Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Facebook: The cornerstone of success

Facebook: The cornerstone of success
It is common knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg was the CEO of Facebook at 20 years of age and a billionaire at the age of 23. He has become the benchmark of success in modern times.
What is the road to success?

When you are passionate about a field, then everything is possible. Successful businessmen such as Mark Zuckerberg and David Karp have sheer will to never give up. They know their game and their potential lies in it. Nothing can stop them at it. They had a few bumps on the road, but it didnt matter.
Passion fuels unstoppable momentum. The power of passion helps Mark Zuckerberg prevent many perils of entrepreneurship. Passion fuels perseverance. It is a key ingredient of success. There is always an unshakable and relentless drive towards success from passionate people.
Know the aim
Mark Zuckerberg tried to connect Harvard campus from the comfort of his dormitory room. He used the information from the word go. That remains the company line even today after IPO and nearly one billion users. The direction a tech company may take could be different, but the purpose of Facebook remains same.
Mark Zuckerberg was determined to connect the world with his website. Before and after IPO, there was tremendous pressure on him to make money. He kept his nerves and users were still the priority. Revenue was a byproduct to get his mission on course. His mission has been achieved, but there are more horizons to conquer.
Hiring the right people
The people Mark Zuckerberg hired were from his inner circle at Harvard University. Then came the critical hiring’s. Sheryl Sandberg is termed as the first biggest hire for Facebook yet. Mark Zuckerberg was quite relieved and happy to see her at the company. Mark Zuckerberg is not a people’s guy and went on for more important tasks.
No company is successful without its human capital. The long term success of a company depends on it.
The addition of workforce will have a positive impact on profits of the organization. The right people are those, who have the right attitude. The right people are not the one, who is competent. Also, the hiring at Facebook is appreciated. First hire the best from the rest and then find the best role for them.

Pursue product excellence
Passion is the Teflon between a starting business and businessman. It has a sense of urgency and it breeds excellence. Pushing towards excellence is not good enough. Mark Zuckerberg drives his employees towards one goal. He hires the appropriate people and gives them a chance to showcase their experience and work. That could be anything from brand experiences, sales initiatives to new features.
Learning to say no is equally important and saying yes to excellence to also imperative. Tough decisions are to be made and saying no to customers, who aren’t fetching profits is also important. Women can be weak in being a business leader and may struggle as business leaders. Being forgiving is good for relation with stakeholders, but not always.

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