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Top Ten Ways to Meet Someone Online

Face the facts: it is getting harder to find someone in what most people would call the “real world.” Many people, then, just opt to search for love online. Some may judge these searchers as mostly desperate and lonely folks who can’t bother going out to meet somebody the “normal” way. Think about it though: what is normal these days? The Internet has played a vital role in the lives of modern people, so what’s wrong with finding someone online? Humans have a natural instinct to crave love, to enjoy being touched (physically and emotionally), and to love someone. When you finally find somebody that you can spend your life with, does it really matter how you found them?

10) You’ve Got Mail

Thinking about his email add
How can anyone forget that heart wrenching and “aww”-inducing Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie? Email is what usually comes after chatting, but it can also be used for meeting people. It’s not exactly a traditional way of meeting someone, because you need the person’s address first before you can send them an email in the first place, but this is when common sense helps you out. If you are a curious and brave enough person, you can actually check out the addresses that are included in the forwarded emails that friends send you. This kind of technique is pretty old school, but old school techniques can work just as well. (Want to know why Emails are essential, read 10 overlooked functions of Email)

9) A/S/L?

Asking for my her asl
Those who have been online since the beginning of time will know how these 3 letters affect them. For those who don’t know (where have you been?), these 3 letters mean “age/sex/location?”. In order to send mushy emails in the past, you had to know the email address of that person and the only way to find out was to chat with them. These all start with the infamous “A/S/L?”, and things proceed from there, depending on the response. Going in a chat room and meeting someone randomly is the most common form of Internet dating, but it tends to be very risky because there really isn’t any security when it comes to chat rooms. The security has to come from you and only you. Remember, when you are dealing with faceless and random people, you have to stay on your guard and not give out too much personal information.


My site
Searching for some site
Yes, personal websites do make it onto this list. This doesn’t have to be a website that just has an array of your photos on display. This website is something that shows your interests and is a home for you on the World Wide Web. If you are interested in poetry, you can display your works on your personal space. This is also a great way to archive and organize your poetry and other things that interest you. When you make or edit your personal site, make sure you have a guestbook or bulletin board. You never know who might be interested to get to know you.

7) “Message me!”

Yahoo Messenger logo
Internet messaging is more popular than ever. With the millions of people around the world downloading Internet messaging programs such as Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, or AIM and there are a lot of people to meet through the use of messaging. Many people display their IM IDs on their personal sites, on their email signatures, or better yet, it is much more polite to ask for it when you are chatting with them or signing their guest books. This is a very convenient way to communicate; even if you are using a computer that doesn’t have the program, you can go to websites that provide not only access to one of your IM accounts, but also access to all of your accounts in one click. This isn’t only convenient for people who aren’t at their respective computers or in an Internet cafe, but it is also helpful to people who are not allowed to have IM programs on their office computer. This way, you can chat with your Internet hottie without any hassle.

6) Advertising is Always Good

Hunting for his ideal woman
There are always personal ads that are available to people who are interested. There are a lot of sites devoted to posting ads for buying and selling, and there are also personal ads that people use to meet a possible significant other. These ads will aid in finding someone specific, but without a picture. Hey, a mysterious woman or man is always intriguing, right? (Tips on how to advertise online)

5) Post Topic/Reply to Thread

Forums are not only a great place to get your opinions heard, but they are also the perfect way to read the views of other people;
Giving a comment in a thread
who knows, your potential hottie might be one of them. Not only will you get to voice your views and hear others’ as well, but you can also find more than one person sharing the same interests as you. This will not only let you get to know the person, but he or she can also get to know you better as well. The great thing about forums is that you can absolutely be yourself without any pretence because the people there want to hear what you want to say, and are not interested in what your breast size is or how muscular you are.

4) Comment and Sign

Posting a comment
Everyone surfs the web, and they are bound to come across a personal site or a blog one day. Looking through other people’s thoughts and personal interests can be interesting. This is a good way to start getting to know someone over the Internet because, like forums, you can voice out what you think about what their website contains. Hopefully, the person will reciprocate positively. This also shows that you appreciate their site along with its content, which would show that you have respect for them.


Reading a blog
Blogs are amazing. They not only let you vent your frustrations and rave about the good things going on in your life to the World Wide Web, but they also let you know about what other people think about your writing. There is a certain kind of happiness you get when someone you don’t even know agrees with what you say, tells you what they think, or helps you with your problems. The only respectful thing to do is to reciprocate their kindness and to check out their blogs as well. Who knows? There might be something other than typing out replies brewing behind that avatar.

2) Networking

Positively, this is the biggest phenomenon to hit the Internet in the past years.
Friendster logo
These types of sites not only reunite you with old schoolmates and family members who live in another country, but they are a big help when it comes to meeting someone that you might be interested in. These sites also allow people to post blogs, pictures or music, as well as send messages. With just a click of the mouse, you can find someone in no time.

1) Strike That Match

Friend Finder
Have fun meet people and find love
If you really want to meet someone on the Internet who falls under categories that interests you, the best way to go is to sign up for matchmaking or dating sites. These sites are made specifically for people who think that their perfect someone is hiding somewhere within the World Wide Web. These sites provide categories about you and about the kind of person you are looking for. These categories can go from hair color to religion and are very detailed. The sites provide more than just matchmaking services, often including forums, photo albums, chatting features, and even their own IM programs.

When meeting someone online, you always have to remember to be yourself no matter what. If you despise it when people lie to you, you shouldn’t do the same. Also, remember to be on your toes and to only reveal things about yourself that are safe to talk about with complete strangers. Keep in mind that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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