Thursday, 24 January 2013

FHM: A History in Photos

Marian Rivera on the cover of #FHM150 is something we’ll have trouble forgetting anytime soon. 

Fantastic as it is however, it is but one photo. Because through the course of a decade and a few, and through issues one to 149—and before hashtags and Instagram ever became fashionable—our cameras have been lucky enough to immortalize a respectable portion of the country’s finest women in a state of, shall we say, calculated vulnerability. Included as well were profiles of the men that once made us laugh, cheer, and sing.
 Cristina Garcia, FHM 100 Sexiest Women of The World 2007 

"My love for shoes" - Christina on the most Pinay thing about her

Photo: Mark Nicdao for Wildbunch
FHM: A History in PhotosSince tradition insists that we take a look back at history whenever a milestone is reached, we now turn the pages backwards, and revisit the snapshots of sexy that once made a cold, lonely night less cold and slightly less sad—along with pictures of your man-idols when their hair had been a bit thicker.

Here now is FHM's history in photos.

[The pictures below are from 2007 to 2009. Click on the thumbnais below the gallery for the photos from 2000-2003 and 2004-2006. Enjoy!] 

Bubbles Paraiso, FHM 100 Sexiest Women of The World 2007

"Those who are sincere usually get intimidated by the model status right away. Then most guys naman,� they only want you to be their trophy girlfriend, so ‘wag na lang."

Photo: Xander Angeles of Edge of Light

Jamilla Obispo, July 2007

"Pasaway akong mag-drive. Actually hinabol ako ng pulis on the day of the photo shoot!"

Photo: Xander Angeles of Edge of Light

Joyce Jimenez, July 2007

"I don't try to be sexy, I don't act sexy."

Photo: Mark Nicdao for Wildbunch

Michelle Madrigal, September 2007

"If I make a mistake, I make sure I won't commit it again."
Photo: Mark Nicdao for Wildbunch

Paloma, September 2007
"The best of married sex is patching-up sex!"

Photo: Jay Tablante

Paloma, April 2009
"I take pole dancing lessons. I even had a pole installed at my house"

Photo: Doc Marlon Pecjo

Aubrey Miles, July 2009

"My life has changed! Before kasi ang arte ko"

Photo: Doc Marlon Pecjo

Paw Diaz, August 2009

"Hindi ako nag-FHM para sumikat. I'm doing this for myself"

Photo: Doc Marlon Pecjo

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