Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Windows Blue: Microsoft’s new project

Windows Blue: Microsoft’s new project
Three months subsequent to the release of Windows 8, there was news that Microsoft was developing a window’s called Blue. At that time, it was not clear whether, it was Windows 9 or a service pack related to Windows 8. Now, if these sources are to be believed, then both of them could be true. Windows Blue could be an update to Windows 8 and a major shift in windows operating system. It may release new windows operating system every year like Apple operating system.

Rumor mill is concrete
Now the news is more concrete and definitely confirmed that Microsoft has plans of developing Windows Blue. According to reliable sources, the Windows Blue will be released in mid-2013 and is quite affordable. It could be free for all we know. Everyone should have Windows Blue installed that is the aim. The details are vague as of yet, but it is heard that there will be some UI alterations to Windows 8. The reliable sources confided that Windows 8 and Windows phone 8 SDKs could be merged. The development of cross platforms applications could be achieved.
After Windows Blue has been released in the market, the sources say that Windows Store will no longer have applications, which were made for Windows 8 especially. The developers will be making single metro applications, which will work on both Windows phone 8 and Windows 8.
Moving along with Apple
The new SDK is a nice idea and quite doable at least. In the eleven years, Apple OS X has not changed so will the case be with Windows 8.
Historically looking, Microsoft has released a major Windows after a gap of few years. The remaining gaps were filled with service packs and security installations. They provided stability and the lapses in Windows. That was the theme of Microsoft. Now Microsoft wants to move like Apple and introduce new and exciting features on a yearly basis.
The price of these yearly Windows will be decreased as well. It might as well become 25 dollars just like OS X.
Cutthroat competition from Google
Theoretically, fast releases of Windows allow competition with Google and Apple, who are serious competitors to Microsoft. They have been agile and ruthless in comparison to Microsoft, which has been moving at a snail’s pace. By the time it hits the market, Microsoft Windows may become outdated. It is better to release Windows on a regular basis.
This way Microsoft will not have to play the catch up game.
Laptops and smartphones synchronized
Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 share the same core, the same network protocols, the same least level security criteria, same kernel and so on. It is also speculated that Windows phone 8 may be removed from the equation. Only Windows 8 will remain in the market running on smartphones, tablets and laptops. This could be a winning note for Microsoft synchronizing its applications all into a smartphone and laptops.  It could be revolutionary and step forward for Microsoft.

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