Saturday, 9 February 2013

New Transparent Smartphone

New  Transparent Smartphone
Smartphones have been pushing the envelope of our technological capabilities most notably symbolized by the Steve Jobs led Apple powerhouse up to present-day. They are considered the most influential technology on everyone’s list. Samsung recently introduced its flexible OLED screen, which offers us a taste of what is on the frontier of smartphone evolution. The Taiwanese company Polytron has now stepped into the fray to give us a preview of what a futuristic, sci-fi tech infused phone may one day look like. 03 more images after the break...

New  Transparent Smartphone
Polytron Technologies, a worldwide leader and manufacturer of optical and electronic vision glass, recently unveiled the world’s first transparent phone. Yes sci-fi lovers, the first iteration of Tony Stark’s phone has been created. Though only a prototype, it is clear from the images released that not all of the phones components are yet capable of being transparent. The device is essentially a phone-shaped piece of glass with a small, cen.

The smartphone industry is assuredly fiercely competitive, and any technological edge a manufacturer can get is sure to earn them a handful of interested consumers. Though the benefits of a transparent phone are not immediately apparent at this time, Polytron remains hopeful by stating that the technology may be available by the end of 2013. The time frame might be a stretch, but the results are there nonetheless - reality is plowing full-steam ahead toward the technological possibilities predicted in many of our favorite sci-fi media. Maybe if we can somehow get these smartphone manufacturing companies to collaborate, Tony Stark’s phone would be a reality. 
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