Sunday, 13 July 2014

Has Wimbledon Compelled Women to Play Bra-less to Adhere to All-White Dress Code?


Wimbledon’s all-white dress code has been enforced on a stricter basis for this year’s tournament. In the past, players were able to get away with colored undergarments. This year, some women have supposedly been required to play bra-less after their apparel was deemed non-conforming. British player Naomi Broady (above) did not wear a bra for Wednesday’s match against Caroline Wozniacki (it’s uncertain whether or not this was because of the dress code).
“One of the players was called into the referees’ office because he had blue underwear that showed through when he got sweaty, so he was told not to wear dark underwear,” said former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, via The Daily Mail. “Some of the girls have been told to go back and change their bras and tops because they had slight colour on them. I believe some of the girls didn’t have suitable sports bras and had to go without them. It has absolutely gone ridiculous.”
The regulations apparently became harsher after sponsors were suspected of instructing players to push the limits of the dress code in order to heighten brand visibility. A Wimbledon spokesperson claimed that the athletes were notified of the rules before the tournament, and did not expressly deny that women have had to compete without bras as a result of their enforcement.

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