Tuesday, 1 November 2011

10 Fantastic Guinness World Records

The name of this highest hotel is Rose Rayhaan which is owned by Rotana. It is situated in Dubai and officially declared the tallest hotel of the world. This hotel is 333 meters tall and has 72 floors and 482 rooms.
highest hotel of the world
This is a time of competition and everyone wants to become the best. To get the best result they put their best efforts in their favorite fields. The winners set different records which set the role models for others. Here you can see some of the insanely amazing Guinness World Records by Craziest People of the world.

Most Expensive Pizza:
This expensive pizza is available at Gordon Ramsey’s hotel in London. The price of this pizza is $178 a pop. It decorated with different ingredients like white truffle paste, mozzarella, wild mizuna, fontina cheese and the price of it $2500 per kg.
Biggest Collection of Traffic Cones:
Largest collection of Traffoc Canes
David Morgan is a person who has collected large number of traffic canes. He collected 137 different canes in UK.
Largest Hotel of the World:
Largest hotel of the world
This wondrous and largest hotel is made in Malaysia. The name of this hotel is Genging Highlands Restaurant.  It has 6118 amazing and stylish rooms. Its looks very delightful because it decorated with different colors.
 Heaviest Aircraft is pulled by a Man:
Haviest Aero plane pulled by a man
This fantastic job is done by Mr. Kevin Fast from Canada. He pulled himself a CC 177 Globemaster III plane which have weight 188.83 tons from 8.8 meters.
Fastest Time to Enter into a Suitcase:
Fastest Time to enter in the suitcase
The women are always speedy in every field. This fastest woman Leslie Tipton makes a record to enter into a suitcase in just 5.43 seconds.
Most Expensive Hotel Room:
Most Expensive Hotel Room of the world
The Royal Penthouse Suite of President Hotel in Geneva is the most expensive Suite of the world. The charges of one night stay in this are $63000. It is well facilitated like four bedrooms and private cocktail terrace.
Tallest Hotel Atrium:
Tallest Hotel Arturm of the world
This tallest hotel atrium is situated in Burg Al Arab which is also the tallest building of the world. This atrium is 180 meters high.
Habitable Sand Hotel:
First handable sand hotel of the world
Mostly people hate sand in safe places but, it is very amazing the hotel is totally made with sand. If you are interested to sleep on the sand you can go to Weymouth beach of UK.
Charges of this amazing hotel are $20 per night. It has different rooms with single and double beds.
Highest Altitude Hotel:
Highest Altude hotel of the world
This hotel is situated in a village of Nepal. The height of Altitude is 3962 meters. The name of this hotel is Everest hotel.

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