Saturday, 12 November 2011

Amazing Naked Body Paintings Art

All of these were submitted by user that wishes to remain anonymous. I can’t blame him, considering improper debates some of our “immature” users started in previous body paint comments. I wish to remind you this is art, and I just hope all of you are mature enough to understand it. Even if these models were completely naked (which they are), it would still be art. Now when we cleared this, we can start describing these illusions. If you jump inside this article (or if you came here by optical illusion of the day widgets, you are already inside the post), you will see bunch of amazing camouflage body paintings. Some models like the first one, are painted in a way to camouflage with their background, and some are professionally painted to appear they are wearing clothes. Which one do you find most amazing? I like the first one most, because I’m big fan of camouflage illusions. Enjoy, and please share the link! You can also visit body paint category for more…

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