Thursday, 26 April 2012

10 of the Sexiest On-Screen Action Heroines

We have all seen male action heroes and no doubt to a lot of women they might seem very attractive but let us all come clean with the facts. Male action heroes are rough, mostly untidy, with ever bulging arms and a huge torso. They are not tidy, they do not have those awesome outfits, in short they are just not hot. So even if they kick ass it is not unusual for a male nor for a female to witness. An action heroine on the other hand, who is tall, sexy and and can kick the hell out of anyone is a treat to watch for guys and girls equally. Here is presenting my personal favorite top ten action heroines. And yes you may die with envy.


The movie was released in 2006 and Milla plays the character of a very pretty and very hot hemophage who has been infected with a virus. The virus gives her super human strength using which she needs to save this boy in a world that belongs to the future because he is accused of carrying antigens that can destroy the whole hemophage population. Without a doubt, Milla looks like one hot chick in this white outfit with an awesome attitude. There was no one who could have better suited the role perhaps. Like so many of her roles in the series Resident Evil, this is also one role that would make the male eyes fill with lust.


The character played by Kristanna in the Terminator was rather short but nevertheless it left its mark. Dressed in red and made to appear as the sexy robot villain in the Terminator sequel, she completely rocked. She had the right body, the right looks, and the very right attitude of complete rigidness and toughness, that made her perfect for this role. She looked hot. Enough to turn the machineso n.


While we are still on the topic of Terminator, very worthy of mention is Linda Hamilton who played a positive role in the film. Specially the scenes where they show her all tough and ready to kill in the lock up. Then once she escapes, she is shown handling all that artillery with the grandeur of a pro. No one could have carried it off better than Linda herself. She portrays the strong and mighty image of a woman who stood her own amidst attacks from robots. Now that it truly something.


Played by Charlize Theron, 400 years in the future, Aeon Flux is a mysterious assassin working for the Monicans, a group of rebels trying to overthrow the government. While the movie wasn’t a great hit, both critically and on the box office, Charlize sure did break the hearts of so many people who not only fell in love with how she played the role, but with the actress as well.


So imagine, three totally hot women, all of them are undercover detectives (and oh my what a cover), they have a very mysterious boss, they know martial arts, and they have tech skills. The characters played by Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu are unforgettable. How can we miss the three gems when we are compiling a list of the hottest female action heroes. These three women can kick ass and that too with a sex appeal that is unmatched to date. Now wouldn’t you want your case handled by the likes of these goddesses even if it is the case of missing socks! No pun intended obviously.


Michelle has shown her buns of steel and her rock hard attitude in a lot of different movies but Fast and the Furious is the one that she actually hit it off with. She is shown riding bikes and cruising of on cars at speeds that would break any world record and she pulls it off with such ease that it is a treat to watch her. Attitude and style that is totally macho is why she made it to this list.


If there is ever a list being compiled for the hottest females, the sexiest females, the females with the smoking hot bodies, then Scarlett Johansson deserves a well deserved mention. You know how hot girls who play action roles have this tough look to them. Well it is a rarity to see a hot girl with tender looks but yet a tough composure.


The Underworld series was one huge success and mainly due to the vampirish looks of Kate Beckinsale. We wonder if Bella would be able to look as hot in The Breaking Dawn sequel because as a vampire she has a lot of competition in the looks and the portrayal of the character. More than three sequels of the The Underworld (where Kate falls in love with a werewolf) have been launched and none of them failed to impress.


The release of Transformers 2 saw the release of a smoking hot Megan Fox. We do not care if she had surgeries or if she went through major procedures, whatever it was, she looked crazy hot and that’s just what matter. Maybe in the hottness department no one can look better than her and couple that with fighting against evil transformers, you have your dreams coming true right there in front of you.


Honorable mention goes to Lara Croft of Tomb Raider played extremely well by Angelina Jolie. Apparently there is nothing that she can’t do and that too with excellence. She is perhaps the pioneer of sexy and hot female action heroines.

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