Sunday, 9 December 2012

Santa Of 2012 Pictures

Being a kid is a tough job, but we all have to go through it. Being a kid at Christmas is kinda like your reward for getting pushed around all year and treated, well, like a kid. Presents are the best. The only catch is you have to go through Santa Claus to get them. Not so bad, right? Santa is a good guy; letting you sit on his lap, he laughs, HO, HO, HO a lot. He is a steady job, takes in homeless elves and is an all-around good guy. So Kris Kringle would have you believe. There is definitely a darker, more frightening side to Santa. In fact, I bet there is at least one photograph or picture with you crying at a scary Santa Claus. Are the memories of terror coming back? Wish you had left more gingerbread cookies and milk to appease this red and white monster? If not take a peek at this these awful lot of scary Santas. Flashbacks aren’t that jolly, are they?

Evil Lighting Santa Claus with Glasses to Find You!

Can’t you envision this scary Santa watching you from above, ready to spread some Christmas cheer by knocking you senseless.
Scary Santa Claus (1)

Scary Shrunken Head Santa Wishes for His Rotund Body

So this Santa is more creepy as a headless Santa than scary, until you wonder where his his body.
Scary Santa Claus (2)

Scary Black & White Santa Picture

Santa as Michael Myers from Halloween. I think Santa is far scarier. So does the crying baby.
Scary Santa Claus (3)

Scary Santa Waits for You

This Santa has stolen some child’s stuffed bear and now waits alone for his next victim.
Scary Santa Claus (4)

Scary Santa with (No) Soulless Eyes

Santa comes in for the attack and his eyes roll back in his head, like a doll’s eyes (Jaws reference works here.)
Scary Santa Claus (5)

Terrifying Santa Claus Mask

Santa’s evil eyes are hidden until the moment he strikes with joyful glee.
Scary Santa Claus (6)

Another Scary Santa Mask with Gang Tattoos

Santa show his tribal tattoos making sure everyone knows where is allegiance lies…with evil.
Scary Santa Claus (7)

Horrifying Inflatable Santa

This scary Santa is filled with air and evil.
Scary Santa Claus (8)

Glowing Santa is a Scary Sight

This wouldn’t be the Santa I would pick to put in a dark room. His lighting inside just makes him scarier.
Scary Santa Claus (9)

Clown + Santa = Scarier Version of Each

Clowns are scary, Santa is scarier, so why put these to fear -inducing beings into one horrible nightmare creature.
Scary Santa Claus (10)

Evil Macrame Santa Claus Beats Up Plastic Santa Claus

Poor plastic Santa being bullied by the softer yet meaner and scarier macrame Santa.
Scary Santa Claus (11)
Want to see more pictures of Scary Santas or Kids scared of Santa then visit now. You’ll never look forward to Santa visiting you again!

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