Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lady Gaga – A Sexy Ordinary Woman

laday gaga 5 Lady Gaga   A Sexy Ordinary Woman
Surprisingly, Gaga was normal and hot at some point!
Lady Gaga is a character. And regardless the strange way that she dresses and acts, she’s delicious every time that she dances in just thong and bra (making her ass and boobs go crazy) in her  music videos. She appeared wearing a meat dress, so everything could be expected from her, less than being a normal person.
But… surprise! Some photos of Lady Gaga posing sexy and looking like a normal person were made public. She’s nothing like the person she is today and thanks to the photographer she looks really hot. I never thought I’ll see Gaga in this situation and I was ready to comfort myself thinking that she will make new videos, showing off her naked body, among other crazy scenarios.
Up on a piano, showing a generous cleavage and her legs, Lady Gaga seems to be a keeper. But appearances are deceiving and the proof is the fact that she’s no longer the same. She was daring in the past too, because she shows everything with easiness, so I definitely prefer the old Gaga.

Surprisingly, Gaga was normal and hot at some point!

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