Monday, 10 September 2012

15 tips for being active

Althletes running
1. Book yourself in to a body assessment at your local gym – they’ll help you know where you are and what options you have.

2. Walk everywhere instead of taking the car or the lift.
3. Go swimming – even a few lengths help – especially 1-2 times a week.
4. Watch less telly – or do some squats and stretches whilst you are watching it!
5. Take up cycling – or cycle more and longer.
6. Start fitness classes at your local gym suitable and stimulating for you - group exercise led by a trainer always takes away the problem of motivating yourself!
7. Walk the dog – or consider getting one as a companion!
8. Talk to your partner about getting fit together – one’s often boring; two’s company!
9. Consider entering a 5K (or more) charity run at a specified time in the future…and set out a plan with your gym personal trainer to get there.
10. Get out on Sunday mornings yourself – a big walk in the local woods or hills.
11. Keep it varied – nothing kills keeping active than becoming bored!
12. Take it on holiday – try and inject activities and exercise in to your holiday planning…most holidays see you lose the results of all that great weight loss and re-shaping!
13. Twice a week – the bare minimum having a light sweat for 30 minutes each time and slightly out of breath. Anything less and you playing at being active!
14. Get help – think of hiring a personal trainer – or getting a group of you to do so!
15. Try zumba – it’s fun and effective!

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