Saturday, 8 September 2012

Elena Gomez Hot Immigrant in Maxim Portugal of the Day

Elena Gomez is on some Selena Gomez kick…but that’s just because they have the same spic name, only instead of being a Mexican or Puerto Rican or Cuban or Dominican or whatever the fuck Bieber’s beard who sex offended him like she was Usheer is….this Elena Gomez is OG Spanish, straight from fucking Spain…and I’m guesing she’s some kind of Glamour Model, doing the whole UK Glamour model half naked hustle, but maybe she’s more relevant and important than that….but we will never know, cuz this is probably the last time we see her name, cuz we are North American, we have our own local vagina to fixate on….and we only like imports when they are fucking our men, or in our movies, and based on this Elena bitch’s stance, talent is not someething that is gonna take her international…
Always judge a book by its cover….

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