Monday, 7 November 2011

Best Flirting Tips For Girls

Flirting Tips for Girls in High School
So, he sits right beside you in class, but you guys haven’t spoken a word to each other ever! Hah, grabbing attention without intention can be a lot easier now, provided you do not give him the wrong signal. Guys in this age are extraordinarily keen to make a girlfriend, and can fall for almost anything and everything. Hence, to get him the right way, it is essential to take care of the following flirting tips:

  • Smile every time he catches your eye. Well, it does come naturally, doesn’t it? But don’t overdo it. Like it’s said, a curve can set things straight, a great smile is the first and the foremost tip to effective flirting.
  • Give him all the reasons to speak to you. Ah, some of these tips can be too clich├ęd, but who cares when they’re one hundred percent working? Borrow and offer things during class. Erm, wait! Don’t borrow his entire compass box for god’s sake. A little bit of offerings and borrowings can help initiate conversations. However, if it doesn’t suit you, muster some guts, and ask him about his hobbies and likings. Such conversation starters with a guy you like can lay the foundation to a great friendship.
  • Show him that he’s… kinda different! Speak in a different accent or tone with him. This is one of the best flirting tips for shy girls who run away from talking much. Hence, every time you get and opportunity to converse with him, make full use of it!
  • Be nice to him. Listen, you might be a queen in your castle. However, if you really want that guy, you need to be nice to him. Okay, nice doesn’t mean always available, but listen to what he has to say, and appreciate him often. Do it alone, not with a mob surrounding you. You could praise him for anything good he does. This way, he will have an idea that you’ve fallen for him.
Flirting Tips for Texting
Yeah, u mite b c-in him evryday, bt wt d heck?Flirting via texting is one of the most effective ways to let him know that he’s special. First and foremost, while flirty text messages can be a great option to flirt, it also has some disadvantages. For example, while you need not confront the guy here, you also need to take care of what you write as the wrong choice of words can give a wrong signal, and lots of misinterpretation. So, keeping in mind all the things that may go wrong, here are some good flirting tips for girls preferring to text and talk to the guy they like:
  • Ladies, the first tip to successful flirting via texting is to make sure the guy is available for chatting on phone. Many a time, you may keep on messaging him asking about things, but he is too busy to reply. This way, he may not only find you annoying, but also decrease your chances of knowing him better.
  • Hmm, may be you’re an insomniac, but that doesn’t mean you disturb him late night asking what’s he doing! Obviously, a normal person sleeps during the night. Even if you’re aware of his schedule, do not message him late night and ask inane questions as this may give him wrong signals about the kind of person you are.
  • Don’t glut his inbox! If he doesn’t reply even after sending 3 texts in a row, stop texting! Okay, this may not always mean that he’s not interested, but girls, you need to understand that in case of texting, it is not always necessary for a person to be available for replying. So, make sure you don’t send messages in bulk as this is really annoying, and shows that you’re too available.
  • This one’s my favorite! Do you know the importance of being creative or flairy? It will surely bring a smile on his face if you’re smart enough in telling him that you like him. Don’t be too direct. Instead, use your wittiness and create a web of words that he cannot escape with some powerful flirting lines. Remember, your wittiness will show him the level of smartness you possess!
Making Flirting Easier for Girls
Girls, girls, girls! Remember, we have superpowers. Our hair, our lips, our smile, and our touch… these things can make guys lose their senses. Doesn’t matter if you are a supermodel or a normal-looking lassie, you could flick your hair, use your smile and hands, and attract their attention like no other. After all, body language is the most important thing to be kept in mind while flirting. Did you know that, as sexy as it may sound, guys think that slightly biting your lip while talking to them drives them crazy? Now that’s one of the ‘craziest’ flirting tips for girls from guys out there who want girls to drive them mad with their actions (wink!). Hence, to lit that green signal in your guy, play with your hair every now and then, let those tresses fall on your face while you talk to him, use a sexy accent, dress good, and have the correct body language.
Worth a try, aren’t they? The above outline on some crazy tips for flirting for girls will help you move over dreaming every night of him being yours forever but doing absolutely nothing! Ladies, strong, independent women do not wait for miracles to happen. Instead, they create magic with whatever they have. A sexy voice, the power to enchant, good behavior, strict adherence to the above mentioned flirting tips… and you’re all set to awaken that seductress in you which will leave your man wordless!

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