Monday, 7 January 2013

Picture Of The Day

amputee mother son
The photograph shows a woman who is double amputee. She has lost both her arms above elbow point. In the photograph, she is sitting on a roadside and is being offered food by her two year old daughter.
The woman’s name is Sangeeta. She used to work as a construction worker. On a fateful day, Sangeeta met an accident at the construction site of Multai township in Madhya Pradesh. Doctors could not save her arms. After the accident, a man named Suresh Behare married her. Suresh was fully aware of Sangeeta’s disability at the time of marriage. The couple ran from pillar to post for help. They even approached both the district administration and the Chief Minister. But no one helped them. Their two year old, cute and responsible daughter bears a very beautiful name; Vaishnavi. Ironically, the photo was taken during the second National Convention on “Children’s Right to Food” in Bhopal.

amputee mother son

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