Friday, 9 March 2012

A Closer Look at Rihanna’s 15 Tattoos

Most of the people look at Rihanna as girly girl pop star and somehow having 15 tattoos doesn’t really concur with that image, but I’m guessing this is that part “good girl gone bad”.

1. Treble Clef and Sixteenth Note

rihanna tattoos01

2. Love on Her Middle Finger

rihanna tattoos02
Rihanna’s middle finger gives love, not hate. It’s so sweat and chic.

3. Sanskrit Prayer

rihanna tattoos03
Sanskrit prayer tattoo on her right hip says: “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control”.

4. Maori-inspired Hand Tattoo

rihanna tattoos04
This exotic Maori-inspired hand tat represents strength and love and was done in the traditional New Zealand style on tattooing, using uhi, or chisels to add inked grooves into the skin rather than piercing it with needles and ink. This makes the skin a bit raised and rough rather than a smooth surface. This intricate tribal hand tat probably hurt really, really bad.

5. Pisces Sign

rihanna tattoos05
Rihanna has a Pisces sign behind her right ear. [birthday Feb 20th, 1988]

6. Rebelle Fleur

rihanna tattoos06
“Rebelle fleur” is French for rebel flower. Rihanna says her grandma used to call her that.

7. Stars Down the Back

rihanna tattoos07
This is one of her most famous tattoos.

8. Tattoo Written Backwards

rihanna tattoos08
Always a Lesson, Never a Failure Tattoo written backwards so she can read it in the mirror. Rihanna explains that this has always been a motto in life for her, not to treat events as mistakes but as lessons to be learned.

9. Shhh…

rihanna tattoos09
Shhh… Creative and super cute!

10. Roman Numeral tattoo

rihanna tattoos10
Roman Numeral tattoo of her best friends birthday. Kudos for a creative spot.

11. Gun

rihanna tattoos11
Gun carefully inked on her right rib cage… This tat was a bit controversial since it was done in the midst of her issue with her famous ex-boyfriend.

12. Star on Her Left Ear

rihanna tattoos12
May I just say Ouch?

13. Girly skull

rihanna tattoos13
Girly skull :The red or pink bow on top of the cartoonish and rudimentary skull and cross bones really make this adorable tat stand out.

14. Arabic Tattoo

rihanna tattoos14
This ribcage tat read’s “Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh” which translates into “Freedom in God.”

15. Thug Life

rihanna tattoos15
Her newest tat is “Thug Life” written on the knuckles of each of her fingers (not thumbs of course) in white ink. Rihanna’s “Thug Life” tattoo is a tribute to the late infamous rapper TuPac who started the hip hop group Thug Life in 1993 and had a Thug Life tattoo across his stomach.

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