Monday, 19 November 2012

Face Off: Aishwarya Rai vs. Freida Pinto

It was a squeaker for Rose Byrne who won by a 16 to 13 vote over her competitor Isla Fisher in our last Face Off. That's the kind of face off I like to see - two beautiful women with their own arsenal of hottie characteristics, leaving people divided and agonizing about who they prefer. Even if a Face Off just makes you have to think for a minute about which one you prefer, then I've done my job.
This week on our continuing travelogue of hotties we arrive in India, the country with the second highest population on Earth. In such a heavily populated place, they probably got more than a few hotties running around. All those Bollywood movies are literally teeming with gorgeous women, dancing around and singing in their Chipmunk-like voices. Two such famous Indian women, Aishwarya Rai and Freida Pinto, do battle against one another this week to determine which daughter of mother India will climb to the top of a massive pile of humanity and become that nation's hottie champion.
Aishwarya practically epitomizes the concept of the exotic, Indian beauty. Much of that quality lies in those amazing eyes of hers. Those grey-green peepers are her primary weapon of seduction, which she uses quite effectively to those ends. The rest of her face is pretty amazing as well, but it's those eyes that catch a great deal of attention. No wonder then that Aishwarya has become the face of her nation.
Freida is certainly no ugly duckling. She's quite a stunning beauty in her own right, with a set of eyes almost as beautiful as Aishwarya's. The fact that she comes in second here is mostly a matter of personal preference. There's a delicacy to Aishwarya's facial features that Frieda doesn't have quite as much of. I tend to prefer a softer, more rounded face over Freida's somewhat more angular features. Or maybe I'm just nitpicking to avoid a tie.
A tradition with Indian women in the media and in the greater public is that you don't flaunt your body. That's just how it's done in that part of the world. They don't like folks flashing a lot of skin. Things have loosened up a bit in that regard with the adoption of more western culture, but there remains a marked difference between where Indian and western women can go with their body reveals. Because of this, we don't often see much of what either of these two women have got going in the body department. Still, there are some tantalizing hints here and that under those saris, Aishwarya is rocking a very fine bod.
Usually it's when the Indian ladies do a western magazine spread or have a part in a Hollywood movie that they feel freer to show off a little bit more skin when the moment calls for it. Nothing too much though, as they've always got the views and opinions of over a billion people keeping an eye on them. Freida has worn the occasional skimpy outfit here and there, which is enough to prove that she also has a pretty awesome figure.
Sex Appeal
Unfortunately the lack of significant hottie body reveals also come with limited sexual and sensual content in their films. They don't often get down to any really intensely charged sex scenes in your typical Bollywood production. Sometimes they get pretty close, but then everyone starts dancing and the mood is lost. So we are forced to use our imaginations about this one. For Aishwarya, a lot of her appeal again comes from those eyes. Just looking at her expression in that picture above makes me think there's a real wildcat waiting behind those eyes.
Freida has become rather established in her Hollywood career, which seems to have given her a bit more freedom to let her sexy side come out. Her sex scenes in last year's TRISHNA were particularly intense, much more than anything you're likely to see in any of Aishwarya's Bollywood productions. Freida has yet to do any full on nudity (too bad about that butt double in IMMORTALS), but you never know what the future may hold.
I've never been able to get into a lot of the Bollywood movies. Sometimes they're fun, like the over-the-top action scenes they enjoy putting into a lot of their movies. Those are just nuts. Much of what Aishwarya does, on the other hand, isn't really my thing. Maybe it's a cultural thing, or maybe it's because I really can't stand musical type stuff where everyone is always breaking into song. Whatever it is, the bulk of her films are of little interest to me.
Freida has only done a handful of films, but what there is in her filmography is much more my speed, thanks again to her Hollywood, rather than Bollywood, career. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm a fan of everything she does. I liked RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, but IMMORTALS was okay at best. At least they didn't have the apes and Greek gods singing and dancing around in elaborate choreography.
Two beautiful women, but only one can walk away the winner. Aishwarya is probably one of the most beautiful women ever, with (probably) an amazing body as well. However, Freida is no slouch either. Freida's also significantly more liberated as far as the kinds of content she's willing to put into her films and more my speed in terms of the kinds of films she makes. And that gets Freida my vote here.
That's my choice. Which is yours?

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