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The 10 Funniest Female Comedians [VIDEOS]

If you’re thinking that comedy is a man’s world, then it’s time you think again. While being a male-dominated profession, the stand-up comedian is no longer a game merely for males. It appears that women have managed to climb to the top of the ladder–and it’s where they’ve belonged all along. The ladies are ruling the comedy scene, ranging from stand-ups like Susie Essman, Lisa Lampanelli, Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, and Maria Bamford to comedic actresses such as Amy Sedaris, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Melissa McCarthy. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Maria Bamford for over an hour and I can assure you she is one of the funniest people I have ever talked to. [lead image via Bridgetown Comedy Festival]

Jerry Lewis was once quoted saying women aren’t funny. And Judd Apatow famously (and recently) responded by giving out a humorous “F*ck You” to Mr. Lewis after winning the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Comedy Film for Bridesmaids—a comedy starring all women and written by the team of Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. The praise of the female sex in the respectable world of comedy has taken quite some time. Sure, there have been those who have stuck out over the years like Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner and Carol Burnett, but nothing like the number today. More and more shows are starring women along with more being created by them, successful ones such as Weeds, Nurse Jackie, 30 Rock, The Middle, and many more. Even a show such as Saturday Night Live—heavily male-dominated in the past—has had an uproar of hilarious female comedians and performers over the past fifteen or so years.

So why the change? Is it simply more acceptance in the business? Is it a trend in the society? Or is it that women have actually been through psychological changes in which the result is that they have gotten funnier? Well—no, they’ve always been funny. However, for some reason we’re noticing it more these days. It could have something to do with the sheer honesty that some of them bring to the stage. You used to go to comedy clubs and watch men deconstruct themselves to the bone with their comedy. But the honest woman has now risen up. That’s why we laugh when Maria Bamford speaks of her insecurities through a manifestation of characters, we laugh at Sarah Silverman’s use of stereotypes, and we sometimes even cry at Lisa Lampanelli’s insults.
How could one really determine that a person lacks the skills to be funny simply because of their sex? Who didn’t nearly lose themselves laughing at the sink scene in Bridesmaids? Who didn’t find Rachel Dratch’s ‘Debbie Downer’ sketches ingenious? Hilarious female comedians have always been around and will continue to be around. I feel that we’re coming very close to the day where interviewers quit asking the question, “Do you feel that being a woman helps or hurts you in comedy?”
It doesn’t matter. If you’re funny, you’re funny. And that’s that. For more of the funniest females in comedy,

Yes, females can be funny too (although admittedly from watching the show Whitney you might not know that). The list below is valid proof that we can kick any guy’s *ss at stand-up comedy and more. Some of them are hot and some of them are just horrible looking, but try to hold your nausea / excitement until the end of the article. If that means skipping over Kathy Griffin, then so be it.

Sarah Silverman
I originally wasn’t very fond of Sarah because she sounds like an infant, but she grew on me like fungi on a tree. Sarah started off writing for SNL in the 90’s and ended up acting in There’s Something About Mary and The School of Rock. She’s super cute and a JEW. Things can’t get much better for her.

Wanda Sykes
Ms. Sassy Sykes who has frequented Curb Your Enthusiasm is a pretty stellar comedian. I’m glad someone like her is around to talk about racist dolphin sh!t. Anyone who was on The Chris Rock Show and in Pootie Tang has my approval to go on stage and say whatever the f*ck they want!

Jessi Klein
Another one of my people; I couldn’t be more proud! I first saw Jessi on Comedy Central really late one night and decided she was one of my new favorite female comedians. Not because she’s really, smart, or cute, or funny.

April Macie
April originally won the Howard Stern Hottest Funniest Chick Contest. And she is, super fly. A fiery red head whose mother constantly paints portraits of Michael Bolton in their basement is a great recipe for a future funny comedian. I have no idea what happened to April, and oddly enough, her competition that LOST has had more success in the comedy world (down below.)

Whitney Cummings
Ah. April’s sore loser buddy during the contest. Or is she? After losing the Howard Stern show competition, Whitney has had GREAT success doing stand up for sold out theaters and has/had multiple shows coming out. Her current show Whitney makes me nauseas and I think she should step away from trying to act. Just until my Pepto kicks in.

Lisa Lampanelli
For the record, Lisa, I love you, but your mouth is dirtier than a Tijuana hooker’s ass after a bachelor party gang bang. I don’t know how Lisa does it, but every word that comes out of her mouth has audiences rolling around in laughter. And pure disgust. We love you Lisa, and your bottle of snatch juice.

Kathy Griffin
I have been a fan of Kathy’s since I was a child. Having such a sick sense of humor since childhood has clearly led me to write for this magazine, natch. Griffin has been incredibly successful with many seasons of her D List show as well as sold out comedic acts nationwide. So what if she’s had so much plastic surgery that her ass is on her chin now?

Margaret Cho
I saw Cho live a few years ago in New York and was hooked instantly. Her stories translate into comedic acts poetically about her very Korean mother, her battle with weight loss and her bi-sexuality. I hadn’t seen her on the scene until I realized she sold out and was on Dancing with the Stars, which is where all celebrities go to die.

Chelsea Handler
Before she successfully lassoed in her own show, Chelsea was a pretty funny comedian. And if you’ve read her books you’d know she was absolutely insane and probably needs to be medicated. We still love you, girl.

Loni Love
I love me some Lonnie. Even her commentary on the Chelsea Lately show is too ridiculous for me. And I mean that in a good way. She is a strong, big, black woman and she won’t be afraid to eat you. Many famous people are overweight so stop asking her stupid questions about being fat. I don’t see Santa getting flack.

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