Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Adrienne Bailon’s Photos

Adrienne Bailon 4 Meet Adrienne Bailons Pussy
Adrienne Bailon is a very nasty pussy...cat!
„Tonight I have a red carpet thing… Hmm! What can I do to so that everyone hears about me after this night? Oh, I know… I’ll just show them my pussy!”
This is what Adrienne Bailon must’ve said when she decided that this is the dress that she was going to wear. Posing with her left side, her dress seems OK, but our excitement grows when she turns the other way, where there’s nothing to cover her intimate parts, no underwear but a see-through material of the dress.
I don’t know if you know who Adrienne Bailon is, but you will definitely remember her from this day forward. Her outfit is extremely hot and she looks like she’s preparing for some hot action in her bedroom, not for a red carpet event: pussy and ass exposed generously, deep cleavage and a bright smile to show how great she feels in her skin.

I bet you didn’t even catch her eyes color! Haha… me neither!

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