Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Kristen Stewart's fine ass steals the show at the Twilight premiere

So this was the big moment when whatshisname and Kristen Stewart showed up in public again together, following all the cheating controversy over the summer, to promote the supposedly last TWILIGHT movie. I'll let you decide how important that is (not very), but I think this pic says just about everything you need to know about how excited sparkly vampire boy seemed to be about the whole idea.
From the interviews I've seen these last few weeks, it would seem most everyone involved in the production of these movies is very eager to see them go away. Not that I blame them for that. I've never seen a more unjustly hyped collection of shit smeared on a screen in all my time on this ball of dirt. About the only people who will have any regrets that this is, hopefully, the final TWILIGHT installment, are boardrooms full of cash flush movie execs and armies of tweens and housewives who live and breathe for lovesick vampires and werewolves. Looks like most of the housewives and tweens were gathered here, fighting for an autograph or a picture of their favorite stars. I guess TWILIGHT is one of the few things moms and their teenage daughters can bond over nowadays.

At least Kristen had a moment of good judgement and decided to send these terrible movies off right with a nice peek at her ass through yet another see thru gown. I can't speak to Kristen's reliability as a girlfriend, but if I were Robert, I might consider giving that ass another shot - if only for one night.
Source: NS4W.org

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