Sunday, 24 June 2012

Best Collection of Various Weird and Funny Pictures (20 Pics)

Sometimes people get bored in their life they think, “What we can do”? Don’t worry take a look of these funny and weird pictures which i have collected today.

Squirrel Hunters

Zipper Makeup

Wrong Tube

Elephant Poop Patrol

Gary’s Weather Forecasting Stone

Strange CD Placement

Transparent Computer Monitor

Walt’s Note Car

Hands Free Phone

Deer Hunter

Don’t Park Car in Front of Fire Hydrants

Calling in a Flood From a Payphone

A True Hot Dog

Side Please Vomiting Comes Out

A Man and a Sheep on a Motorcycle

Man sticks a finger in his nose through his eye socket

A Man with Two Faces

A 4-legged human baby

Clothespins attached to a man’s face

Hands Transplant

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