Friday, 30 November 2012

It must be the holiday season 'cause Mariah Carey has her tits out

Or maybe it's just because it's a Thursday. Mariah Carey doesn't seem to need many excuses to let out the bewbage anymore. Mariah is pre-taping her holiday special for whatever channel airs that and, well, it's clear that she's not the Mariah many of us remember from days of old. Definitely more to her than there used to be. Time was that Mariah was the tiniest little soul-singing, wineglass-shattering song bird there was. The passage of a couple decades and a couple kids has put a little more meat on this Christmas bird. I used to be quite the Mariah fan. Not necessarily of her music, which was annoying and horribly overplayed. However, Mariah herself was tastiest thing ever. Then she went all diva and shit and lost a lot of her appeal for me. Mariah today? Well, the diva's still there, but a somewhat less prolific pop culture presence has toned that down a smattering. Nowadays she seems to have settled into being a fixture in the various televised Christmas/New Years festivities. So would I? Yeah sure, what the hell. If only for the memories.
+1 for the accidental Santa junk moment.


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