Thursday, 8 March 2012

The 20 Hottest Photos of Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova Cover
You don't hear as much about Anna Kournikova these days, as the way you did circa 2001. But, being that the Russian tennis star turned 30 yesterday, we thought it only fitting to celebrate with 20 of her hottest photos.
Anna Kournikova  table tennis
Anna volunteers her body for a impromptu game of table tennis. 
Anna Kournikova gold bikini
The golden coast never looked so good. 
Anna Kournikova  yellow brick wall
Forget the yellow brick road to Oz, follow the yellow brick wall that leads straight to Anna. 
Anna Kournikova cowgirl
Saddle up. 
Anna Kournikova silver surfer
For a girl who came from the snowy climate of Russia, Anna's looking very California. 
Anna Kournikova red bikini
This is Anna's way of telling you she wants to build a sandcastle. 
Anna Kournikova in chair
Not too shabby for 30, eh?
Anna Kournikova on yacht
Tie down the hatches, man the starboard bow... okay, just stand there and look hot. 
Anna Kournikova barefoot
Barefoot beauty. 
Anna Kournikova white bikini
Since retiring from tennis, Anna has comfortably settled into a career of simply being hot. 
Anna Kournikova army
Army of ONE hot body. 
Anna Kournikova in the tropics
That rope ladder goes straight to heaven. AKA "Anna's bedroom".
Anna Kournikova in the jungle
After four days of tracking, our Heavy scouts encountered Anna in her jungle habitat. 
Anna Kournikova washed up
Well, look what washed ashore...
Anna Kournikova yellow top
Have certain aspects of this photo been altered? Possibly. Should you care? Nope. 
Anna Kournikova red top
Judging from this gallery, you would think this girl had never even seen a tennis racket. 
Anna Kournikova stormy
Notice how stormy and angry the ocean's looking. It just found out Anna decided not to go swimming. 
Anna Kournikova on the beach
Anna's relocated from Russia to Miami and it looks like she's settled in just fine. 
Anna Kournikova at charity event
Doctors will tell you laughter is the best medicine, but a visit from Anna Kournikova really helps, too.
Anna Kournikova on the bed
Your best shot at getting Anna to stand over you in spandex is to gain 400lbs. Yup, she's the new trainer on The Biggest Loser. 

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