amazingly hot (who herself is also on this list) Mila Kunis? Although most of the year 2011 was spent on maternity leave by the academy award winner, her fans had quite a load to hold onto. Natalie has a great sense of humor, she is into comic books, and loves making out with girls on-screen. Every guys dream!


Touted to be the next Kate Moss this enticing beauty with fully pouted natural lips a woman to die for. She achieved the impossible when she in to the Transformers sequel to replace Megan Fox and her on-screen presence made the audience go “Megan Fox? Who is she again?”. And that is quite an achievement for the amazing super model. Known to have modeled mostly for Victoria’s Secret, she has no drug problems, and she is gracefully slim. That is already more than we need.


Apparently, there is nothing left unsaid about the royal beauty. Everything about her existence has been repeated by the tabloids a thousand times over. So just to re-announce the already established facts, she has the capability to look like a girl-next-door along with continuing to charm by her aristocratic glamor. She has had a fairytale romance and the perfect ending to it. She is the Cinderella that Prince William got instead of a snobby princess selected by the royal family.


She made out with Natalie in the movie Black Swan and that was nearly two years ago. In 2011, she has shot up a notch as far as her global placing goes. She is much more in demand now then ever specially after showing her completely mysterious yet sexy personality in the movie “Friends with Benefits”. She knows how to match her personality to her looks and even advertised the down to earth side of her persona by accepting the invite to the Marine Corps Ball. She is the perfect marriage material.


Sure she is impulsive which is evident from the fact that her marriage to the NBA player Kris Humphries ended earlier than you say “I DO”! But who are we to complain that she is again single right? Although it is true that a regular hot guy might not fall anywhere in her league unless it is a professional athlete we are talking about but come on! Miracles happen don’t they?


Despite the fact that her contribution in THE SOCIAL NETWORK is what actually gave rise to Facebook. But she wasn’t noted until she out did her self in the portrayal of Lisbeth Slander in the hit movie THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, a best selling novel adaptation produced by David Fincher. She totally transformed her self for the role which showed her commitment and she thus became the new pin-up girl for guys! Hard work sure pays off! It got her an Oscar nomination.


It is hard to believe that this seductive bombshell is a mother to a 20-year-old. She stars in Modern Family and is one of the most loved things about the show. You do not have to force your self to laugh at her jokes because her timing is perfect and so are her assets so to speak. We are all EYES and EARS because we just love her!


It is surprising to note that with all of the sexy stuff found free online these days, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit still manages to catch attention. How do they manage one would want to know? Well to illuminate those specific ones with knowledge we would like to say that they feature some of the hottest beauties in bikinis on their covers. Their latest find was the charming and sweet Kate Upton. She has that adorable girlish charm on her face and that tease in her blue eyes. The biggest plus point is probably the fact that she as a curvy body that looks lovely on her. A complete package in every way she lands herself a number one spot on this list, being my personal favorite.

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