Monday, 26 November 2012

Hottest Stars Who Turn 40 This Year

Check out which sexy celebs are will be over the hill by the end of the year.

Jenny McCarthy: November 1
Jenny McCarthy started off her career as a Playboy model and she celebrated turning 40 with another appearance in the men's magazine. She's not the oldest woman to ever appear nude in the publication, but she's definitely up there. However, she definitely didn't disappoint. And, she hasn't exactly said that was her last round, either.

Cameron Diaz: August 30
There's probably over 40 reasons why Cameron Diaz is still one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. One of them is her proclivity for dating hot athletes and another would have to be her impossibly toned body. It'll probably be another 40 years before she has to start worrying about her looks.

Gwyneth Paltrow: September 27
Gwyneth Paltrow has hardly aged at all since her early days in Hollywood, way back when she was engaged to Tom Cruise! Now the fitness/healthy-living guru is proud mom of two and still has an active movie career.

The Rock: May 2
Yes, Dwayne Johnson and his muscles hit 40 this year. The action star seems to be doing just fine in the looks department since hitting the big 4-0. And, his career's been steady as well. He already has five movies in the works for 2013, including the sixth installment of the Fast and the Furious.

Sofía Vergara: July 10
Sofia Vergara probably won't forget her 40th birthday extravaganza anytime soon. The Modern Family star celebrated her big day in Mexico with about 100 friends and family members and her boyfriend Nick Loeb proposed on the trip! A giant diamond and a birthday cake, score!

Leslie Mann: March 26
It's probably a mix of good genes and being married to funnyman Judd Apatow that keeps Leslie Mann looking so great. The 40-Year-Old Virgin star has been working in showbiz for over 20 years, though it hardly shows in her fit figure and flawless face.

Ben Affleck: August 15
Ben Affleck had to get a bit grungy for a movie role at the beginning of 2012, but when he could finally cut his hair, everyone was reminded of just how handsome the father of three really is. Now that he's 40, he's as hot as ever. Wife Jennifer Garner would have to agree.

Carmen Electra: April 20
Believe it or not, Carmen Electra is 40. The former Baywatch star has accomplished quite a bit over her showbiz career: She married Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro, appeared in Playboy magazine many times, danced with the Pussycat Dolls, and much, much more. All that from a girl from a small town in Ohio! Hopefully her next 40 years will be just as exciting.

Julie Benz: May 1
This bubbly blond tied the knot for the second time just days after her 40th birthday. She made for a beautiful bride and continues to light up the red carpet. Next up for this star: She'll play the mayor of a futuristic town where aliens and humans co-exist.

Jude Law: December 29
Jude Law seemed to be lacking some hair up top there for a while but now that his mop has grown out a bit he's back in the ranks of the hottest dudes in Tinseltown. His piercing blue eyes only add to his good looks and charm. As does his sexy British accent.

Jennifer Garner: April 17
Jennifer Garner loves her some mom jeans, but the striking actress still cleans up amazingly on the red carpet. She and Ben Affleck have three kids to look after, but motherhood and a successful Hollywood career don't seem to be aging her at all.

Wentworth Miller: June 2
Wentworth Miller doesn't have a huge acting resume, compared to some of his peers, but the star does have an impressive physique. He's hot enough to have starred in two of Mariah Carey's music videos, after all. He was in the video for "It's Like That" as a party guest then played her love interest in the "We Belong Together" video.

Selma Blair: June 23
This gorgeous brunette is newly single and  stunning at 40. She and beau Jason Bleick parted ways in September, after welcoming son Arthur last summer, and she'll surely bounce back in a big way. She's got a lead spot on TV's Anger Management and a new handbag line to manage.

Alyssa Milano: December 19
New mom Alyssa Milano is another hot actress who's been in the biz for decades. She got her acting start in 1984 and has held onto a steady career since. However, she's recently taken some time off to raise baby Milo. She and husband David Bugliari welcomed their son in August 2011. No signs of mommy wrinkles have surfaced just yet.

Josh Duhamel: November 14
Have you seen Josh Duhamel's abs lately? If not, check this out. Fergie is one lucky gal. Did you know they met on the set of his show, Las Vegas, when the Black Eyed Peas appeared in an episode? That was back in 2004 and they've since made for one smokin' hot duo.

Gabrielle Union: October 29
Gabrielle Union is not only a successful model and actress, she's dating one of the biggest names in basketball, Dwyane Wade. You can often find the stars on the beach, showing off their ridiculously fit bodies and his adorable kids. Fun Fact: Wade is 30, but you'd never be able to tell these two are 10 years apart by looking at them in their swimwear.

Amanda Peet: January 11
Maybe Amanda Peet looks so young because she's worked with funnyman Jack Black multiple times. They starred in Saving Silverman and Gulliver's Travels together and  they say laughter is the best medicine — and anti-aging serum. Really, though, Peet charms on the red carpet and when she's not doing that she's very active in the pro-vaccination cause.

Thandie Newton: November 6
British star Thandie Newton isn't just a pretty face. She has a degree in anthropology, is the "queen of practical jokes" according to David Schwimmer, and she started a campaign to get her celebrity friends to drive environmentally sound cars after she switched from a BMW to a Prius. She's gorgeous, green, and appreciates a good laugh.

Rebecca Romijn: November 6
Rebecca Romijn is a stunning mom of twins!  Her career seems to have taken a backseat to motherhood over the last couple of years, but all the running around after two little girls hasn't taken a toll on her looks. Maybe she learned some good beauty tips while she was married to John Stamos years back.

Maya Rudolph: July 27
It's not just Maya Rudolph's striking beauty that makes her hot. She's also one of the funniest, most talented gals in showbiz. She currently stars on Up All Night and even made time to return to Saturday Night Live a few times this year. Plus, who could forget her totally fabulous role in Bridesmaids? That kind of role will keep you young, that's for sure.

Eric Dane: November 9
McSteamy makes the ladies swoon, even with his hint of gray hair. The Grey's Anatomy actor, who's leaving the show after this season, has had a fantastically hot run and will continue to look dashing in his future endeavors. He's married to Rebecca Gayheart and they have two beautiful little girls.

Jennie Garth: April 3
Jennie Garth is 40 and fabulous. She's back in the dating game after divorcing Peter Facinelli earlier this year and she's hotter than ever! Garth got her own reality TV show in 2012 and a fun Old Navy ad with her onscreen Beverly Hills, 90210 love. Though they're still as attractive as they were back in the '90s, Dylan and Kelly are not dating in real life.

Eminem: October 17
Eminem isn't exactly walking the red carpet every chance he gets, so maybe it's the lack of the bright lights and flashbulbs that have maintained his youthfulness. Or perhaps it's rapping and running around after three little girls.

Vanessa Paradis: December 22
Vanessa Paradis, the French model and singer who dated Johnny Depp for 14 years, is a striking beauty. Now that the two are no longer together, it will probably only be a matter of time before she's paired up with another tall, dark, handsome star. That is, if she has time to date between her music career, raising two kids, and modeling for Chanel.

Eli Roth: April 18
Eli Roth is a jack of all trades. He's a director, producer, writer, and actor and he shows no signs of slowing down at 40. One of his latest endeavors is opening a "Goretorium" in Vegas, in fact. Plus, he has four film projects in the works and a full head of hair.

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