Saturday, 5 November 2011

Marvelous Islands on Earth

1.    Heart
It is wondrous and delightful shape island. It is shaped just like a heart. Heart is symbol of love, so you should see the loveable island which gives the lesson of love to its viewers. It is situated Adriatic Sea and full of trees and greenery on it. This amazing gift of Nature is discovered in 2009.
Heart Island
Island is a part of land that is covered by the water of Sea. These are the wonderful spots that makes sea more beautiful and wondrous. It is an amazing gift of Nature.
Human have lot of latest technology and skills but they can’t defend the Nature. Nature provide the unexceptional kinds of things that human can only imagine.
Here is an amazing collection of that islands that you can’t imagine even in dreams. These are wondrous islands that have beautiful shaped of things that are common in our real life. You should see and get lot of weird information along with enjoyment.

2.    Eye
Eye is another important sign of love and use as a communication channel for love. Nature gives the lesson of love sincerity and brotherhood by different means. This beautiful island totally shaped as a human’s eye. It is located near the paradise on earth that is famous place of Maldvies.
Eye Island 

3.    Seahorse
 This beautiful island is shaped of Seahorse. It is the biggest island of Galapagos Islands. It was discovered in 2002 by a satellite of a department. It is an amazing site for its viewers.


4.    Sperm
Can you imagine a sperm cell shaped island is swimming in a big sea? This island is swimming in the blue sea between Europe and Japan.
Sperm Island

5.    Lungs
This terrific island appears along with bronchi. This island look like green lungs is swimming on a sea.
Lungs Shaped Island

6.    Tree
This green tree is island gives such an amazing view. It is very nice gift and creation of Nature. It is located in Scilly.
Tree Shaped Island

7.    Boomerang
Wonderful view of Boomerang in shape of island in the sea of china. You can see from the flight of Manila to Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the beautiful sea of china.
Boomrang Island

8.    Carrot
It is also a terrific island which is discovered by a photographer near Maldives. The view of this island is quiet wonderful and amazing.
Carrot Island

9. Dolphin
This island is invented by the landscape. The design of this beautiful island is very nice and amazing just like a big dolphin is swimming on the water. This beautiful island is located in Flores Islands of Indonesia.
Dolphen Island

10. Smiley
This island is situated in Manukan islands of Malaysia. It gives a delightful view to its visitors. People see this gift and enjoy.

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