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Ten current Victoria’s Secret Angels’ little known Facts

Everytime you watch a Victoria’s Secret fashion show and one of the angels strut up to the front in their cute little garments, their beautiful wings, the pretty makeup, the wind blown hair, and the oh-so-sexy looks one feels like singing ” Why do birds suddenly appear , everytime you are near, why do stars fall down from the sky, everytime, you walk by”. The Carpenters did not sing this song for them but that is exactly how The Victoria’s Secret Angels make you feel. They are the definition of the word ‘Glamorous’. Wearing nothing but lingerie, these beauties take the runway by storm. This list will take you up close and personal with the top ten of your favorite and Victoria’s current Angels. Find out intimate stuff about the angels as you read on.


Lily Aldrige is best known for her confident walk on the runway for Victoria’s secret modeling agency. Lily was born in 1985, starting her modeling career in early 2000. She was first noticed by the Victoria’s secret people when she did the Levi’s advertisement in 2006. Previously in 2003 she had appeared on the cover of Spanish Vogue. For those of you interested in what she measures well let us ease out the information to you, her measurement are 33-23-33 and yes, thats exactly why she looks incredibly awesome in that branded lingerie. Now that is something you weren’t aware of before now, were you? Another noteworthy fact is that two of her sisters Ruby Aldrigde and Saffron Aldridge are also models.


Behati is another one of the most beautiful faces of Victoria’s Secret and she was awarded with the angel wings not long after she joined the famous company. I am sure that many of you do not know that Behati is a very down to earth girl when she is not busy in rocking the world through her ramp walk. She is known to skateboard to work when in New York. When she is at her home town in Namibia, the closest general store is a little more than four hours far away from her place. Also, many of us know that Behati started off with appearing in Italian vogue but it is a little known fact that the picture in the issue of Vogue was only of her feet. Surprise surprise guys!


Now perhaps the best thing about Victoria’s Secret is the fact that it is an equal opportunity organization. It has no biases against skin or color and this is the primary reason why they have Chanel, a gorgeous angel with a skin shade darker than the rest of the angels. Chanel is an exquisite addition to the Angel camp and looks ravishing on the ramp. We have all seen her strut her stuff for us but most of us are not aware of that fact that she started modeling at the age of 13 with Fords modeling agency. Kudos to the girl for sure. She owns a clothing store in California by the name of The Red Bag and her mother is the co-owner. She has modeled for a lot of big time fashion houses and designers such as Balenciaga, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent.


The blond haired green eyed beauty who now works as an Angel for Victoria’s secret was discovered on a beach where she was on vacation in 2006. Within a year she was seen on the runway and later in commercials for Diesel and Dolce and Gabbana. She walked for Victoria’s secret in 2008 and according to a very reliable resource we know that she measures exactly 34-24.5-34. Phew! now that is one hot body. She is very well known for luscious lips and a wide friendly smile. Watching HGTV is her super-secret indulgence. We are all smiles girl!


The blue eyed blond who sets the ramp on fire is one of the models who was selected to appear in the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Special Television Show. Lindsay’s measurements (all eyes and ears people) are 33-24-34 according to a Fashion directory. While she now works only as a Victoria’s Secret Angel she had previously appeared on the covers of Russian Vogue and Spanish GQ declaring the fact that she is a globally accepted beauty. Who denies? Despite the fact that she loves to travel, she feels happiest at home. Also note down that she loves her long lashes. Awww! So do we babe!


Candice Swanepoel is an out and out beauty queen. She has those beautifully colored ocean like eyes and the rosy pink skin which tells us the story of Candice being born and raised on a cattle farm. Being raised at the cattle farm, she believes to be really adventitious. Her nickname is Mossie and that’s what her mother still calls her. This may come as a little surprise but she keeps herself fit through boxing which is her all time favorite sports. In real life, she is very shy and she admits it. We think that is cute.


She is dutch model and has been stably working for Victoria’s secret. In 2005, based on the readers’ voting, she was given the title of  Model of the year on She was recently cataloged as one of the top five highest paid super models in the world. No wonder she has appeared on the covers of Harper Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Seventeen, Glamour, Marie Claire, and many others. She speaks Frisian and English and not to mention she is extremely pretty.


Miranda Kerr recently gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy nearly 10 months after marrying the famous movie star Orlando Bloom. But we all know this right? What some of us or nearly most of us aren’t aware of is the fact that Miranda’s favorite food is Nan’s home made steak pie and her secret indulgence is Lindt Choclate balls. Also little known is the fact that her proudest moment was being awarded with the Angel wings.


Alessandra is another one of the Brazilian beauties who wear the skimpy yet tasteful attires and walk the ramp for Victoria’s Secret as an angel. Little did we know that she loves to pose but does not like to do runway shows. Also, when she was very young she felt  insecure about her large and obvious ears. Now that is something you probably didn’t notice before reading this, did you? She claims that she never watches TV. She says that she would rather swim or jump of a plane. Leaves us wondering!


Perhaps the most scintillating thing about Adriana can be the many different ethnicities that she belongs to. Her exotic looks can be attributed to the fact that she is Brazilian, African-Brazilian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, and Caribbean. She is known to be shy around boys and and can speak many different languages. The best thing about the Brazilian beauty might just be the fact that she strictly says no to premarital sex. We totally admire that in you Adriana. You go girl!

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