Thursday, 2 August 2012

Top 10 Female Child Stars Who Became beauties

Every man has been guilty of saying the words "that chick is going to be hot when she gets older" or "she can call me when she's 18." There's nothing lecherous behind these statements, we are simply pointing out that certain girls are probably going to become very attractive women one day. While many child actresses became strange-looking adults with freakishly-oversized heads, some of them actually became fine looking ladies. Today we celebrate their h0tness.

10 Danica McKellar

Every teenage boy in America was in love with Winnie Cooper in the late 80's and early 90's, but Danica's "Wonder Years" happened in her early 20's. 9 More after the break...
09 Madeline Zima

Madeline played the annoyingly cute girl in such 90's films as The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Now she's known as the hot temptress "Mia" on Californication who has face-punching sex with David Duchovny.

08  Tatyana Ali

Once Tatyana moved out of Uncle Phil's house, she became the Fresh Princess of Bel Air and a woman so h0t that she was capable of making any man do the "Carlton dance."

07 Linda Cardellini

Linda was the cute nerd Lindsay Weir on Freaks and Geeks before playing making "Velma" sexy in the 2002 tragic remake of Scooby Doo. Since then Linda's done a smoking hot photo shoot for Maxim and appeared on ER.

06 Camilla Belle

Camilla has been a child actor since she was nine-months old, highlighted by her early performances in NBC's Trapped Beaneath the Earth and the Disney original movie Rip Girls. Now Camilla is known as the "eyebrow girl" who dates one of the Jonas Brothers.

05 Michelle Trachtenberg

In her younger years, Michelle was best known for playing Dawn Summers in Buffy The Vamprie Slayer. Then Michelle wore a bikini in Eurotrip and it changed her life and our lives forever.

04 Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil went from being Punky Brewster to being known as "Punky Boobster" in the early 1990's. Then America recoiled in horror as she did the unthinkable and had her infamous boobs reduced from 38DD to 36C.

03 Alyssa Milano

Nobody will ever foget the "Sam's First Bra" episode of Who's the Boss and nobody will ever forget the first time Alyssa took her bra off in the 1995 horror movie Embrace of the Vamprie. Alyssa's been taking her top off frequently and dating baseball players ever since. 

02 Evan Rachel Wood

Evan's child star success started with her role as Jessie Sammler in Once and Again which was highlighted by her lesbian kiss scene with Mischa Barton. Since then, Evan has continue to het hotter at an incredible rate even though she breifly dated Marilyn Manson.

01 Lacey Chabert

Everybody watching Party of Five knew Lacey was going to be hot when she got older, but nobody had any idea Lacey was going to be this hot. Her 2007 Maxim covershoot let the world know that Lacey now has a giant "Party of Two" right below her neck.

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