Monday, 5 November 2012

Freegans – People From the Landfill

The new trend in modern society – Freeganism – involves reducing of wastage. Freegans try not to use the money, not wanting to appear a part of the economic system of sale. Therefore, they are rarely seen in public transport and the frequency of in landfills, where you can get food and clothing.
Dumpsters and landfills – the sources of food and clothing for the freegans.

Many frigana adhere to the principles of veganism, and do not eat food of animal origin. Megan, in contrast, consume animal products, guided by the principle of “lost, if not eaten.”
Found at the dump thing is often exchanged at a flea market to another. Freegans do not accept monetary relations.
Freegans know where you can often find good products. If found food too much for phrygana, he shares it.
The girl shows the contents of the refrigerator freegan mined in garbage cans.
The components of this sandwich were found in a garbage can

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