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Kisah 9 Artis Porno Terkenal di Dunia (Khusus Dewasa)

Maria Ozawa
Maria Ozawa Miyabi adalah fenomena baru dalam dunia industri film porno di Asia setelah berakhirnya era Asia Carera pada tahun 90-an karena AIDS.
Kisah Miyabi aka Maria Ozawa , Maria Ozawa Juga dikenal sebagai Miyabi (Lahir 8 Januari 1986), adalah AV idol Jepang. Birthdate: 8th January 1986 Blood type: A Measurements: T163 B88 W56 H87 Birthplace: Hokkaido
Gadis muda berusia 21 tahun ini dengan sekejap menjadi kaya meskipun masih tinggal di apartemen yang disewanya sebesar 16 juta rupiah per bulan.
Miyabi dengan profesi yang digelutinya saat ini bisa mendulang 8000 USD dolar per bulannya (sekitar 75 juta rupiah). Tinggal di apartemen mewah yang lebih mirip dengan mansion lengkap dengan segala perabotan serba wah, ia lebih senang hidup menyendiri setelah diusir dari rumah dan dijauhi teman-temannya.
Namun setenar apapun dan sebanyak apapun uang yang ia hasilkan dari pekerjaannya saat ini, sosok Miyabi adalah juga manusia normal yang juga merindukan orang tua, sahabat, teman-teman dan keinginannya untuk menikah seperti wanita kebanyakan. Jika saat ini ia melakukan seks untuk bisnis suatu hari nanti ia merindukan ada laki-laki yang ingin menikahinya. Andakah lelaki yang beruntung itu ?

Extraordinary Naked People Metamorphoses

Artist Spencer Tunick has been documenting the live nude figure in public, with photography and video, since 1992. Since 1994 he has organized over 75 temporary site-specific installations in the United States and abroad. Tunick’s installations encompass dozens, hundreds od thousands of volunteers; and his photographs are records of these events. The individuals en masse, without their clothing, grouped together metamorphose into a new shape. The bodies extend into and upon the landscape like a substance. These grouped masses which do not under core sexuality become abstractions that challenge or reconfigure one’s views of nudity and privacy. The work also refers to the complex issue of presenting art in it pernament or temporary public spaces.
extraordinary naked people metamorphoses01 Extraordinary Naked People Metamorphoses

Princess Leila Never Looked So Hot

Princess Leia Costumes are sure to be some of the hottest Halloween costumes of 2009. The everlasting popularity of the Star Wars franchise just continues to grow and grow and for the female population there really is not a lot of choice when it comes to Star Wars costumes for women and of the few Princess Leia costumes stand on their own in terms of popularity.
In terms of competition to the Princess Leia Halloween costume the only one that comes anywhere near close is the Amidala costume, and trialing closely behind that one from the Clone Wars saga is the sultry Asajj Ventress. So while there are not many star wars costumes for women there is quite a range of choice whrn it comes to Princess Leia costumes themselves from the standard sexy Princess Leia costume complete with "buns" to the ultimate sexy costume the Princess Leia slave costume. If you are interested in these classic costumes then scroll and we will show you all the princess leia halloween costmes available.

Seductive Beautiful Girls Around The Web

2 beautiful babies and a cute small girl

        So I started reading Understanding Exposure. I am loving this book and it's helping me understand exposure alot better! I am actually trying to use "creatively correct exposure". I have still ALOT to learn and this is the first shoot since I started readying this so I'd love some feedback. Thanks guys!

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Sonakshi Sinha Photoshoot — Cosmopolitan India October 2012

 Sonakshi Sinha Photoshoot For Cosmopolitan India — October 2012. Sonakshi Sinha features in the latest edition of the cosmopolitan magazine’s The Celebrity Issue for the month of October 2012. Sushmita Sen features on the cover of the issue while there was also a photoshoot of Shruti Haasan. Checkout Sonakshi Sinha Cosmopolitan HQs. 06 more images after the break...

Volkswagen's — Taigun

Volkswagen's latest concept car, the Taigun, has been unveiled at the São Paulo motor show, and previews the look of a possible small SUV based on the New Small Family platform, which underpins the award-winning up! 08 More images after the break...
Just like the up!, the Taigun is small on the outside – at just 3.86 metres long and 1.73 metres wide – but big on the inside, thanks to a generous 2.47 metre wheelbase. These dimensions give the Taigun short overhangs (708 mm front and 681 mm rear) and purposeful proportions, while the clear, concise exterior styling follows the unmistakable Volkswagen design DNA.

The Most Educated Countries in the World

 College graduation rates continued to improve around the world during the recession, according to a recent international economic study. In more developed countries, the percentage of adults with the equivalent of a college degree rose to more than 30% in 2010. In the United States, it was more than 40%, which is among the highest percentages in the world.  However, improvements in higher education are harder to achieve in these countries. More developed economies have had the most educated populations for some time. While these countries have steadily increased education rates, the increases have been modest compared to developing economies. At just above 1%, the U.S. has had one of the smallest annual growth rates for higher education since 1997. In Poland, an emerging market, the annualized rate was 7.2% from 1997 to 2010.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Education at a Glance 2012 report calculated the proportion of residents with a college or college equivalent degree in the group’s 34 member nations and other major economies. Based on the report, 24/7 Wall St. identified the 10 countries with the highest proportion of adults with a college degree.
The majority of countries that spend the most on education have the most educated populations. As in previous years, the best educated countries tend to spend the most on tertiary education as a percentage of gross domestic product. The United States and Canada, among the most educated countries, spend the first and third most respectively.

 Photo — Link
Among the 10 countries with the highest proportion of educated adults, unemployment rates for those with a college equivalent ranged from 2.8% in Australia to 5.4% in the Canada. In each country, the rate remained lower than that country’s national average. The OECD provided information on the percentage of residents aged 25 to 64 with a tertiary education for each of its 34 member countries, as well as for eight other nations. 2010 statistics on educational attainment, graduation rates, GDP per capita and unemployment rates also were provided by the OECD. The latest figures covering country-level education expenditure are from 2009.  These are the 10 most educated countries in the world after the break...

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Priyanka Chopra National Football League Photoshoot

Priyanka Chopra National Football League (NFL) Photoshoot,  07 more images after the break...

10 Festivals Celebrated in the Month of October

10. Tübingen Duck Race
Every year since 1999 over 7000 yellow rubber ducks are let loose in River Necker that courses through this historic town near Stuttgart in Germany. This is almost a third of the city population. The competition starts at midday and anyone with a rubber duck can participate; and if you left yours at home in the bathtub, ducks can be rented before the race. Spectators stick their name and number on the ducks, release the toy in the water and cheer along the riverbank as the mass of yellow bob up and down the designated stretch of the Neckar. A metal weight is attached to their underside so that they don’t topple over on the way. The ducks race from Alleenbrücke to Neckarbrücke is taken very seriously, because there is €10.000 worth of prizes to be won. 28 More after the break...

Amrita Rao new Photoshoot

Bollywood actress Amrita Rao is making good use of her new makeover in her latest photo shoot. The normally clean cut, girl next door, Amrita Rao is turning heads with her b0ld makeover. However she is looking good in all types of looks. Amrita Rao new Photoshoot. After giving some h0tshots in the movie ‘ShorKut’, Amrita Rao has tried very hard to look glamorous and $exy. Check her out in her 16 latest photo shoot. I think the Girl Next Door image is really missing here. What say ? Enjoy 16 Images.

Zarin Khan Latest Photoshoot

Zarine Khan recently done a photoshoot in pure Indian Designer Attire. Looks adorable in embroidered Anarkali Salwar Kameez, richly embellished paired with matching stole and churidars. 20 more images after the break...

Kristen Stewart in Los Angeles

Kristen Stewart - Florence and the Machine Concert in LA (7th Oct 2012), 07 more images after the break...

Top 7 Amazing Inhabited Bridges

 The inhabited bridge is a structure that in addition to its basic function of bridging physical obstacles, such as a body of water, valley, or road, can also perform residential and commercial functions. These bridges are rare in the world and for that reason are very popular among tourists.
01. Ponte Vecchio - Italy
Photo — Link
The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence. It is believed that a bridge already existed here during the Roman times. Its current appearance dates back to 1345 when it was built to replace a bridge which was destroyed by a flood. Houses were built on the bridge, a common practice in large European cities during the Middle Ages.

Healthy Diets for Men

 While there are some foods that we must all eat, men and women have different dietary requirements — met by different foods. Here’s a list of foods that men must include in their diet. An mDhil story.
01. Tomatoes
This popular fruit has many benefits for men. Lycopene (a phytochemical) is known to lower cholesterol, cut risk of colorectal cancer and heart disease. Studies show that men who regularly eat food rich in lycopene have lesser chances of developing prostate cancer. 08 more after the break...

Jessica Simpson in Beverly Hills

Jessica Simpson, out shopping in Beverly Hills 10-20-12, 16 more images after the break...

3D Images — Ramon Bruin

Artist Ramon Bruin is taking hyper realistic drawings to another dimension. The third dimension to be exact.  The Dutch illustrator is creating realistic 3D renderings of snakes, birds and bridges using a pencil, paper and what we imagine is a vivid imagination. From creeping insects to sprawling structures, Bruin draws impressive cartoons that seem to jump right off the paper. To create the pictures, Bruin uses a technique called anamorphosis, reports The New York Daily News. It involves drawing a detailed but distorted image that appears like a three-dimensional scene when viewed from a certain angle. The artist adds a bit of dramatic touch by inserting hands, pencils and other props into the photographs of his illustrations, heightening the 3D feel. And voila! Meticulous as it might seem, the results are worth the hassle.  22 more images after the break..

Flower Garden — AL-Ain Paradise

The garden had set the Guinness World Records achievement last year with 2,426 hanging baskets. This year however, Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture (the company responsible for the garden), had decided to expand the garden to make it even more impressive, and hopefully to break their own record. The general Manager of Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture Est., Abdelnasser Rahhal, today announced that the company will organize a Guinness World Records attempt for the largest number of hanging flower baskets on Monday February 28, 2011 in AL-Ain city, United Arab Emirates. 15 more images after the break...

Kelly Brook in London Images

Kelly Brook - 'Skyfall' premiere in London 10-23-2012, 06 more images after the break...

Soviet Army in Afghanistan

The Soviet war in Afghanistan was a nine-year war during the Cold War fought by the Soviet Army and the Marxist-Leninist government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan against the Afghan Mujahideen guerrilla movement and foreign "Arab–Afghan" volunteers. The mujahideen received wide military and financial support from Pakistan, also receiving direct and indirect support by the United States and China. The Afghan government fought with the intervention of the Soviet Union as its primary ally. 48 more images after the break...

Return Back to Home

A very emotional and loving images of american soldiers and their family members, 20 more images after the break...

Sunny's son Karan makes dad's birthday special Pictures

Sunny Deol's son rapped for his father 56th birthday. 09 more images after the break...

The World's 15 Richest Muslim Countries

01. Qatar
GDP (PPP) per capita: $ 88,919 (2011)
(Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)
14 more counties after the break...

Gardens of Maui Images

Hawaiian Island archipelago is located on the northern tropical circle in the Pacific. Maui is the second largest and probably the most beautiful island in the Hawaiian archipelago. High mountains, deep green canyons, swift waterfalls, amazing black and white beaches, jungles full of life - it's incredible beauty of Maui.
The magnificent beauty of the gardens GARDEN OF EDEN ARBORETUM and BOTANICAL GARDEN, the collection of which there are more than 500 species of plants.This park is also famous for the fact that its territory was removed beginning famous movie "Jurassic Park. 31 more images after the break...

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The Most Promising Fashion Designer for 2012

The fashion commentariat is proclaiming Iris Van Herpen the next Alexander McQueen. With Capriole, her Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection, it’s easy to see why. Revealed at the hyper-exclusive Paris Couture Show this summer, the 27-year-old Dutch fashion designer’s line packed the runway with so many showstoppers.

Cosplay Cuties

A large compilation of beautiful cosplay girls. Each one of them looks amazing, sensual and unique!

Raaaawr Cosplay for 2012

Comic-Con Festival was held in the U.S. city of San Diego. There were a lot of fans of fans of comics, movies, cartoons and video games. Costumes were very creative and sensual(especially on the women)!

50 most beautiful girls from the facebook

Which one do you like most?

First Look At Scarlett Johansson In ‘The Avengers’

Scarlett Johansson busty

Here is an exclusive first look of Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming blockbuster movie “The Avengers”.

Scarlett was originally slated to play the role of the “Black Widow”, but producers soon realized that the Black Widow character was “stupid”. So Scarlett Johansson will now be playing a newly imagined superhero called “Chesty McTits”.

As you can see Chesty possess the superpower of distraction, and her righteous tits of justice are a force to be reckoned with. The rest of “The Avengers” are no longer needed, as evil has met its match in Scarlett Johansson as Chesty McTits.

Cute girl with an impressive bust size

New portion of cute girls with impressive size chest,
talking to whom, it is very hard to look them in the eye icon wink Cute girl with an impressive bust size
bustizzzz01 Cute girl with an impressive bust size


oda devushkam kotorye derzhat sebja v otlichnoj forme 54391 s  1 580x462 ODE TO THE GIRLS WHO KEEP THEMSELVES IN TOP FORM
SO beautiful, so in the top form…

Girls That Burn

Girls that burn is a gallery devoted not just to beautiful girls with big breasts, but also to those with great imagination. We intentionally didn’t show you the whole picture, so that you can give rein to your imagination to see ‘hidden objects‘.
Girls That Burn

Sexy Cosplay Girls Pictures

It’s time for your weekly Sexy Cosplay of the Week, our little way of saying “thank you” to the ladies of cosplay who dress up as the elite heroes of comics, games and anime. Come with us to Albuquerque, New Mexico and meet Katybear.
While rather new to cosplay, Katybear shows no signs of inexperience when it comes to crafting and wearing her own mind-blowing costumes. In her spare time Katybear enjoys the finer things in life – Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model and a boat load of Nintendo games.
This cosplayer has some skills though, from Dead or Alive‘s Ayane to the heavily crafted Applejack from My Little Pony fame, Katybear is maxing out her talent tree. Check her out for yourself.

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20 Most Richest Porn Stars on Earth (SFW)

Well, we are not discussing about sex, we are discussing about business! Pornography is a financially profitable business. According to an article from Reuters, “The sex Industry releases about 11,000 titles on DVD each year.” It can be sold out on DVD, shown through special channels, Internet and on cable.  The Porn Movie business is lead by the United States. As per the current surveys the total income of adult industry is about $10–13 billion.
But, have you ever wonder that how much a porn star makes for getting busy on the camera? According to Ron Jeremy (He is also in the list), a women can expect to earn $100k-$250k in a year while an average man can make $40k. And Yes, They don’t makes money per picture; rather, they get paid for each scene. Their popularity decides that how much they gonna be paid per scene – though normally an average guy get paid around $300 per scene while for girls it is around $500 to $1500.
Only five out of the twenty are men in this list, we can clearly judge the majority of women here. That shows how female dominated the porn industry.  If you are not a fan of porn industry then no problem but, I am sure that you will identify some the stars on the list. Just take a seat and be ready to find out who are the Most Richest Porn Stars on Earth.
Tori Black
Tori black
Age – 24
Height – 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m
Net worth – $1 Million
no of adult films – 290
Website –

15 Beatiful and Sexy Girls in Body Paint (NSFW)

Nothing can attract a woman more than a human tattoo can. Using different system colors and different designs, these flexible tattoos can be used very effectively to spice up your preferred personality. These lively tattoos can give a life to your imagination of wearing a swimwear or supporting the local sports team or any creation of your mind. These days, the trend of getting tattoos has become so popular that people even participate in the contests to contend for the award of the best tattoo holder.
And here are some samples of Beautiful and Sexy Girls in body paint that may serve a feast to your eyes…

Why Jennifer Aniston Movies Suck

I’m afraid I’m not a big fan of Jennifer Aniston. Apart from the ‘Rachel’ hairstyle, I’ve yet to be blown away by anything she does. I’m not even sure the hairstyle was hers or the inspiration of a Friends stylist anyway. If you fall into the category of being a Jennifer Aniston fan then perhaps you should look away now.  This won’t be pleasant. When I was in the States I learned to keep my mouth shut about what I thought of her ‘talents’ after getting a rather brusque telling-off (to put it mildly) when arranging Florida car hire. I had no idea that she engendered so much love out there. I’m still not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that in nearly every Friends scene her top was tight and she appeared to be very cold.
Jennifer Aniston is a bit of a Sandra Bullock kind of actress, a plain and simple girl-next-door who can play herself. The only difference is that Bullock is steadily leaving that behind and can actually act. In all the films I’ve had the misfortune to see Aniston in, she always gives the same performance. Always? Well not quite; a couple of films she plays against type but they are so contrived that you can’t take her seriously.
Brace yourself for my selection of worst Jennifer Aniston films ever. It’s by no means definitive, I’m sure you can add to it quite easily!
Picture Perfect (1997)
With a derivative plot and unappealing characters, Aniston continues to flail about for a non-Rachel character. She plays Kate who is conniving but it’s an unconvincing performance.

The Best Bras for Spring/Summer

The bra is an essential part of the female ensemble, offering support and hopefully comfort throughout long days at work, wild nights on the town, or even just a quick drink with the girls. We wear bras for a purpose, one which we hope they will fulfil comfortably and in certain situations in a way that is aesthetically pleasing! A variety of reports and statistics have shown, however, that up to 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This can cause discomfort and even pain, but size isn’t the only factor that makes a bra suitable. Other issues such as the type of bra, its straps, and even the material it is made of can affect how comfortable you feel whilst wearing it.
Spring and summer are the times of year when comfort of clothing becomes particularly relevant, considering the inevitable increase in temperature and therefore in sweating, itching, and overheating. In these seasons it is hugely important that the bra you choose to wear not only offers the support you need (particularly if participating in activities in the sun such as sports) but also a high level of comfort to get you through heat and humidity. To help you identify the right kind of bra to wear throughout these spring and summer months, here is our quick and helpful guide to picking out the perfect features.

40 Photos of Women Without Bras

Photos of Women Without Bras, this might be the best idea after the invention of bras. don’t you think so? I meant just imagine all kind of women without the bra but in a thin t-Shirt or a top, breast are trying to float along as nature intended. may be you guys have also known about NO BRA DAY! isn’t it cool? Just want to see if this kind of trend will take over the world?
That I don’t know but having a hot list of girls with huge boobs is not a bad idea. So, take your seat and keep on rolling…….
Women Without Bras

Emma Watson’s NEW Sexy Photos Leaked! (14 pics)

Check out new collection of Emma’s scandalous photos.
emma01 Emma Watsons NEW Sexy Photos Leaked! (14 pics)

Top 10 Celebrities with No Talent

The dictionary definition of “celebrity” is a person who is easily recognized in society. Usually someone is a celebrity because of something she or he has done. They may receive attention for talent, lack of talent, for doing something heinous, for marrying someone rich, or even for dying young. Some celebrities, however, leave us scratching our heads and wondering, just why is this person popular? Here are ten so-called “celebrities” whose so-called “talent” is questionable, to say the least.

1. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff got his start in the 1970s on the popular daytime drama, “The Young and the Restless,” playing Dr. Snapper Foster. Even though his acting chops didn’t set the world on fire at the time, Hasselhoff went on to play Michael Knight on the 1980s program “Knight Rider,” and Mitch Buchannon in “Baywatch.” In addition to “wowing” the viewing public, Hasselhoff also became a singing sensation… mostly in Europe, which is strange as I always thought Europeans had more taste than that. Two of his songs went to number one in Germany. Hasselhoff’s lack of talent was recently solidified as he was the subject of a Comedy Central Roast… that’s when you know you’ve really hit rock bottom, when celebrities who are worse no-names than you are making jokes to an international television audience about your lack of talent!

Hot Sexy Girls With Bikes

Rare Photos of Attack at the World Trade Center

11 years ago September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were the U.S., the responsibility assumed by the terrorist organization “Al Qaeda.” The official version of government suggests that the four groups of terrorists hijacked four passenger jets. Two of them were sent to the WTC skyscrapers, the third planned in the Pentagon, and a fourth crashed in Pennsylvania. Conspiracy theorists strained EDT version and subjected to sharp criticism, sputtering and pointing at the apparent inconsistencies. Why have not found the wreckage of plane that crashed into the Pentagon? Why is the site of the crash in Pennsylvania does not found the bodies? Why do not the two buildings collapsed, and three? Why do they have collapsed? In 1945, the Empire State Building crashed B-25 – and nothing. And so on and so forth. Still argue. Consider pixel by pixel photos, film, write articles.

Whatever it was in fact, the events of 9.11. caused a major stir in the world and have had serious political consequences. American cowboys got the green light, and under the pretext of fighting terrorism conducted counterterrorism legislative changes that allow to invade the privacy of citizens, soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I remember the day I was riding in a taxi when I told someone that the “New York finally, smoke-stink-fire and can not see anything,” said almost China began bombing States … No one really knew. All in all, I got to the TV to mixed feelings and are able to “nurse, I do not understand.” Then no one really knew what was happening.

Hermosa entrenadora de Brasil

Al principio no se entendía porque habían tantos hombres asistiendo a este gimnasio ubicado en Brasil, pero luego de ver las imágenes me pude dar cuenta de toda la verdad. Se trata de su entrenadora, y es que es una belleza, aunque muchos la ven como una mujer con muchos músculos, no podemos negar que esta en el limite, y que tiene un cuerpo y un rostro hermoso :D
entrenadora brasil

Hot Girls Working Out at the Gym

Hot Girls Working Out 1
I train at the gym probably four or five times a week depending on my schedule and from time to time I get to see a couple of extremely hot babes workin’ out in tight spandex pants or other sexy training clothes that will turn any man from the gym into a gawking zombie.
I really don’t know if there’s a strategy for picking up girls at the gym but I know you need to keep it real and don’t use shitty lines copied from the internet or something. Picking up a hottie from the gym really depends on the situation. If she is balls to the wall, on the thread mill or lifting weights, I wouldn’t bother her because it’s not great at all to interrupt someone while they’re working out.
The best way is to wait for the perfect opportunity, maybe on the way to the gym or when she is taking a break and then just start a random conversation. A friend of mine suggested the best way to break the ice with a girl at the gym is to drop a 100 lb dumbell on her foot and maybe that will work, lol.
Anyway, we’re not talking about picking up women at the gym here, we’ve just decided to show you a gallery with hot girls working out at the gym. Enjoy!

42 Hot Girls wearing Sexy Sweaters will make your day

Let me just start off by saying that I hate winter. Used to like it a lot when I was a kid but now, besides holidays and snowboarding, there’s nothing to love. It’s freaking cold almost every single day, too much snow, too much ice, too many clothes, especially on every girl you’ll see if you live in the northern hemisphere like I do. I’m not talking to those lucky bastards where it’s warm and sunny all year round.

Speaking of girls.. some hotties look incredible no matter what they’re wearing and they could even prove that covering up is just as sexy as showing off.  Most girls can’t pull this off, but if the girl is extremely beautiful, a sweater and a smile could be sexiest thing you’ll see all day.
That’s how we’ve thought we should all gawk at a couple hot girls wearing super sexy sweaters. Sounds great, eh? You might recognize a couple of celebs in here as well. Enjoy!

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10 Hottest [Alleged] Political Mistresses in History

Getty Images
Politics got you down? As the election gets down to the wire, we are getting pretty worn out from all the smack talk, too. You know what isn't boring, though? Political sex scandal. Presented for your approval is our list of the 10 hottest political mistresses of all time, some confirmed and some alleged. Either way, these babes earned a place in history for being femme fatales. Their kiss of death? Instant political ruin.

Simple Science — Eat Better Food and Have Better Sex

Most of us make it to adulthood knowing what foods are considered aphrodisiacs that could be helpful in improving our chances for a little desert if you know what we mean. You don’t, we mean sex. Strawberries, chocolate, oysters – all of them have a reputation for helping you have a reputation. But, while they might help you get the engines started, these aren’t the foods that will help you cross the finish line. According to a new book, it’s time to change the menu.

Apparently, despite what we learned by reading Cosmo over people’s shoulders, classic aphrodisiacs are not the way to have amazing sex. In fact, in some cases they are the fastest way to not have amazing sex.
According to PhD, researcher, author and sexpert Brian Clement, a lot of the pre-hanky-panky time foods we think we should be consuming have chemicals and stimulants that have a negative effect on libido and performance. But don’t worry, food and great sex can still go together, you just have to adjust your menu accordingly.