Thursday, 8 March 2012

Carmen Electra Still Has It

Carmen Electra 1 Carmen Electra Still Has It
At 40, Carmen Electra has one sexy rocking body!
The first memory I have with Carmen Electra is Baywatch. And I think it’s not just me and most of the people know her this way. But the Baywatch time is way in the past and here we are with Carmen Electra in her 40s, looking still hot. She was never a very skinny woman and her curves seem even curvier, if you know what I mean! More of a lady, exposing her generous cleavage and curving her butt, Carmen Electra manages to be sexy and at the same time, to stay decent for her current status, because she’s no longer a girl.
I really missed seeing her in a photoshoot and I believe that she will always be a delight for me watching her, because she has been for a very long period of time an ideal for both men and women. Men want her and women envy her. What could she ask more from the public?

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