Monday, 14 January 2013

Rusian Female BodyBuilders Pictures

Rusian Female BodyBuilders Pictures
Everybody has its own sense of beauty. Some views are standard, common, others are extremely original.
Elena Shportun is a unique Russian woman bodybuilder listed in the IFBB rating in 2010. She is a fourfold champion of Russia and a world champion.

Natalia Batova is a Russian bodybuilding and fitness champion. She likes to startle the public, may be that is why she decided to become a bodybuilder. Russian judges criticized her body to be too much relief and non feminine. However Natalia doesn’t accept any critics and likes nude photosessions.

Ludmila Turboltseva is a repeated absolute Russian and Moscow champion, a world champion. She came to a gym to lose several kg, but didn’t want to stop improving her body.

Maria Bulatova is a girl from Yekaterinburg, a twofold world champion, a vice miss NABBA. She transformed into a iron lady after 3 years of trainings.

Elena Kolesnikova is an absolute Russian champion. Photos from her erotic photosession walk on the internet.

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