Thursday, 26 April 2012

10 of the Most Outrageous High Heels for Women Ever Designed

I can completely relate to the obsession  that girls and women from all over the world have with shoes. It is shoes, heels in particular that can add or subtract the glam factor from your outfit be it whatever. I guess this is one lesson we all learned from “The Sex and the City” and more specifically from Sarah Jessica Parker. In this world of ever-changing trends, for designs to be cutting edge, designers need to push boundaries more often than not. So yes, I totally understand the demand for excellent heels but there certainly is a limit. I have gathered for you a list of heels that you won’t be caught dead wearing. They are seriously deadly, as in they are the Cruella De Vil of heels. Read on please.


Well these are heels that you actually might be caught dead wearing and they will also be the prime suspect in your death! Jokes apart, I request you all to take a few moments out of your time to actually look at these heels! They are literally killer heels. Actually, to call them heels is a bit of an understatement, it is shoes that are pretending to be heels because the apparent heels do not physically exist in these shoes. Designed by the famous Noritaka Tatehana, this is what you get when you literally put all your weight against the boundaries, no pun intended obviously.


She might as well be the designer behind the shoes that Lady Gaga wears. You can tell just by the look of them and that is certainly no ordinary look. Normal people wouldn’t want to be seen wearing one of these unless of course they have a morbid sense of style or perhaps they are a Lady Gaga look a-alike. But one must admit the fact that these heels are cutting edge. Just what stars and celebrities like The Lady would want because these evil babies will stand out like no other shoes ever wood.


Atsuko Kudo, inspired by Latex fashion trends, designed shoes which are more prone to a certain kind of fetish if you know what I mean of course. Well I still think that credit should be given where ever it is due and while on the subject of heels, there is none taller than the ones designed by Atsuko. So what if it only appeals to a selected few and not a huge crowd. Doesn’t that mean they are exquisite? Yes, yes, we know how to make weird things look chic! The devil should most certainly wear Atsuko Kudo!


This next design in the list of outrageous heels comes from a woman who sat at the brink of fashion but is now touted to walk into public looking a bright color peacock putting on a show. Guess she took the meaning of “pushing boundaries for cutting edge” a little too personally. Well moving on from her personality to her shoe design I must admit that this is one deadly heel that can surely lead one smack down on the pavement face-first. Well that is fashion for you according to Miss Westwood.


We got to hand it to those girls on runways wearing what ever it is that designers come up with. Look closely at the shoes above, although true it is a rare design and yes the base looks very firm and sturdy but doesn’t it look like the middle thin part might snap if you walk a little to fast. Well if you are going to wear it to a party where you need to sit down and look expensive, these are the heels for you.


For a lady who wishes to look completely different, who has her very own sense of style and knows how to carry off a look that is completely unconventional, is bound to fall in love with these heels. I am guessing that Balenciaga was satisfying his hidden desire for an architectural venture when he came up with these designs.


Okay now this is one pair of heels that fall into the “Outrageous but good” category. Remember the glass slippers from the Disney fairytale “Cinderella”? Well Andreia has tried coming up with a plumper version of the same famous slippers. These shoes are made entirely of glass and of course, they will not break if you step on them. They are in this list specifically because they are unique. They can turn out to be quite an addition to your collection if you are a shoe freak. I am sure Carrie Bradshaw will pay a humongous price for them if she came across these little beauties. The good thing is also the fact that the heel is not that high, at least for normal wear.


Another interesting design for which they stand proudly at number three on this list. These shoes designed by Jeffrey amalgamate wood with style in a way that is wearable. Again the fact that the heels are not extravagantly long make these shoes quite easy to accept. At least what you buy you eventually end up wearing. Although to some it might just be a horrifying fall specially if they are highly untrained at carrying heels.


Mr Kirkwood has always been known to come up with designs that combine mystery, death, darkness, danger, and the devil. As can be seen clearly from the picture above, nearly all of his designs are aimed at one or more than one of the genres mentioned before. Take a look at the turquoise one for instance, doesn’t it look like it should belong to the Dark Queen or at least to Bellatrix Lestrange. Well every one has their own opinions so never mind mine. I do love the shoes though, might actually get a pair!


Another one inspired from Lady Gage perhaps. None the less, these shoes that Louboutin designed for Rodarte are claiming quite the market. Despite their gothic dark looks and freaky embellishments, these shoes are gaining in popularity everyday. Apparently if it’s Louboutin, people might buy just about anything. Talk about being brand conscious!

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