Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Photographs Funny Women Nosy

Women are creatures who will never run for the talk either by their own people especially men. Every curve of her body for tempting men to see. His behavior often makes controversial in its time, its presence is often shake the world. In the classic story we must have heard the story of Cleopatra or Queen Bilqis example. In the modern world we know Madonna, Lady Gaga, Julia Perez and others, many people discuss them.

intriguing behavior often immortalized in a painting, drawing or photograph. As funny pictures below the record about their unique behavior.
Discovered that often make life on the coast, the line of her bra clearly visible on his skin

 Emancipation of women on the dog, it does not matter once the master so her dog

 Sunbathing unique way "not to be outdone by his clothes

 Although fat he can also high jump

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