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Amaizing Sports Game

A few days ago I accidentally run into Complete List of Unusual Sports, and I lost at least three hours reading the list and LOL. Damn, what idle and crazy people will not come up with! I know that it’s unlikely you’re agree with me when you have a choice of 100 sports to choose from, but this is my choice of the most unusual sports. I will certainly do the Part 2, I think it will be the sickest sports in the world. And, yes, I hate H. Potter and stupid quidditch!!

Chess Boxing

The name may not be original, but chess boxing is a singular sport that demands brains and brawn like no other athletic competition. Popular in Germany and the United Kingdom, the game is played with alternating rounds of chess and boxing. Competitors can win by winning the chess game, by knocking out an opponent or by judges’ decision at the end.

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Seepak Takraw

Have you seen Shaolin Soccer? This sport looks just like monks playing soccer – amazing! Like soccer, players pass around a ball using anything but their arms. The game is played on a court about the same size as a badminton court. Two teams of three players gather on each side of a net, trying to keep the ball in play. The rules for scoring are similar to that of volleyball.

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Underwater Hockey

The rules of water hockey are similar to that of ice hockey. The difference: players use wooden or plastic sticks about the size of a banana to push around a metal puck around the floor of a pool.

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Street Luge

This a sport that combines the safety concerns of the luge with the gentleness of pavement. Participants lie on what is essentially an enlarged skateboard designed to hold the human frame. Gravity does the rest of the work.

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Redneck Games

Competitors at the Summer Redneck Games may not get all the attention or the money or the endorsement deals with Nike. But there’s no doubt it takes a special kind of athlete to take home glory at the Summer Redneck Games, because you have to win in events like toilet seat tossing(redneck horseshoe), seed spitting, mud belly flops, armpit serenading… Crazy, isn’t it?

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Wife Carrying

Eukonkanto, a sport of Finnish origin, is a simpler than its name implies – it’s wife carrying! Male competitors race across an obstacle course while carrying a female teammate, who grabs onto her partners neck and back while hanging upside-down. Glory isn’t the only prize – the winning team earns the wife’s weight in beer.

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Played on horseback buzkashi may appear to be an eastern variant on polo. But there is one critical difference – instead of playing with wooden mallets and a ball, participants use the carcass of a cow or goat. Each team consists of 10 players, five of which are in play at any given time. Players score by dragging a carcass across the opposing team’s goal line. Given the fact that the game is played with dead animals, it should come as no surprise that the participants can play rough when competing against one another.

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There are enthusiastic fans of the series who just wouldn’t let reality or the laws of physics stand in their way. And so, these ambitious muggles created their own version of quidditch that might not have all the magic of the dramatic version but certainly isn’t lacking for passion. Founded at Middlebury College in Vermont, the International Quidditch Association has grown in just a few short years to include hundreds of teams with a presence on nearly every continent. The game has the same rules and scoring system as the quidditch from the series, with one big difference: no flying.

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