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 Meet the sexiest women in the Philippines, this is exclusive and it contains the latest sexiest and most beautiful women in the Philippines today. Look not to other pages but here.The real sexy Filipino women are here. Real sexy means real beauty, brain and class. Ok so I’m talking about the most beautiful here and the sexiest, too. Relax, read, glance and vote your true Filipina beauty please. The following Filipino women are not only regulars in FHM sexiest polls and Maxim or whatever sexy magazines out there, these women are the cream of the crop in a mash up of class, beauty, grace, intelligence, talent and creativity
Sexiest women in the Philippines – the latest

Cast your vote, who would you kiss first among the sexy ladies?
  1. Angel Locsin
  2.  Anne Curtis
  3.  KC Concepcion
  4.  Solenn Heussaff
  5.  Heart Evangelista
  6.  Georgina Wilson
  7.  Denise Laurel
  8.  Marian Rivera
  9.  Angelica Panganiban
  10.  Cristine Reyes
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1 – Angel Locsin

Angel has always been on the top. She’s a true Filipina beauty, the best actress of her generation, and will always be the top fantasy of men everywhere. Angel Locsin has proven her high prowess not only in acting but also in commercial modeling and film producing. She has been nominated and won several best actress awards. This angelic sexy Pinay has studied fashion courses in London way back in 2007 to explore more her creativity and passion in design and clothing. Angel is indeed an angel. This beautiful lady has a heart of gold. She supports GABRIELA and other foundation and charities supporting women and children in the Philippines. Wow!

2- Anne Curtis 

Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis photo

this famous half-Filipina half-Aussie is an actress, model, tv host and VJ. Anne has won a best actress award from her movie “Baler.” Anne Curtis has maintained her brilliant showbiz career since 1997. And she’s always been a princess every prince is dreaming about. This lovely lady is being linked to sexy actor and model, Sam Milby for quite some time now. But anyway, she’s still not tying the knot OK guys.

3 – KC Concepcion

KC Concepcion
KC Concepcion photos

 is indeed one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines, probably in the world, too. Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion (KC’s real name) is currently the National Ambassador against Hunger of the UN’s World Food Programme. How huge is that! This smart and beautiful Filippina has a bachelor’s degree in International Corporate Communications with a minor in Theatre Arts from a known university in Paris. KC has proven impressive talents in acting, singing and hosting. She’s also a product endorser in print ads and TV.
4 – Solenn Heussaff

Solenn Heussaff
Solenn Heussaff photo

 is a sexy model, socialite, fashion designer and professional make up artist. Solenn is currently one of the celebrity castaways of Survivor Philippines and is tagged as the “goddess of the island” Solenn Heussaff is half French and half-Filipino. This sexy lady isn’t only a known commercial model, she’s got a very creative gift in fashion design, cosmetics and painting. See my hub about Solenn

5-  Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista
Heart Evangelista photos

 is a half-Filipino, half-Chinese beauty.Heart is a very good actress, commercial and print ad model, singer, host and a VJ. This pretty and sweet princess also has a big and generous heart. She has a “Heart Can” foundation which aims to help children with respiratory diseases, and she is also a spokesperson for Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). That is so lovely!

6 – Georgina Wilson

Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson photos

Georgina Wilson is a Filipino-English model. She “represents the new batch of “it” girls who not only possess beauty, drive and individuality, but also the brains to be able to conquer.” (Tim Yap, Philippine Star) This sexy and smart lady is a print ad, commercial and fashion model, producer and socialite.

7 – Denise Laurel

Denise Laurel
Denise Laurel photos

Denise isthe great-granddaughter of former Philippine President, the late Jose P. Laurel. She was inclined to theater arts at early age. She made a big name in Singapore when she was part of MTV Asia’s “Rogue” where she starred the role of smart lead vocalist, “Pat.” Look at her now, those tempting pout lips and always charming looks would make anyone want to ravish her. LOL Today, Denise can be watched in Philippine tv.

8 – Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera
Marian Rivera photos

ok so what do I know about Marian, hmmm well, she’s the big start of GMA Network and the girlfriend of sexy hunk Dingdong Dantes. She became so famous when she starred the role Mari Mar in GMA. Since then, she started to be in sexiest polls every year. Marian is a great actress, and she’s a half-Filipino, half-Spanish beauty.

9 – Angelica Panganiban

angelica panganiban
angelica panganiban photos

Angelica has been a very good actress since her childhood. She’s won numerous acting awards in the Philippine film industry. Many might not know, this pretty lady was a feature editor in her school newspaper, she attended Mass Communication course in an international school here and currently studying culinary arts.

10 – Cristine Reyes

Cristine Reyes
Cristine Reyes photos

begun her acting during her teens. Her big break in showbiz started when she transferred to ABS-CBN network portraying Eva Fonda. Since then, Cristine was unstoppable. She always tops magazines polls for sexiest and hottest celebrities. Her acting performance is doing a great job.
Why Filipino women are the most beautiful? Wanna know why thousands of men and women around the world dream and fantasize Filipinas? Why are Filipino women the sexiest and most beautiful among others? What is it about them that men just can’t resist…the answers are all in this video. :) 
In the video, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS — Solenn Heussaff, Georgina Wilson, Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis, serenaded by actor/singer Christian Bautista. Oh, lucky dude!!! :)

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