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Most Tattooed Athletes Photos

Tribal paintings, emperors, animals, names of children and former wives, statesmen and thinkers, tombstones and mythical creatures, thoughts and religious messages … These are just some of the tattoos that adorn the bodies of many famous athletes around the world. We present you some of the most “colorful” world’s athletes. Also, our honorable mentions are basketball players Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant, Robert Swift and Matt Barnes, and WWF stars Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Undertaker.

Andrei Kirilenko

The Russian basketball player has chosen something from fantasy art for tattoo on his back – armored warrior who rode winged monster. The current CSKA Moscow player said that his tattoo unduly attracted considerable media attention at the time, and that he couldn’t understand why so much noise when 99% of NBA players have tattoos.
most tattooed athletes01

Anastasia Davydova

Instead of the dolphin tattoos that are common at swimmers, this beautiful Russian opted for the 12 butterflies at the entire length of her gorgeous body.
most tattooed athletes02

Mike Tyson

Victor Whitmill is the tattoo artist best known for Maori tribal which he did at Tyson’s face. Iron Mike also have tattoos of Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, Arhtur Ashe and his ex-wife Monica Turner.
most tattooed athletes03

David Clinger

This cyclist was probably the greatest hope of American cycling together with Lance Armstrong, but before the drugs. He is one of the most memorable in our list and it’s not hard to guess why. Tattoo was later removed by surgery, and his career went downhill.
most tattooed athletes04

Evangelista and Cristiane Santos

These MMA fighters from Brazil, “Mr. and Mrs. Cyborg” are completely tattooed, besides numerous tattoos Evangelista has portraits of Mike Tyson and Che.
most tattooed athletes05

Djibril Cisse

It seems that Djibril’s head is the only part of him that isn’t tattooed, and his paintings goes with his crazy hairstyles.
most tattooed athletes06

Jeff Monson

As he said, there are three types of tattoos: personal – including the names of his children and their hand prints, political, and entertainment – which he made ​to cover the greater part of his body, because he is “too white” as he said.
most tattooed athletes07

Chris Anderson

Birdman is covered with colorful tattoos on his arms, the chest, neck, shoulders … Known for its attractive dunks, this Denver Nuggets’ player participated in a PETA campaign called “Ink, not mink” targeted against organizations that use animal fur for clothing.
most tattooed athletes08

Dennis Rodman

His tattoos are so popular that a company that manufactures T-shirts used the exact anatomical arrangement of his tattoos and by that scheme made ​​a T-shirt. Rodman sued them and won the case. By the way, Rodman has tattoos on his arms, torso and most of his back.
most tattooed athletes09

Daniel Agger

This man loves tattoos so much that he himself became a tattoo master. His back are covered with drawings of Viking graves and Danish kings and creatures from Scandinavian mythology. A special place on the back is reserved for the phrase “Mors Certa, Hora Incerta” (Death is certain, but not the hour of her arrival). At the top of the hands is Viking’s saying “Memento Mori” (Remember, you will die), and the wrist is inscribed “Pain is temporary, Victory is eternal.” By the way Daniel rarely speak about their meaning, he says it’s just tattoos.
most tattooed athletes10

Shaquille O’Neal

We quote Shaq: “The permit for the tattoos I asked from my mom and she told me that I have in mind that no one will give me a job after my basketball career if I am all covered in tattoos.” Hell, like he needs a job now…
most tattooed athletes11

Raul Meireles

Raul was most painted player, with  the dragon on his back and tattooed hands, and his tattoos are deemed the best in the Premier League until the appearance of Daniel Agger with his Vikings, graves, and Latin quotes.
most tattooed athletes12

Natasha Kai

This girl has over 50 tattoos, to name just a few: two turtles on her back, the island from which she originates from, Polynesian motives on hands, hibiscus flower – the symbol of the state of Hawaii, the names of family members … By the way this girl goes for a role model to many teenage girls.
most tattooed athletes13

Lebron James

Miami Heat’s superstar has every part of his body painted in personal messages and associations. Perhaps the most remarkable one is on his back “Chosen 1” which he made after photo shot  for Vogue – he became only the third man, the first dark-skinned ever that appear at the cover of Vogue.
most tattooed athletes14

David Beckham

In addition to numerous tattoos on the arms, neck, back (…) Chinese characters on his torso mean: “Life and Death are at predetermined cycle, honor and merit shall be determined in the sky.” Or at least he was told that it means that.
most tattooed athletes15

Justin Miller

Maybe the most famous example of a tattooed player, Justin is like a peacock under his uniform. Some believe that tattoos cover 75 percent of his body, he have a tat on the inside of his lip. So to conclude  – Justin Miller IS a tattoo!
most tattooed athletes16

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