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Our fellow Americans: As we're reminded every four years, democracy is the cornerstone upon which our great land is built. That's why this year, for the first time in Hot 100 history, we let you, the readers of Maxim, weigh in on who should comprise the definitive list of the world's most beautiful women. From movie stars to murder suspects to a cartoon, here are the sexy results. God bless America! Check out Maxim’s Hot 100 in Under 100 Seconds
1. Bar Refaeli

It was decreed that in the year 2012 there would be an election of tremendous wonder and import, celebrating all that is good and beautiful in the world. Millions of votes were cast by you, the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Maxim, and when the polls were closed, a victor was crowned. She puts the "promise" in Promised Land-all hail your No. 1 for 2012, Bar Refaeli! "I am shocked that among all these beautiful ladies, I'm No. 1," Bar says of her incumbency. "Thank you so much for voting for me! I'm truly honored. This is a title I will never forget." So God bless America, God bless the Maxim man, and God bless Israel for being the fertile soil from which such hotness grows. Keep your eyes peeled for Bar's upcoming cover shoot-it'll be one no man on Earth will ever forget!

2. Olivia Munn

This two-time Maxim cover girl sports a resume that includes senior Asian correspondent for The Daily Show and a body that makes grown men weep. What's the geek goddess up to this summer? An HBO show (Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom), ad movie (Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike), and hopefully, an appearance in our living room: We're stuck on the Rainbow Road level of Super Mario Kart, and she's a self-described video-game junke.

3. Mila Kunis

Ever since she locked lips with Natalie Portman in Black Swan, our appreciation for this brunette stunner has transformed into a near obsession. Not the kind where we lurk outside her house with binoculars, but the kind where we wake up every morning thrilled that it's one day closer to the premiere of her new comedy, Ted (it's almost here!).

4. Katy Perry

Pop music's baddest good girl has been pretty damn busy the past two years, what with seven different number one singles and the top spot on 2010's Hot 100. And now that she's single, she's obviously been busy trying to work up the courage to ask us on a date. Just call us, Katy-no biggie.

5. Olivia Wilde

Our favorite former TV doctor from House M.D. and 2009 Hot 100 champ has come a long way from kissing girls on The O.C. (though we wouldn't mind her going back). She's now a full-blown movie star thanks to Tron and Cowboys & Aliens-and looks amazing thanks to bikini and beach.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

After being in a movie about a beaver and next to naked for the majority of X-Men: First Class, this 21-year-old Hunger Games star has her sights set on world domination. Let us all raise a glass in "tribute" (get it?) to the next generation of hotness

7. Emma Stone

A super-beautiful Hollywood starlet with actual acting chops? A natural blonde who dyes her hair red? Emma Stone is just one hot mass of contradictions, and we love every one of them. We also love that she's going to be in a Spider-Man movie, which is why we're writing this in our Green Goblin Underoos.

8. Megan Fox

Like some kind of shape-shifting car, Megan has transformed from action goddess to comedy cutie. Catch her next in Judd Apatow's This Is 40.

9. Malin Akerman

Whether this stunning Swede is making us laugh (Wanderlust), sing (Rock of Ages), or turn into giant blue godlike beings (Watchmen), Malin has a way of making us do her bidding (including setting up dates with men in gorilla costumes).

10. Adrianne Palicki

With roles in Friday Night Lights and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Adrianne is the trifecta of perfection: sexiness, football, and huge explosions. See her cover shoot for our June issue for more evidence of said perfection.

11. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This Victoria's Secret model, Transformers: Dark of the Moon star, and defending Hot 100 champ is the best thing to happen to movies since corn in popped form.

12. Kate Beckinsale

In the upcoming Total Recall reboot, Kate beats up Colin Farrell with her crotch. That's a fight we wouldn't mind losing.

13. Blake Lively

Accepted. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The Town. Gossip Girl. After seven years Blake still can't decide: star in projects we love or projects we secretly love?

14. Lea Michele

Gaze upon the owner of Glee's sexiest pair of vocal cords. Now stop. You're starting to drool.

15. Kristen Stewart

The pain of watching Twilight was a little easier to bear with Kristen in the starring role. We're just a little bit too excited by the thought of her battling Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman.

16. Charlize Theron

When a woman is this mind-bogglingly beautiful, we're more than willing to overlook the fact that she's eerily good at playing a serial killer, an assassin, and now an evil queen in this month's Snow White and the Huntsman.

17. Scarlett Johansson

A perpetual bombshell, Scarlett knocked us out when she reprised her role as Black Widow in The Avengers. Hulk feel funny when Hulk look at her!

18. Katrina Bowden

Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey, and Alec Baldwin are all fine, but the real reason we watch 30 Rock is Katrina, who plays the adorably ditzy assistant Cerie. We hope our hearts can handle seeing her perfect booty in all dimensions in Piranha 3DD.

19. Victoria Justice

We had no idea our readers were such Nickelodeon fans, but this 19-year-old Victorious star scored crazy amounts of votes. She sings, she acts, and she totally knows SpongeBob.

20. Jennifer Love Hewitt

You've been obsessed with her since Hootie ruled the charts, and now the four-time Maxim cover girl is playing a friendly neighborhood prostitute on Lifetime's The Client List. Hey, God? We owe you one.

21. Emma Watson

The hottest wizard has moved from Hogwarts to the Ivy League. The Brown-educated Brit is a girl we can bring home to Mom. Or as she'd say, "Mum." And as she'd also say: "Stop following me or I'll Tase you, bro."

22. Kaley Cuoco

Why is The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about science nerds, such a hit? We suspect Maxim cover girl Kaley Cuoco, who plays their neighbor, might have something to do with it. That and all the e=mc2 jokes.

23. Anne Hathaway

Oscar-nominated Anne has the acting chops to match her sultry looks. Up next? A turn as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. One look at her and it's "Holy I just instantly went through puberty, Batman!" for Robin.

24. Selena Gomez

We're not the only ones who sit around pretending Selena is our girlfriend and not Justin Bieber's-right?

25. Jessica Gomes

If you were to construct the perfect swimsuit model in a lab, chances are you'd end up with Maxim cover girl Jessica Gomes: beautiful, exotic, and hotter than the surface of the sun. (Honestly, we measured.)

26. Taylor Swift

Unfortunately, we don't have much room to write about how much we love Taylor, as all the space has been taken up by the extra security we hired to stop Kanye from interrupting.

27. Naya Rivera

Watching Naya in action made us actually consider joining a glee club. Then we punched ourselves repeatedly in the face and went back to wallpapering our room with screen grabs of her in her cheerleader outfit.

28. Jessica Biel

Jessica has gone from innocent daughter of a preacher man (7th Heaven) to full-on glamorous movie star (this summer's Total Recall). Damn you, Timberlake!

29. Eva Mendes

This actress' Cuban curves are enough to make us wish we were Will Smith in Hitch (what a cad!). We give thanks that those Revlon makeup ads run every five seconds.

30. Bérénice Marlohe

The French beauty has a license to bring you to your knees as the new Bond girl in this winter's Skyfall. We are both shaken and stirred.

31. Candice Swanepoel

She's money-literally. Making her debut as No. 10 on Forbes' list of top-earning models, Candice proves she's got the beauty and the brains to make it in the lingerie business. We have neither, which is why we're leaving for our second job at Chick-fil-A as soon as we finish typing this sentence.

32. Rihanna

This Battleship superstar knows how to make men smile. Whether she's acting, singing, or tweeting topless pics of herself in waterfalls, we can't keep our eyes off the Barbadian star. We shall forever be under her umbrella.

33. Jessica Alba

Since this Dark Angel took home top honors in 2001's Hot 100, she's tied the knot, become a mother (twice), and fought to save great white sharks. A noble cause, as long as one isn't trying to eat you.

34. Elisha Cuthbert

Happy Endings' blonde bombshell and the first lady of the Toronto Maple Leafs, she was the teenager we fell in love with in Old School. We're still too scared to ask her out, though-what if her real father is like her on-screen dad in 24?

35. Yvonne Strahovski

This Aussie has been a superspy (Chuck), went up against Robert De Niro (Killer Elite), and will have direct contact with Frankenstein (I, Frankenstein), all while looking hotter than a kangaroo caught in a bushfire. It's no wonder she was our October 2011 cover girl.

36. Sarah Shahi

She went toe-to-toe with Tony Soprano and chest-to-chest with the ladies of The L Word. But it's Sarah's sextastic starring role on Fairly Legal that's thrust her into stardom. All rise!

37. Jennifer Lopez

With a body that could heat the entire world, this feisty Latina makes us feel no shame in singing "Let's Get Loud" in the shower or enjoying an American Idol marathon. Well, until our dad catches us and gives us that "I've made a terrible mistake" look.

38. Kelly Kelly

In 2011 this squared-circle sweetheart returned to WWE Raw and graced the cover of Maxim's December issue. Our favorite fact about the darling Diva: Her real name, Barbie Blank, is even more badass than her nom de wrestling.

39. Kate Upton

She gave a whole new meaning to the words string bikini on the cover of the most recent SI Swimsuit Edition. Have you seen her online SoBe staring contest? We were never so happy to lose a competition in our lives.

40. Miranda Kerr

The first Australian Victoria's Secret Angel, Miranda strutted her stuff on the runway just two months after giving birth. Women must love her for that.

41. Zooey Deschanel

The epitome of a hipster's fantasy, this indie bombshell and New Girl star sings, acts, and somehow even makes playing the ukulele sexy.

42. Brooklyn Decker

The gorgeous blonde supermodel with the outer-borough name and rock-hard bod successfully made the transition to the big screen with Battleship. We never thought board games could be so arousing.

43. Ashley Greene

This Twilight beauty and Maxim cover star convinced us that getting blood sucked from our neck could be downright kinky. Except when it's being done by our lawyers. Zing!

44. Lake Bell

Maxim cover girl Lake Bell made her talents known on HBO's How to Make It in America. We heard there was a topless scene in one episode, but we got too excited and passed out before it came on.

45. Zoë Saldana

Zoe makes looking good as a bloodthirsty assassin (Colombiana), Britney Spears' road-tripping friend (Crossroads), and a blue cat-princess (Avatar) seem incredibly easy. Go ahead and try it yourself. See? It's hard!

46. Adriana Lima

The definition of Brazilian bombshell has been a mainstay of Victoria's Secret for years. So have we, of course, but in more of a "getting arrested for loitering by the fitting rooms" capacity.

47. Julianne Hough

Last year she was the sexiest thing to happen to Footloose since the Kevin Bacon gymnastics scene. See her this month in Rock of Ages alongside hotness icons Malin Akerman and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Seriously, put this down and go see it!

48. Brittany Snow

Remember that blonde cutie from American Dreams? She's all grown up, having rocked Harry's Law as well as a Maxim cover. Lucky for us, she has a ton more projects in the works. But sadly for us, none of them involve attending our weekly Tupperware parties.

49. Emmy Rossum

She battled the end of the world in The Day After Tomorrow, and now she battles drunken dad William H. Macy on Shameless. Emmy can't catch a break!

50. Sarah Hyland

It turns out the hot daughter from Modern Family is 21, so you don't have to feel weird about having a crush on her. But you should still feel weird about kissing your TV every time she walks on. Your neighbors are getting concerned.

51. Stacy Keibler

George Clooney's lady may look innocent, but the former Maxim cover girl can kick your ass-either in her WWE wrestling boots or in her Dancing With the Stars ballroom shoes; it's up to you.

52. Jordana Brewster

Whether seducing oil tycoons (TNT's Dallas) or romancing racers (the Fast and Furious series), Jordana Brewster remains the sexiest granddaughter of a Yale president in history.

53. Amber Heard

First she was Seth Rogen's jailbait girlfriend (Pineapple Express), then she was the dead neighbor (Zombieland). Basically, she's playing the things we can never admit to our psychiatrist that we're into.

54. Katharine McPhee

The smokin' Smash star is one of the only people on Earth who would make us want to watch a show about a musical. (We're still bitter about not getting cast in the fourth-grade production of Cats.)

55. Emma Roberts

Forget about Aunt Julia-Emma is the Pretty Woman of this family. Last year she was a (spoiler!) killer in Scream 4, and this year she'll be hanging out in a porn shop in Adult World. Stay away from Booth No. 3!

56. Lily Collins

Phil Collins gave us "Sussudio" and this gorgeous star of Mirror Mirror. High-five him the next time you see him.

57. Lee Newton

Making quirky, awkward, and blonde all blend together for a unique version of hot, blogger Lee Newton's frenzied fans from @SourceFed made sure she got on this list. Go to @LeeNewtonSays on Twitter and start obsessing stat!

58. Arianny Celeste

It's always hard to write about someone taking a pounding in the Octagon without smirking, and when there are UFC Octagon Girls as hot as Arianny Celeste out there, it's pretty much impossible.

59. Amanda Bynes

Even as an uptight mean girl in Easy A, the former Nickelodeon star had us drooling. Her latest wild and crazy exploits in L.A. clubland didn't make us fall less in love with her, that's for sure.

60. Shakira

This Colombian international pop superstar once famously said her "hips don't lie." True, but our pancreases are notoriously untrustworthy.

61. Kristen Bell

In House of Lies the former Veronica Mars showed us the surprisingly hot, not-so-surprisingly sleazy side of management consulting. Catch her this August in car-chase skid-mark-athon Hit and Run.

62. Vanessa Hudgens

This former Disney babe is now running around a strange island (Journey 2) and evading serial killer John Cusack (The Frozen Ground). She's also especially good at evading our love letters.

63. Dawn Olivieri

The Florida native gets us hot and bothered weekly as Monica on Showtime's super-sexy hit House of Lies. Who would have thought a show with Don Cheadle's ass could be so arousing?

64. Maria Menounos

The Dancing With the Stars swinger lost a Super Bowl bet and sported a Giants bikini in the middle of Times Square. We love a woman with a gambling problem.

65. Cobie Smulders

We're pretty happy it didn't work out with Ted a few seasons ago, because now we have a shot with Robin on How I Met Your Mother. (Did we mention that we're completely delusional?)

66. Alex Morgan

Anyone who says soccer is boring obviously hasn't seen this soccer star and 2012 Olympian race up the field in shorts and kneesocks to bury a game-winning goal.

67. Rebecca Mader

Our deep, fulfilling relationship with the ginger-haired babe began on Lost and continues on Fringe. Our TV is the best wingman ever!

68. Miley Cyrus

The artist formerly known as Hannah Montana has cast aside her teenybopper image for some adult awesomeness. In other words: You no longer have to feel creepy about knowing her songs.

69. Stephen Colbert

Democracy isn't always pretty: Sometimes it's downright handsome. With a massive write-in vote campaign, the Colbert Nation proved they're not only loyal but also incredibly horny.

70. Michelle Dockery

This classy looker is the only reason we watch PBS's Downton Abbey. Well, her and the show's trenchant commentary on the British class system.

71. Sofía Vergara

The most dangerously addictive thing to come from Colombia, the Modern Family stunner is hilarious and hot. She's hotlarious!

72. Kellie Pickler

Seriously, America: You chose Taylor Hicks over Kellie on Season 5 of American Idol? We're moving to France.

73. Abby Elliott

Saturday Night Live hasn't seen a cast member as yummy as dear Abby since Dana Carvey slathered himself in barbecue sauce back in '87.


A knockout who just might knock you out, the Jersey Shore star is more intoxicating than 15 Red Bull and vodkas.

75. Jessica Rafalowski

This sultry swimsuit model and former Miss Florida may be the most spectacular thing to blast out of the Sunshine State since the space shuttle.

76. Teresa Palmer

Only a body like Teresa's could make a zombie stop craving brains and start craving love. See the weirdness in the upcoming Warm Bodies.

77. Christina Hendricks

Yeah, sure, we totally tune in to Mad Men to see how Don and Roger deal with the seismic cultural shifts of the '60s-not at all to see how Christina looks squeezed into skintight vintage dresses.

78. Kirby Bliss Blanton

Project X brought the party, but it also brought America's new favorite girl next door. Wait, seriously? In what neighborhood? The girl next door to us is 73 and makes us cat-sit.

79. Nicki Minaj

This platinum-selling artist scrambles our brain and rocks our world. Her hooks are so catchy, we recommend using Purell after listening.

80. Stana Katic

We'd seriously contemplate a life in crime if it meant getting pursued by this Castle star. She's the reason God created frisking.

81. Pippa Middleton

Kate may be the Duchess of Cambridge, but Pippa has an entire Web site dedicated to her British bum. One butt to rule them all!

82. April Rose

Maxim's 2008 Hometown Hotties champion and the host of our Maximum Exposure Web series can be seen on MTV (Guy Code) and Speed (Dream Ride) and in the majority of our fantasies. (We especially like the one where she is rescuing us from an evil wizard.)

83. Dania Ramirez

With roles in a sci-fi classic (Heroes), a gangster epic (The Sopranos), and the dude comedy series of our time (Entourage), Dania sure knows how to pick a project to be ridiculously sexy in.

84. Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries starlet makes us want to write forlorn love letters in our journal and never go out in the sun ever again.

85. Lois Griffin

The redheaded matriarch of Family Guy's Griffin clan is the sexiest housewife in Rhode Island. We don't really want to know what Quagmire is doing while he looks at this picture right now.

86. Caroline Wozniaki

Yummier than the kind of Danish you'd get at your local bakery, this former number one player of the Women's Tennis Association is only 21 and makes on-court grunting an art form.

87. Paulina Gretzky

The smokin'-hot daughter of "the Great One" is a pop singer, model, and a Twitter sex kitten. Get your daily dose of hotness: @PaulinaGretzky.

88. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

We screamed along with her in Final Destination 5, and her first single as Jacqui Mac, "After Hours," is worthy of any party, be it of the pool, roller-skating, or political variety.

89. Dalena Henriques

Here's to hoping that this year we finally get to see the face of the hottest body- part model in the world. Go to to see even more of her parts!

90. Bria Murphy

No, you'll never get back that eight dollars you spent on a ticket to The Adventures of Pluto Nash, but at least Eddie Murphy has given us the gift of his gorgeous model daughter, Bria.

91. Claire Coffee

The former West Wing star flashed her legal briefs on Franklin & Bash and cast a spell over our lap region as the witchy Adalind Schade on Grimm.

92. Amanda Knox

Foxy Knoxy's murder rap was overturned after she spent four years in a hardcore Italian prison. We're guessing she hasn't hit the Olive Garden since coming back.

93. La La Anthony

On VH1's La La's Full Court Life, Carmelo Anthony's wife proves herself to be MSG's sexiest courtside seat filler (apologies to Spike Lee).

94. Alexandra Breckinridge

We're suckers for Alexandra on True Blood (get it?), and this California girl scared the pants off us as the spooky maid on American Horror Story.

95. Layla El

The curvy British beauty and former Miami Heat dancer breaks hearts and bones in the ring as a WWE Diva. Layla, figure-four leg lock, please?

96. Nadia G

If there's one celebrity chef we'd like to get into our bedroom before our kitchen, it's the sassy, sexy host of Bitchin' Kitchen. (Sorry, Guy Fieri-we know you're good at fluffing pillows!)

97. Kat Dennings

Funny, smart, and blessed with the kind of curves that make teenage boys dizzy, Kat wowed us in Thor and keeps us coming back to 2 Broke Girls. May her neckline never get higher!

98. Anahí

Consider this one-named Mexican beauty a true triple threat: She sings, she acts, and she writes hilarious tweets. (We assume they're hilarious. We can't read Spanish.)

99. Poppy Montgomery

The Unforgettable and Without a Trace star not only has the world’s awesomest name but also once told us, “Any guy who hits on me in a bar—even with a terrible line—I always think is sweet.” We have a chance!

100. Dominique Storelli

The reigning Hometown Hotties champion loves unhealthy food, action sports, and "guys who aren’t afraid to get dirty." Gentlemen, cover yourselves in mud immediately.

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