Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Beautiful Flower Park

There is nobody who has not heard about the most photographic place of the world; Taj Mahal located in Agra, India. Well, the second most photographic place in the world after this is found in Holland known as Keukenhof. This was said by the Eastman Kodak Co. and when they can claim something like this I am sure that is not wrong. The famous Keukenhof Dutch Gardens are simply breathtaking and the most colorful place you can ever go to. The same can be said about the history of this place as well; too colorful.

The gardens of and flower parks of Keukenhof are full of concrete water fountains and attractive bulbs. Turnips got replaced by tulips and hyacinths have taken the place of the herbs in the garden. Millions of people come to Keukenhof Flower Park and garden every single year and most of them love visiting in the spring season. Today, Keukenhof Flower Garden gets counted as the world’s largest flower garden and another amazing fact about this place is that the concrete water fountains located here are the most photographed things ever. The dazzling colors surrounding these fountains are simply astonishing.

It was the year of 1949 when Butch Bulb growers took advantage of Keukenhof flower garden and used it show the greatness of Holland’s bulb industry; they sure did an amazing job. Every year in autumn, there are around seven million bulbs planted in the gardens and the job is carried out by only around thirty gardeners. When the spring show finally arrives; these bulbs are simply fantastic and people cannot take their eyes off them. The old bulbs are then dug back up every year and get tossed away. Those beautiful concrete water fountains put the accent on these bulbs in every spring’s show. I would say that this is the main feature of the Keukenhof flower gardens.

You can also get a hold of theme gardens in Keukenhof flower gardens that include meadow, historical, musical, and Japanese gardens. There are around 30 sculptured objects that simply blow your mind; art at its best I say. Similarly, all the various concrete water gardens around highly add up to the grace of this entire place. Visiting Holland would not be complete for any tourist if the signature windmill is missing; that’s right, you can even enjoy a maze in Keukenhof flower gardens and get lost in it for a while.

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