Sunday, 6 November 2011

Online Dating Information

A New Kind of Dating

The stigma and stereotypes surrounding the online dating community are wearing down as a new generation of matchmaking is available for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Internet provides a meeting ground that transcends boundaries and borders, and now, you have the tools to find your perfect match from anywhere in the world.
One upon a time, people believed that online dating was a tool for socially awkward loners who could not find dates in real life. Now, young professionals are realizing how online dating is the opposite of desperate. You can screen and communicate with your matches before you ever meet them. With millions of people out there, you can afford to be picky and choosy as you narrow down your sea of one hundred fish to five or six. If none of your dates work out, you can enjoy the thrill of finding someone different and new.
Use matchmaking websites to have fun and explore new terrains, and take your dates from casual to serious when you're ready to settle down. Online dating is a new and fun way to discover who and what you want.

How It Works

Think of online dating as you would think of dating in real life. Decide what type of relationship you want: a few dates, a short term relationship, a long term relationship, or marriage.
After you decide what kind of romance you would like, try to envision your perfect match. Do you want to be with someone from a particular religious background or race? Is your criteria less narrow, and do you want to meet a variety of people from all races, religions, economic situations, and backgrounds? Do you prefer certain characteristics, are you open to anyone, or are you still trying to figure it all out? Look for your tall, dark, and handsome someone, or embrace the surprise of someone unexpected.
You are ready to join a dating site once you answer these questions. If you join a variety of dating sites blindly, you may feel overwhelmed: there's a whole lot out there to suit a whole lot of fancies. Join a site based on reputation so that you find the right match within the community.
The websites that you choose will ask you a series of questions and then use an algorithm to match you with users who might be a good match. You will also need to upload a photo of yourself so that users can see you. Some websites, like OkCupid, let you communicate with users freely, and other sites, like eHarmony, only let you communicate with calculated matches. You might need to pay a fee to meet people.

Free vs. Paid Accounts

Some sites make you pay a subscription fee, and others offer free accounts. In general, pay sites feature a community of more serious daters than free sites. The trend is changing; however, as online dating is gaining popularity. A growing number of free sites are attracting high quality individuals from all over the world who are interested in finding a connection. Some sites, like OKCupid, offer both free and subscription-based accounts. Users with premium accounts have access to additional social networking features.

General Dating Services

Popular general dating sites include, eHarmony, and OkCupid. You can interact with all kinds of people from all different backgrounds. In general, OkCupid tends to attract a younger demographic that is interested in casual dating, while eHarmony attracts subscribers who are more serious about a long term relationship and marriage. attracts a mix of both types of users. All three websites ask users to take quizzes or answer a series of questions. Plenty of Fish and Craigslist are other popular tools that people use to connect online; however, these websites have a much smaller pool of serious daters.

Asian Dating

Asian People Meet and Asian Dating Free are popular sites for people looking to connect with Asian singles. People also find success when searching through the members of general dating services. Many Asian dating services connect members from all over the world.

Hispanic & Latin Dating

Latin American Cupid is a portal for Latin and Hispanic singles to connect. is also popular among Latin and Hispanic daters. These websites can help you connect with people in your own country and abroad.

Christian Dating

Christian Mingle, eHarmony, and Christian Café are popular Christian matchmaking websites. These websites require members to pay a fee after a free trial period.

Jewish Dating

JDate and JPeopleMeet are popular websites for Jewish singles to connect. Meet with people locally, in another city, or in another part of the world.

Gay Dating

The gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community can find positive experiences with mainstream dating services. Most sites allow users to specify their sexual orientation and preferences.

Senior Dating

Dating for Seniors is a popular website for people above the age of 45. Many seniors have also found success with and eHarmony. In general, the community of senior online daters is much smaller than other groups.

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