Friday, 29 June 2012

Deena Cortese Arrested For Drinking And Staggering In Public

It seems the Jersey Shore cast are up to their old tricks again as they film season six of their reality show. Deena Cortese was reportedly arrested on a disorderly conduct charge this afternoon in Seaside Heights. Police Chief Tommy Boyd told NBC 4 New York that one of his officers arrested the reality star after seeing her ‘a little intoxicated’
And an image posted by TMZ shows the 25-year-old looked worse for wear as she is handcuffed by a policeman, all while being filmed by the MTV camera crew. The officer who arrested her, patrolman Chris Linnel, allegedly spotted the star slapping cars that were driving by as she stood in the middle of the street. Chief Boyd added that the incident was ‘nothing major, but we can't put up with it.’ Deena was reportedly served a summons at Seaside Heights police station and was then released. But the stars of the hit MTV show, which commenced filming its sixth season last week, don’t receive any special treatment from law enforcement.

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