Monday, 7 January 2013

10 Obviously Photoshopped Bodybuilders

angelina jolie body builder photoshopped
Way to go Ms Tomb Raider!

bald douchebag bodybuilder photoshopped
What a douche! ;p

bicep chest huge photoshopped
The Bicep and Chest King!

chest man cool photoshopped
Big chest Cool Dude!

competition twink bodybuilding photoshopped
Wow what a twink in the middle!
Devito bodybuilder
Mr Devito!
Mega huge competitor bodybuilding
Wow he's 4x bigger!
Osama Bin Laden body builder funny
Wow Mr Osama!
over steroid huge guy photoshopped
Too much steroid?
Huge bulky photoshopped bodybuilder
Thats too bulky!

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